Branding & Customization

Branding & Customization

Create digital certificates and badges that match your branding and promote your organization.


Customize the recipients’ wallet look

Personalize your recipients’ portal view with your brand colors, relevant links, company logo, and customized footer text.


Customize your email sender details

Personalize your email identity. Customize the sender name, email address, and domain for emails that truly represent you.


Create white-label credentials

Create watermark-free credentials and customize them to match your branding - even in the free version of Certifier.


Host credentials on a custom domain

Host credentials on your domain and remove Certifier's footer for a fully branded email and recipient view.


Design branded digital certificates

Use Certifier’s pre-designed certificate templates and customize them to match your brand’s aesthetics. 


Create & send branded emails

Customize the emails you send to your recipients to match your branding - from colors and fonts to adding your logo.


Design branded digital badges

Create digital badges that fully reflect your brand identity by customizing their colors, fonts, and overall look.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!