Editorial process

Editorial process at Certifier

At Certifier, we are not just committed to providing our readers with insightful content on digital credentials, certificates, badges, and the broader landscape of digital certification; we are proven leaders in the field. Our expertise is backed by the successful launch of over 1,000 certification programs for universities, NGOs and community organizations, resulting in more than 1.5 million certificates issued through our platform.

Topic selection based on your needs

You ask questions – we listen and give you actionable answers. We pick topics that resonate with our audience's needs and interests. Through data analytics and feedback, we identify trends and concerns within the digital certification community. We take this approach to ensure we provide timely and forward-looking content you want to read.

In-depth expert research

Then, our writers, who specialize in digital credentials and related fields, conduct thorough research. They review the latest studies, white papers, and industry news and consult with industry experts who provide perspectives and unique insights. The result? Our content is grounded in the latest developments, and you will get the most valuable tips and best practices.

Collaborative process of writing

Collaboration is an integral part of our writing process. Writers draft articles that peers then review for clarity, accuracy, and engagement. We work together to ensure our content is informative and accessible to everyone – from industry veterans to newcomers.

Rigorous review

Every article undergoes a rigorous review process that involves both – our in-house editorial team and external experts. This dual-layered quality check ensures that all content is correct, adheres to our editorial standards, and aligns with the latest industry regulations and ethical guidelines. But that's not all. We fact-check every piece of content we publish. Thanks to that, we can give our readers the most value from the Certifier blog.

Constant improvement

Our work is not done after publication. We monitor feedback and performance metrics to refine and update our content continually. After some time, we revisit the article and update it with the latest data and know-how. Our commitment to continuous improvement means you always get the most relevant information.

The main work we do

At Certifier, we are committed to excellence in every article we publish. Our editorial process reflects our commitment to accuracy, relevance, and transparency.
We understand the importance of trustworthy information in the digital certification space and strive to be your go-to source for everything related to digital credentials, certificates, and badges.