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Forget the time-consuming and monotonous process of manually inputting recipient information into each certificate. Instead, issue hundreds or even thousands of credentials at once without the hassle of manual data entry. With Certifier’s dynamic attributes feature, you can generate certificates with different names and other customizable data in one go. Each certificate and badge issued with Certifier seamlessly adapts to the recipient's unique information with one click.

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How to generate certificates with different names in bulk using Certifier for free

With Certifier, you can quickly create hundreds of certificates and badges customized with each recipient’s unique data at once, saving you the time and hassle of filling out each credential manually. Follow the steps below to learn how to generate certificates with different names with Certifier’s dynamic attributes and names feature.

Step 1: Sign up for Certifier

Join Certifier to start generating hundreds of professionally designed certificates in bulk. Create a free account using your business email or sign up via your Google account. With Certifier, you can choose among 500+ pre-made certificate and badge templates to design stunning credentials in minutes.


Step 2: Design your certificate or badge

Start your journey with Certifier by designing your first credential. To create a design, go to the Designs tab and click on “Create Design.” Then, choose one of Certifier’s templates and customize it to your needs. Our visual design builder lets you edit any element on the template by changing its position, size, color, fonts, and more. You can also add your own elements like your company logo, custom background, or branded icons.

Step 3: Edit dynamic attributes

Using dynamic attributes on your credentials allows you to generate multiple certificates at once, with the recipient's data automatically inserted into each one. Here’s how to edit the dynamic attributes on your certificates in two simple steps.

3.1 Add dynamic attributes for recipient names

Using the attribute [], you can generate multiple certificates with different names at once. The field will be replaced by the recipient’s actual name once the certificate is issued. Make sure that it is wide enough to fit long first and last names without causing text overlay. Also, enable the auto-scaling feature to make sure that the text automatically adjusts to the width of the field.


3.2 Customize dynamic attributes 

With Certifier, you have complete control over every aspect of the certificate or badge template, including dynamic attributes. Adjust their size, font, and color to align with your document's look and brand identity. Arrange them anywhere you prefer within the template.

3.3 Add custom dynamic attributes 

Aside from the default attributes, you can create custom attributes you want to display on your certificates, badges, or emails, such as course grades or event hours. To add a custom attribute, scroll to the bottom of the attributes list and click “Add Custom Attribute.”


Step 4: Generate multiple certificates at once

With dynamic attributes, you can create a single certificate or badge template that will auto-populate with each recipient’s information when you issue it. This means you can save time on manual entry and generate multiple certificates simultaneously. Here’s how to issue your certificates with Certifier in 5 steps. 

4.1 Create a group of recipients 

To issue certificates, begin by creating a group you'll add your recipients to. Head to the Groups tab in the main menu and choose "Create Group." This will lead you to a group setup page where you need to input details like the group's name and description and select the corresponding credential design. 


4.2 Prepare a CSV file with recipient data 

To make mass certificate generation faster and easier, create a spreadsheet with recipient data like names, emails, grades, and other relevant information. If you have your recipient data in an LMS or CRM, download it in a CSV or XML format. Then, use Google Sheets or Excel to clean and organize data, removing unnecessary rows and columns. If the first and last names are in separate columns, combine them into a single column before uploading the spreadsheet to Certifier. Also, make sure the final version of the spreadsheet is exported in a CSV format. 

4.3 Add your recipients to Certifier

To add your recipients to Certifier, head to the Credentials tab and click "Issue Certificates or Badges." Pick your newly created group and start adding your recipients' names, emails, and other data. You can add your recipients to the group by typing their details one by one or import the entire list at once from the spreadsheet you prepared. When importing from a spreadsheet, make sure to organize the columns correctly. 


4.4 Preview the certificate with filled data

You can easily preview how your certificate or badge will look with recipients’ data. After adding your recipients to the list and filling out the corresponding attributes, click “Preview Before Publishing.” This will send you to a preview screen, where you’ll be able to see how your filled-out certificate will appear on your recipients’ credential portal.


4.5 Send the credentials to your recipients’ list

If you’re satisfied with the look of your document and spotted no mistakes, click on “Save and Publish” to issue the certificate to your recipients. This will generate multiple certificates at once and send them automatically to your entire recipients’ list. Alternatively, you can also download all certificates in a PDF format as a single ZIP file.


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User-friendly interface, smooth editing. Lots of templates and different attributes for a smooth experience. Creating certificates on Certifier is the easiest job due to the options given.

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All-in-one certificate software

A comprehensive solution for all your certificate creation needs. Generate certificates with different names for free using Certifier.

The simplest way to generate certificates with different names at once

Generate multiple certificates at once - picture

Generate multiple certificates at once

Forget about countless hours spent on issuing certificates one by one. With Certifier, you can generate hundreds of credentials at once without the need for manual data entry. Thanks to dynamic attributes, your recipients' data will populate automatically for each certificate.

Personalize each certificate automatically - picture

Personalize each certificate automatically

Fill out each certificate with recipient data with a single click. Thanks to dynamic attributes, you won't have to manually type in details like the recipient’s name, grade, or instructor’s name. When it's time to issue the certificates, all this information will magically populate on its own.

Eliminate manual work and save time - picture

Eliminate manual work and save time

Save yourself the hassle of manual data input and hours wasted on issuing each certificate separately. With Certifier, you can streamline and simplify your certification generation process. Generate multiple certificates in one go and free up time to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Streamline your certification processes - picture

Streamline your certification processes

Avoid administrative chaos by keeping your certification processes organized. Using dynamic attributes does the heavy lifting of personalizing each certificate with the corresponding recipient data, which means fewer mistakes. Plus, it makes your certificates look neat and polished.

