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With Certifier, generate digital certificates effortlessly. Create a certificate template, upload data, and produce personalized diplomas in minutes. It's perfect for schools and training programs ready to kick their certificate creation process up a level. Get a glimpse of how fast Certifier generates and sends diplomas!

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How to generate digital certificates in bulk?

Nobody likes to do the same task over and over again, right? This quick guide will show you how to easily generate bulk certificates. Your repetitive work can be over in just a few clicks.

Step 1: Find the ideal certificate template

Certifier provides 500+ free certificate templates (and this number is still growing!). Choose one of the diploma templates here and click “Edit this template online” to customize it however you want to.

Choosing the printable certificate design.

Please note: Certifier provides their certificate templates also in different formats, such as Figma, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Docs and Canva. However, these tools do not allow you to generate bulk certificates.

Step 2: Become a Certifier member (for free!)

The blue button on the template page will take you directly to the Certifier's sign-up page. All you need is an email address and a password, and it's free.

Sign-up dashboard with email address and password fields to fill out.

After you log in, you'll be asked a few questions that will allow Certifier to customize your experience. That’s all! You’re ready to create certificates.

Step 3: Customize the diploma template

You will now be taken to the design-builder, where you can modify your chosen template.

Here's where your personalized certificates come to life. You can change the background, colors, and certificate fonts. Also, you can add or remove all the certificate elements – back and forth. Don’t forget to upload your company’s logo. Go to Elements > Upload Image. There are three formats that are supported: SVG, PNG, and JPEG, but we recommend SVG format since it allows you to change the color of each element and adjust it to the certificate design more easily.

Customizing certificate details via design builder.

Are you going to print your certificates? Remember to choose the appropriate certificate size in the Background tab. You have A4 and US Letter options to choose from. You can also change the certificate orientation to the portrait there.

Step 4: Improve your diploma credibility

As you can see, the example of the diploma template we chose already includes additional authenticity details to verify digital certificates – certificate issue date and certificate ID. They are dynamic attributes (along with the recipient’s name). This means that the content of these sections will change based on the data we upload next. You can also add custom attributes and manage them through the Attributes tab.

Adding dynamic attributes to the certificate designs.

Want to make your diploma even more verifiable? Generate a QR code within the Design builder (especially useful if you’re going to print your diplomas). Go to the QR code tab within the designer tool and click the “Add QR Code” button. QR codes' appearance can be adjusted and changed.

The QR code tab to generate qr codes for each certificate design individually.

Step 5: Save the design and upload the recipients’ data

Hit the “Create Certificate Design” button in the top right corner, and you're all set to upload your list of recipient information. It's easy to add everyone with Certifier using these two straightforward methods.

The bulk diploma generation can be done in two ways:

  • simply upload the spreadsheet with names and emails. Certifier plays nicely with CSV files, XLS, and XLSX formats, so you can pull your data directly from your existing records or create a new file from scratch.

  • automate via integration – want to skip the manual uploads? Connect Certifier to your current software via Zapier. This way, you can automate the entire process.

The window to upload recipients' data via spreadsheet or manually.

The majority of our users already use various tools to manage their employees and students. With ease, they export their data directly from Learning Management Systems (LMS), video conferencing platforms, CRMs, or other management tools. It is quicker and more error-free.

When you upload the data, you need to map it with the right dynamic attributes.

Mapping the attributes to the columns from the spreadsheet.

Step 6: Generate your diplomas

Before you finalize, take a moment to look at your diplomas. Click the “Preview Before Publishing” button. Now, you can easily go trough all generated diplomas by changing the name in the drop-down list “Preview for.” You can also change the view to Credential or Email.

Preview feature in Certifier to check all the certificate details.

Now, you can download certificates in PDF, export all its details to the spreadsheet or send certificates out to multiple recipients automatically to their inboxes via Certifier.

Downloading printable certificates to PDF via Certifier dashboard.

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Great platform to manage and deploy online certifications! Intuitive, easy to use. The email functionality and flexibility to design custom certificates were really helpful...

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Wow! Certifier is a really cool software. Our organization had been looking for something to generate certificates... Certifier solved all our problems. Super quick to design...

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Saves time and gets work done! As part of a large organization, we create certificates for employees and our NGO... Certifier helped create certificates for all in a short time.

