Certificate Fonts Guide: How to Choose the Perfect One

We're back with another certificate design tip! How to choose the perfect certificate fonts that strengthen your message? Here is the ultimate guide that shows you all the way to choose well (+free fonts to download!).

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Google Fonts provide over 1,500 font families. In each family, you get approximately 5-8 other font variations. All that gives you around 12,000 certificate fonts to choose from. And all of that is just from one font source.

Choosing the right fonts for certificates is challenging. A perfect one can dramatically improve your design. The bad one…

Well, with this guide, you just can't go wrong. Get to know the secrets of using fonts on certificate designs. From A to Z.

What is typography in certification?

Typography contains fonts, sizes, and styles for the letters – the central elements of certificate design. They express design mood and meaning and improve the certificate's readability. Certificate fonts have much power over how your recipients perceive the official document. They strengthen the message and can trigger different reactions in the readers.

Serif vs. Sans Serif

When you're looking for the perfect certificate font, you're likely to come across these two expressions – Serif and Sans Serif. They’re the most common typeface categories. Both are widely used in designing certificates, business cards, book design, web pages, wedding invitations, wedding cards, and formal documents.

Serif vs. Sans Serif certificate fonts.

Serif fonts

Imagine little "feet" or "hats" on the ends of the letters. That's what the traditional serif font family has. These little lines make the letters look fancy and traditional. Think of them as the decorative details on letters. You can use Serif fonts if you want to print your certificates. Popular fonts examples of serif fonts include Times New Roman and Georgia. 

Sans-Serif fonts

Now, take away those "feet" and "hats" from the letters, and you have sans-serif fonts. They look simpler and more modern because they don't have those extra outlines. These fonts are clean and straightforward with timeless appeal. Use them if you want to keep your certificates digital. Arial and Helvetica are examples of sans-serif fonts.

What is the best font for certificates?

The best certificate font will depend on the specific design and purpose of the certificate. Different occasions call for different fonts design. The more traditional font option will work well if you want to print certificates for formal events. Fonts with a more modern look – for digital versions and casual occasions.

Good practice: Test different fonts to verify that it maintains its readability and elegance across various formats. You can do that easily with Certifier certificate maker. With its built-in editor, switching between different fonts and sizes is a piece of cake. Streamline font selection and effortlessly find the ideal certificate font for your needs.

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#1 Elegant and professional certificate fonts: Libre Baskerville, Montecarlo

Professional certificate fonts: Libre Baskerville, Montecarlo.

Libre Baskerville: This classic serif font exudes a timeless elegance, making it an excellent choice for certificate designs that demand a touch of sophistication.

Montecarlo: With its refined and calligraphic style, this elegant script offers a professional aesthetic that can elevate the overall look of your certificates.

Would you like this artistic style template on the certificate font example? You can easily download it here and get access to these certificate fonts right away.

#2 Modern and playful types of certificate fonts: Kalam, Montserrat, Ubuntu

Modern and playful certificate fonts: Kalam, Montserrat, Ubuntu.

Kalam: This modern Serif font brings certificates a playful yet modern twist. Perfect for occasions where you want to convey a sense of creativity and joy. Look at this certificate of achievement and the characteristic shapes of this attractive certificate font.

Montserrat: Montserrat's modern sans-serif typeface adds a modern touch to certificates while maintaining a playful undertone thanks to its clean lines and contemporary design.

Ubuntu: Ubuntu's clean and modern Sans-Serif font strikes the perfect balance between modernity and approachability, making it an excellent certificate choice.

#3 Minimalistic certificate fonts: Josefin Sans, Poppins

Minimalistic certificate fonts: Josefin Sans, Poppins.

Josefin Sans: This font represents minimalism with its clean lines and simple elegance. With a sleek and uncluttered design, it offers great certificate font readability.

Poppins: With its modern and minimalist design, Poppins brings a fresh and contemporary look to certificates design that is clear and simple.

#4 Hand-written certificate fonts: Dancing Script, Pacifico, Indie Flower

Hand-written certificate fonts: Dancing Script, Pacifico, Indie Flower.

Dancing Script: This beautiful signature brush script font mimics the decorative touch of elegance with cursive handwriting. All of that creates a distinctive and charming appearance.

Pacifico: With its casual and calligraphy-script style, Pacifico elegant design gives certificates an air of individuality and brush-hand lettering font quality.