Use a single certificate design template - picture

Use a single certificate design template

Remember when you had to copy each certificate and fill it out with relevant data individually? Well, that’s the thing of the past. With Certifier, you design your certificate only once to serve as a template that will auto-populate with corresponding recipient data.

Keep your certificates up-to-date at all times - picture

Keep your certificates up-to-date at all times

Make sure that your certificates are always updated with the most accurate information, thanks to dynamic attributes. If your certificates have an expiration date, add it to your credentials for transparency and to keep them up-to-date at all times.

Easily keep track of issued certificates - picture

Easily keep track of issued certificates

Keep track of your certificates and the information they contain thanks to dynamic attributes. By adding an identifying attribute to each certificate, such as a unique certificate ID, you'll be able to locate the exact certificate you need quickly and keep things in order.

Handle change requests in an instant - picture

Handle change requests in an instant

At times, you may need to edit a certificate after it's been issued. If a recipient points out a mistake, like a misspelling of their name, you can easily fix it by updating their details from your dashboard. The changes you make to your recipient's information will reflect live on their credential portal.

Edit already issued certificates without hassle - picture

Edit already issued certificates without hassle

With Certifier, you can easily adjust the recipient and event data even after publishing the credentials. This means you don't have to decide between leaving the current certificates with outdated info or going through the issuing process all over again. Instead, you can quickly correct the details.

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Did you know?

Did you know that generating certificates with different names all at once can slash the time it takes to issue certificates by up to 90%? With manual data entry, issuing 500 certificates would take over 4 hours of your precious time. If it takes around 30 seconds to edit each certificate and at least a minute to tweak the email for each recipient, you're looking at 260 minutes of wasted time you could otherwise spend focusing on more important aspects of your business. With Certifier's dynamic attributes and bulk certificate generation features, you can save that time and streamline your entire certification process. 

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Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!


Best practices to generate certificates with dynamic attributes in bulk

Add custom dynamic attributes

Personalize your credentials with custom dynamic attributes. With Certifier, you can choose among default attributes, such as recipient name, issue and expiration dates, or certificate ID. But that’s not all - you can go a step further and add your own custom dynamic attributes to capture specific details that matter most to your recipients. This way, you can create even more personalized credentials that carry a meaningful and individualized message, strengthening the bond with your recipients.

Use a single design template

Forget about having to make a copy of each diploma only to manually fill it with the recipient's information and send it in a separate email to them. With Certifier, you design your certificate just once and use it as a template to generate multiple certificates without manual data entry. So, instead of overcrowding your design platform with multiple versions of the same certificate, use Certifier’s visual design builder to create a template that will populate with relevant data on autopilot.

Use the auto-scaling feature for dynamic attributes

Since dynamic attributes get replaced by the actual recipient data once the certificate is issued, sometimes, it may result in text overflow and interference with other elements - especially when it comes to long recipient names or certificate ID numbers. To avoid this, select the “Enable Auto-Scaling” box next to the text size. The auto-scaling feature means that the text is dynamic and will automatically adjust to the width of the field. So, make sure to leave enough space in the field for long names and numbers.

Label credentials with a certificate UUID

Keep everything organized by attaching a universally unique certificate ID to each credential. Even though the certificate UUID may seem like a string of random numbers and letters, identifying your certificate with it will help you easily keep track of each certificate without getting them mixed up. Since each UUID is unique, there won't be any confusion if you have multiple certificates with similar names. Moreover, it'll make searching for specific certificates much quicker, as you can just search for the UUID.

Ensure the accuracy of recipient data

Before generating multiple certificates at once, double-check the recipient data to make sure there are no mistakes, like typos or missing details. This will prevent you from sending out multiple certificates with errors. Also, make sure that your document design is error-free. This is crucial, as with bulk generation, even a tiny mistake in your design will spread onto every issued certificate, which can result in undermining your credibility and professionalism as a certificate issuer.

Import data from a spreadsheet

With Certifier, you can skip the hassle of typing out recipient data one by one. Instead, you can import all your recipient data at once from a spreadsheet. With a few clicks, you can seamlessly transfer recipient details into Certifier, reducing the likelihood of typos, missing data, duplicates, and mix-ups. Importing data from a spreadsheet is a smart move that not only makes the process much quicker than manual typing but also ensures accuracy.

Check for dynamic text overflow

The best part about dynamic attributes? They adjust automatically to the text they contain, so you don’t need to edit each element manually. But this also means that your certificates carry the risk of overflow if you don’t leave enough space for the text to stretch its legs. Before issuing your credentials, make sure all dynamic attributes fit into their designated spots on the template. This way, you'll avoid any trouble with text overflowing and keep everything looking neat and professional.

Choose fonts that support special characters

Prevent the special characters in your recipients’ names from turning into undecipherable hieroglyphics by selecting fonts that support them. Not all fonts can handle special characters that aren't part of the English alphabet, like ñ, ź, or ö. It might slip your notice when inserting a dynamic attribute into your credential design - until you suddenly find your recipient's name looking like hieroglyphs on the issued certificate. Test each font to prevent this from happening.

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All-in-one certificate software

A comprehensive solution for all your certificate creation needs. Generate certificates with different names for free using Certifier.