Bulk Certificate Generator 

Bulk Certificate Generator 

Learn how Certifier lets you streamline the certificate generation process with a bulk generator.


Personalize certificates with dynamic attributes

Personalize multiple certificates at once with unique information like the recipient’s name or grades automatically.


Export & download credentials in PDF

Allow your recipients to one-click export and download their credentials in PDF format for easy sharing and printing.


Generate badges in bulk

Generate hundreds of digital badges at once, each personalized with the recipient's data.


Generate diplomas in bulk

Generate personalized diplomas for hundreds of recipients instantly with just one click.


Generate certificates in bulk via spreadsheet

No more slow, manual certificate creation. Generate hundreds of certificates from a Google spreadsheet or MS Excel.


Preview generated credentials

Preview exactly what your recipients will see on their recipient website portal after receiving their credentials.


Bulk-generate URLs to credentials

Make issued credentials easily accessible by anyone with a link by bulk-generating a list of unique URLs for each one.


Generate credentials as a verified issuer

Becoming a verified credential issuer lets you create secure, credible certificates, while boosting your authority.

Create, Send and Manage Digital Credentials

Take your digital certification program to the next level.


Download credentials in a PNG format

Allow recipients to download credentials in a PNG format for embedding in websites, email signatures, and more.


Generate easily verifiable credentials

Empower your recipients with professional credibility by issuing credentials that can be verified by anyone with a single click.


Add QR codes to issued credentials

Add a scannable QR code to issued certificates for easy verification, enhancing credibility and professionalism.


Host credentials on a custom domain

Level up your brand presence & strengthen your authority by hosting your credentials on your own domain.


Import your own designs

Import your own credential design into Certifier, auto-fill recipient data, and generate multiple certificates with ease.


Host credentials on a branded page

Showcase issued credentials on a branded recipient website portal that reflects your visual identity.


Save unfinished documents in drafts

Haven’t finished creating your credential? Save it as a draft and complete it whenever you’re ready.


Generate via API and Integrations

Integrate Certifier with your favorite apps and streamline certification issuance by leveraging data from your existing tools.

Create, Send and Manage Digital Credentials

Take your digital certification program to the next level.


Generate credentials manually

With Certifier, you can generate credentials automatically in bulk or manually, one by one.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!