Indie Flower: This decorative font captures the essence of handwritten notes. These rounded letterforms create a warm and personal vibe perfect for certificates expressing gratitude.

#5 Premium certificate fonts: Alex Brush, Marcellus

Premium certificate fonts: Alex Brush and Marcellus.

Alex Brush: The elegant letterforms and flowing script of Alex Brush gives certificates a sense of prestige, making them stand out as truly exquisite.

Marcellus: Marcellus exudes a timeless and refined aura, elevating certificates to a premium level of distinction with elegant curves. Its classic charm and artistic flair make each certificate a work of art.

Important: All fonts used in these certificate templates are from the Google font collection. This collection includes free and open-source font families that you can easily download without additional costs.

What is the best font size for certificates?

A general guideline for optimal readability and aesthetics is to use a certificate font size between 10 to 14 points for the main body of the text. Here's how to approach font size for different parts of an A4 certificate.

Image icon

Recipient's name – consider using a larger font size, typically between 20 to 50 points. This draws attention to the most critical part of the certificate.

Image icon

Certificate title – the title of the certificate can be slightly smaller than the recipient's name, around 14 to 30 points, keeping a visual hierarchy.

Image icon

Subtitle or details – if your certificate includes subtitles or additional information, a font size between 10 to 14 points is usually suitable.

Image icon

Signatures and dates – you can opt for a smaller font size, around 8 to 30 points. These elements are essential but don't need to dominate the visual space.

This classic script example illustrates the size of certificate fonts and individual components in traditional certificate design.

Best certificate font sizes.

Tips for adapting certificate fonts to your design

To create the perfect certificate design, you've got to think about each visual element carefully. All of them must work out together. Here are some valuable tips to guide you in the font world.

Inspire yourself

It’s best to start with some inspiration. It's the easiest way to know what you want and expect from your certificate design. Websites like Dribbble showcase top-notch design projects. Browsing through these can help you understand the latest typography trends.

Adjust it to your branding

The font you choose should resonate with your brand's identity. For example, if you're a modern tech company, a sleek, sans-serif font might be more fitting than a decorative script font. However, don't get so wrapped up in branding that you sacrifice readability. Certificates frequently come with fine print, so checking that every detail is legible is crucial.

Play with width

The width of a font dramatically changes its appearance. Bold fonts make titles and names stand out, while thinner fonts can be used for supplementary details. Adding a hierarchy will make the design more interesting and, what’s more vital – easier to understand.

Create contrast

Mixing and matching different font styles produce a captivating contrast. Such distinctions boost the visual appeal and create a clear structure. The recipient's name and their achievement should remain the center of attention. And remember, spacing isn't just about fitting words on paper. Your design will be more classy if you use generous spacing between fonts.

Limit your design to 2-3 fonts

Using too many fonts can make the certificate look disorganized and chaotic. Stick to 2-3 complementary fonts for a balanced design. If you're picking multiple fonts, ensure they serve a purpose. For instance, one for the title, one for the main body, and a third for any disclaimers or footnotes. After selecting your fonts, print out a mock-up. Sometimes, fonts look different on screen compared to paper. Adjust as necessary until it's perfect.

Where can you find more free certificate fonts to download?

There are a lot of sources online where you can download free certificate fonts. We’ve checked the most popular ones and compiled them in this list. Enjoy!

Google Fonts

Google Fonts offers a wide range of free and open-source fonts that you can easily download and use in your projects. No wonder that is a popular choice among graphic designers. Hint: you can see the preview of your own text while browsing.

Free sources to download certificate fonts.


FontSpace is another platform that provides a variety of free fonts for download. You can explore different categories and styles to find fonts that suit your certificate design best.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel provides a selection of high-quality, commercial-use fonts that are free for download. As curated and tested fonts, they can be relied upon for certificate use.

Note: Some fonts might have specific restrictions on commercial use or modifications. Always review the terms and conditions before using any font for your certificates.

Pick the ideal certificate font

As you’ve explored various sophisticated styles and the font's impact on certificates and professional documents, it's clear that fonts go beyond mere text. They convey emotions, set tones, and create visual experiences. From popular serif fonts that evoke tradition to modern sans-serif styles, the choices are vast – and exciting!

And if you're already bored with looking for the perfect certificate font, take advantage of Certifier. Choose the ready-made template and leave the choice to the experts. Sounds like a deal?

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FAQ: Certificate fonts

Still not enough? Here are the most frequently asked questions while choosing certificate font.

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