Credential Management

Credential Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing each issued credential manually thanks to Certifier’s advanced credential management features.


Manage change requests seamlessly

Tired of incessant change requests, like fixing typos or misspelled names? Manage them directly from Certifier’s dashboard.


Use advanced group & data filters

Find issued certificates by filtering them on group and data, eliminating endless searches and misplaced documents.


Set & update the expiration date

Stay in control over issued certificates by setting and updating their expiration date and managing renewal requests.

Control certificate status

Control the status of your certificates from draft to published to expired, ensuring your credentials are up-to-date.


Update issued credentials in real time

Noticed a typo or a misspelled name? You can update issued credentials with a few clicks and fix any errors.


Export credentials into a PDF document

Export and download all issued credentials for a specific group of recipients as a printable PDF document.


Create expirable digital badges

Make your digital badges expire when needed. Set and manage expiration dates on your issued badges.


Manage who can access credentials

Control who can view and manage issued credentials. Give, restrict, or revoke access as you see fit.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!


Export credentials into a spreadsheet

Keep track of issued credentials by exporting them into a spreadsheet filled with relevant data in one click. 


Resend credentials to multiple recipients

Resend issued credentials to multiple people at once. Filter by group, select the recipients, and resend in one click.


Export credentials as a URL list

Export issued credentials for a specific group of recipients as a convenient URL list for easy sharing and accessibility.

All-in-one certificate software

Create and edit certificates online free using Certifier.