Recipient Wallet Experience

Recipient Wallet Experience

See how your recipients can interact with their credentials from their recipient portal and Credential Wallet.


Access issued credentials 24/7

All credentials issued with Certifier are accessible 24/7, so your recipients can see them at any time, from any time zone. 


Share credentials with a QR code

When recipients share credentials, others can quickly verify the certificate's validity with a QR code scan.


Report a mistake

If recipients find an error in their credentials, they can reach out and request a change from their portal.


Navigate better with a multi-language wallet

Enable recipients to view credential pages in their native or preferred language, enhancing navigation.


Create shareable credential URLs

Enable your recipients to share their certificates and badges by generating shareable credential URLs.


Use social media buttons for easy sharing

Enable your recipients to share their achievements with their network on different social media platforms.


Add credentials on LinkedIn

Empower your recipients to impress their network and recruiters by adding their credentials to LinkedIn profiles.


Download credentials in PNG & PDF

With Certifier, your recipients can easily export and download their credentials in a variety of formats, like PNG and PDF. 


Verify credentials with one click

Empower your recipients with professional credibility by issuing credentials that can be verified by anyone with a single click.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!