Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Keep your credentials and data safe with Certifier’s advanced security and compliance measures.

Secure data storage - Certifier features

Secure data storage

Rest easy knowing that Certifier's platform securely stores your recipients' and credential data using SSL certificates.

Gdpr compliance - Certifier features

GDPR compliance

Create GDPR-compliant certificates, badges, and emails thanks to Certifier's data protection and privacy measures.

Service level agreements - Certifier features

Custom Service Level Agreements

Certifier's flexible and customizable SLAs ensure we go the extra mile to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Security review - Certifier features

Security Review

Request a special security review by our technical team to identify and fix security vulnerabilities. 

Custom terms dpa - Certifier features

Custom terms & DPA

With Certifier, you're in control over your data. Our custom terms and DPA guarantee complete transparency.

Secure ssl encryption - Certifier features

Secure SSL encryption for data protection

We keep your data secure with SSL encryption that safeguards sensitive info from unauthorized access or interception.

Issuer kyc procedure - Certifier features

Issuer KYC procedure

Verify your identity as an issuer through our KYC procedure, ensuring trust and legitimacy for your certifications.

Uuid based verification - Certifier features

UUID-based verification

Guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of your credentials with our foolproof UUID-based verification system.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!