Credential Hosting

Credential Hosting

We keep your credentials and data safe and easy to access by storing them on a secure hosting platform.

Multi-language wallet - Certifier features

Navigate better with a multi-language wallet

Enable recipients to view credential pages in their native or preferred language, enhancing navigation.

Host your credentials - Certifier features

Host your credentials securely

Store issued credentials securely on an SSL-protected hosting platform to protect your data and recipients' information.

Host credentials on branded portal - Certifier features

Host credentials on a branded portal

Showcase issued credentials on a branded recipient website portal that reflects your visual identity.

Host credentials on own domain - Certifier features

Host credentials on your own domain

Level up your brand presence and strengthen your authority by hosting your credentials on your own domain.

Access credentials 24-7 - Certifier features

Access credentials 24/7 

All credentials issued with Certifier are accessible 24/7, so your recipients can see them at any time, from any time zone.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!