Verification Features

Verification Features

Learn how you, your recipients, and others can verify the authenticity and validity of their credentials with Certifier.


Verify credentials via API

Easily verify the validity of your issued credentials via Certifier’s Open API with the unique credential link.


Issuer KYC procedure

Verify your issuer identity through our KYC procedure, ensuring trust and legitimacy for your certifications.


Monitor verification analytics

See how many times your issued credentials were verified by looking at the clicks breakdown.


Verify credential issuer

Create trustworthy certificates that viewers can verify with one click to check issuer status and credential validity.


Verify credentials

Empower your recipients with professional credibility by issuing credentials that can be verified by anyone with a single click.


Centralize all credential data

Keep all your credential data in one place, from issuer and recipient details and issue and expiration dates to credential ID.


UUID-based verification

Guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of your credentials with our foolproof UUID-based verification system.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!