Don’t limit yourself and create certificates with a custom background

Get the freedom to design certificates with custom backgrounds so that each credential you create really stands out. At Certifier, we believe your certificates should be as unique as the achievements they represent. Choose, upload, and enjoy a unique background design – it’s that simple with our intuitive certificate editor. Ready to bring your vision to life?

There is no better software to design unique certificates with custom backgrounds


How to change your custom certificate background for free?

Customization shouldn't be an optional feature. It should be a sure thing. And it is in Certifier. Add a custom background to match your brand – and all of that at any cost. Follow the steps below to upload your design to a certificate with a few steps. Certifier makes it simple to give your certificates a personal touch without much effort.

Step 1: Become a Certifier member

Sign up to Certifier for free and start designing right away. It's super easy to make certificates and badges that match your branding and look just the way you want. With our visual builder, you can see your changes as you make them – no guesswork is needed. So, let's get creative and make custom certificate backgrounds pop!

Creating an account in the Certifier dashboard.

Step 2: Click Designs and choose a credential format

Go to the Designs tab. You've got two choices: pick from certificate designs you've already worked on, or start fresh with a brand new one. If you're already a Certifier user and have some designs in your collection, just pick the one you want to tweak. New around here? You can start from scratch and choose whether you want to make a certificate or a badge.

Creating a certificate template with your own custom background.

Step 3: Select a layout that matches your certificate background

Before you upload your own background, jump into the Templates tab to find a bunch of cool certificate templates. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about covering all the necessary certificate elements. Scroll through and pick a layout that fits your style and needs. In each template, you'll find some editable placeholders. If there's anything you don't need, just click on it and hit “Delete Element” from the menu in the right-hand corner. This frees up space for you to add your own graphics or shuffle things around so you can tweak the design to fit exactly what you're looking for.

Choosing the certificate layout from the templates available.

Step 4: Upload your custom background

It’s time to import your certificate background to the certificate maker. It’s super simple. Go to the Background tab and click the “Upload Custom Background” button. Choose your file. For the best results, the custom background image should be 29.7 x 21 cm (landscape) and 21 x 29.7 cm (portrait). And bingo – the background will be automatically sized to fit the certificate. Please note that imported PNG or JPEG files cannot exceed 2MB.

Uploading custom background to the Certifier certificate designer.

Step 5: Save the template

It's time to save your artwork! If you’re working with Certifier for the first time, you’ll be asked about your recipients as soon as you finish working on your design and hit the “Save” button. With one click, you can upload their data and pull it out of the spreadsheet. It is also possible to add recipients manually, one by one.

Uploading the recipients data to the Certifier dashboard.

Please note: If you skip this process now, you can always come back to uploading data whenever you need it. Just go to the Credential tab and click the blue button “Issue Certificates or Badges” at the top right corner.

Step 6: Verify that everything looks perfect

Once your certificate looks flawless, it's time for the final check. Go to the Credentials tab. Click “View” in the Actions column. It will lead you to the recipient’s wallet to see how your design looks in its final form. This is where you can really see your certificate as your recipients will. The certificate's background should fill the entire page – so there are no white lines, black spaces, or other imperfections.

Exporting the certificate template from the recipient's wallet.

Step 6.1: Export as PDF

If everything looks good, go ahead and download it as a PDF. It's always a good idea to have a final look at the downloaded version, too – just to be absolutely sure it's all set and ready to impress, digital or print. 

Testing out the certificates background to check if it fits well.

With Certifier, you can also export all your certificates in bulk. Just tick the box next to the name and click the “Export” button. That’s all!

Bulk export in the Certifier dashboard.

Check out why our customers love Certifier customization

Certifier is solving the need to design a plethora of certificates. I can import backgrounds for the credentials I am issuing... it's given me an edge.

Mazeed Mukhtar Oyeleye - avatar

Mazeed Mukhtar Oyeleye

Content Strategist

Great platform to manage and deploy online certifications! Intuitive, easy to use. The email functionality and flexibility to design custom certificates were really helpful...