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Generate certificates tailored to each recipient

Creating certificates online with unique IDs, scores, or names is possible now. Certifier automatically adjusts each diploma design to fit the recipient perfectly. Explore the power of user-friendly dynamic attributes.

Endless possibilities for creating certificates in bulk

Trust layer with QR codes - picture

Trust layer with QR codes

Make every diploma foolproof with Certifier. Stick a QR code on it – you can generate it within Certifier dashboard. The result? Anyone, anywhere, can check diploma’s validity with a quick scan. Consider adding certificate IDs as dynamic attribute to personalize every diploma detail.

Easy peasy data import from CSV, XLS, XLSX - picture

Easy peasy data import from CSV, XLS, XLSX

Dragging and dropping names from a spreadsheet into diplomas happens automatically. Whether you're team Excel or Google Sheets, we've got you covered. Certifier supports CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats. You don’t have to change data manually. Let Certifier handle it for you.

One template, endless diplomas - picture

One template, endless diplomas

Imagine creating one diploma template that magically adjusts for each and every recipient. That's what Certifier does. You set the stage once, and we make sure each diploma is unique. On your side is just giving each certificate a quick preview to ensure it was generated correctly.

Straight to the recipient’s inbox - picture

Straight to the recipient’s inbox

With Certifier, sending out diplomas is as personal as handing them over in person. Grads get their own space to view, download, or share their achievements online, thanks to the recipient wallet. And those emails they get? Fully customizable, so it feels like it's coming straight from you, not some robot.

Your brand – front and center - picture

Your brand – front and center

Your company’s logo and colors on a diploma? Absolutely. With Certifier, your brand shines through on every diploma, clear and watermark-free. It's all about keeping your brand identity consistent and proud. Certifier allows you to adjust every element. However you want to.

Your design, no compromises - picture

Your design, no compromises

Our drag-and-drop editor lets you create a diploma template that looks exactly how you imagined it. Want to tweak the design? Go for it. You can change each certificate element, upload your own images, adjust fonts and colors. There is no limitations when it comes to the diploma design.

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Did you know?

One of the coolest things about Certifier? It's how effortlessly it syncs up with pretty much any tool you're using, thanks to Zapier. Imagine not having to manually transfer data ever again. With this integration, Certifier grabs the info straight from your favorite platforms – learning management systems, CRMs, or any tracking software, and turns it into personalized diplomas on autopilot. No fuss, no muss, just smooth sailing.

Get bulk diplomas for less work

Certifier streamlines the entire diploma creation process. Just pick your template, upload the recipient list, and leave the rest to us.


Tips & tricks to generate certificates quickly

Gather all data in one place

Centralize all recipient information so you can generate diplomas faster. Use platforms like Excel or Google Sheets to compile names, emails, and any specific attributes you need for each diploma. Organizing your data properly is vital to the smooth and efficient running of the process.

Include all required diploma elements

Don't overlook the essentials. Every diploma should feature key elements such as the institution's logo, the recipient's name, the degree or diploma awarded, and the date of issuance. With Certifier, you can easily incorporate these details into your template. For extra authenticity, add a unique diploma number.

Export records from a management tool

If you're already using a management system for your students or participants, make it work to your advantage. Export data directly from your system to Certifier, and minimize manual data entry and special spreadsheet creation. Speed up the diploma generation process to the maximum.

Double-check every detail

After bulk generation, take a moment to review them carefully. Look for any potential errors or typos. Certifier's preview feature allows you to inspect each diploma as it will appear to the recipient. You can be sure then that every detail is correct and that it maintains the professional image.

Customize thoughtfully

Personalize your diplomas with care. Use Certifier's drag-and-drop editor to add unique elements like QR codes for verification, dynamic attributes for personalization, and your institution's branding. Keep your diplomas professional and meaningful, as they reflect your company’s standards.

Optimize your spreadsheet file

Keep your data file neat and comprehensive. Include essential details such as names, emails, and any unique attributes relevant to the diploma, like course completions or honors. A well-organized spreadsheet simplifies the diploma creation process, setting you up for success right from the start.

Do you have any questions?

Here you can find answers to all your diploma generation and Certifier questions – from templates to data upload. If there is any confusion, let us clear it up.

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