Visual Design Builder

Visual Design Builder

Learn how to design, customize, and edit certificates with our intuitive visual design builder.

Edit graphic and text - Certifier features

Edit graphic & text

Adapt the content and the look of your digital certificates and badges by easily editing their graphic layout and text.

Add your logo - Certifier features

Add your logo

Create professional certificates and badges that promote your organization by adding your logo in one click.

Print your certificates - Certifier features

Print your certificates

Create certificates that can be printed for any purpose. Print credentials yourself and let recipients print their own. 

Design badges from templates - Certifier features

Design badges from templates

Create digital badges in minutes by choosing your favorite badge template and customizing it to your liking.

Download credential in pdf - Certifier features

Download credentials as a PDF document

Your recipients will be able to one-click download their credentials in a PDF format for easy sharing and printing.

Download credential in png - Certifier features

Download digital badge in a PNG format

Enable your recipients to download their credentials with just one click in a PNG format, perfect for digital usage.

Upload custom background - Certifier features

Upload custom background

Tailor credentials to any occasion or purpose by uploading your own custom background. 

Add qr code - Certifier features

Add a QR code

Make your certificates easily verifiable by adding a scannable QR code for more credibility and professionalism. 

Create, Send and Manage Digital Credentials

Take your digital certification program to the next level.

Add digital signature - Certifier features

Add digital signature

Say goodbye to manual certificate signing. Sign your certificates digitally in seconds with Certifier’s e-signature feature.

Create watermark free designs - Certifier features

Create watermark-free designs

All our templates are watermark-free, so your credentials can be fully tailored to your branding from the start.

Use dynamic attributes - Certifier features

Use dynamic fields

Enjoy easy data entry with dynamic fillable fields that shape your document layout in real time as information is entered.

Create certificates from scratch - Certifier features

Create certificates from scratch

Design certificates entirely from scratch. Customize everything from orientation to design elements and text. 

Auto resizable fields - Certifier features

Use auto-resizable fields

Create flawless designs with auto-resizable fields that automatically adjust dynamic elements to fit perfectly.

Preview design - Certifier features

Preview your design with filled data

Preview your fully populated credential design before publishing to make sure everything is flawless.

Orientation size - Certifier features

Adjust the design size & orientation

Certificates come in various sizes and orientations to suit different purposes. Create the perfect fit for your needs.

Fonts - Certifier features

Use hundreds of beautiful fonts

Customize your certificates & badges to match your branding by choosing from hundreds of beautiful fonts.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!