Colin Minte  - avatar

Colin Minte

Marketing Director

Intuitive design creators, similar to Canva. Groups issuing and template on Upload page are straightforward and helpful. The free plan is generous for badging/certificate tools.

Ian Matthews - avatar

Ian Matthews

Instructional Designer

Certificate software that adapts to your needs

Your one-stop destination for crafting unique certificates with custom backgrounds. With Certifier, you can design and personalize certificates online at no cost, with no effort.

Create certificate with custom background - for free

No more manual hassle - picture

No more manual hassle

Our platform eliminates the need for creating certificates from the ground up. Choose from a variety of ready-made templates. Quickly edit texts, swap colors, and change images to suit your specific needs, all with just a few clicks.

No watermarks - picture

No watermarks

We know how important is to keep your design's integrity with the brand. That's why our certificates come free of watermarks so that your creations have a clean, uncluttered look. Let your brand take center stage.

Add and remove certificate elements - picture

Add and remove certificate elements

You can try different certificate layouts and graphic elements to see what works best for your certificate background. Add design elements, remove them, and add them back again if you need to. Create a certificate design you're proud of.

Upload your own background image with a single click - picture

Upload your own background image with a single click

Upload your own background image and branded graphics to personalize your certificates. Our platform supports PNG and JPEG image uploads up to 2MB. Add custom backgrounds, logos, or any other visual elements that make your certificate unique.

See changes as you make them - picture

See changes as you make them

With Certifier, what you see is what you get. Our real-time editing feature allows you to see each change as you make it. With this immediate feedback, you can tweak and perfect your design on the fly. Save your time and get the exact look you want.

Cut down on costs - picture

Cut down on costs

No more multiple print tests and material usage. Certifier changes the game and allows you to perfect your design digitally. You only print when you're completely satisfied with the design. Cut down on printing and material costs. Save money and save the planet.

Certifier is ranked no. 1 on G2 for digital credential management software


Did you know?

Did you know that the background of a certificate can significantly impact its perception and value? A killer design does more than just look good – it makes the person getting it feel proud about what they've achieved. A unique, carefully chosen background can turn a simple piece of paper into a priceless reminder of success.

Create and send custom credentials in a few clicks

Transform the certification process into a seamless and effortless experience. Design, issue, send & track custom certificates from now on.


Best practices to create custom certificate backgrounds

Choose high-quality background image

Always use high-resolution images for your custom background image to guarantee they look professional when printed. There is no room for blurs or pixels. Certifier supports up to 2MB image uploads which allows for high-quality visuals without slowing down the distribution process.

Keep it relevant to the occasion

Match the background design to the certificate's purpose. Different receivers might appreciate different styles – corporate events might require more formal backgrounds, while educational achievements could be more fun and creative. If you don’t know which one to choose, use Certifier default background templates.

Complement your branding

If you’re creating certificates for a business or organization, make sure your background reflects your brand colors and style. It makes the brand identity more recognizable and more professional. Think of your brand's personality – is it bold and loud or sleek and sophisticated? Your design should reflect that.

Balance with white space

Don’t overcrowd your certificate. A good balance between your background and white space is key. In this way, the certificate will be clear and easy to read, and the vital details will stand out. Keep in mind that a certificate layout that looks good on paper may not look the same on screen.

Use contrast to boost readability

You've got this cool background, but can everyone read what's on the certificate? Check that there's a good contrast between your text and the background. If your background is on the darker side, go with light text, and if it's light, pick a darker text color. The important stuff should be visible at first glance.

Set the default background and tweak it

You don’t have to create your own background from scratch. Certifier offers over 500+ certificate templates, each with a different style, so we're pretty sure you'll find something you like. If you want to personalize it, you can always do so and add your elements to make it your own!

Have a question?

Do you have questions about adding custom backgrounds to your certificates, diplomas, and badges with Certifier? To help you navigate the design and editing process, we've compiled the most common ones. Feel free to reach out to us if you don’t find the answer here.

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