Tracking & Analytics

Tracking & Analytics

See how your recipients are using their credentials and how it impacts your business thanks to advanced analytics features.

Delivery analytics - Certifier features

Monitor credential delivery analytics

Use Certifier's dashboard to track published credentials, certificate click-through rates, and email open rates.

Credential interactions - Certifier features

Track credential interactions & stats

Monitor recipient certificate interactions and their impact on your organization with Certifier's Marketing Insights dashboard.

Credential history - Certifier features

View credential change history

Explore the credential history with dates for creation, publication, and updates. Stay informed at a glance.

Monthly reports - Certifier features

Review monthly performance reports

Get monthly email reports to quickly view key information about your issued certificates from the past 30 days.

Track the status of each credential - Certifier features

Track the status of each credential

View the status of each credential to see whether it has been published and delivered and whether it’s still valid.

View credential engagement history - Certifier features

View credential engagement history

Gain insights into how recipients have actively interacted with their credentials during a specific timeframe.

Export download analytics reports - Certifier features

Export & download analytics reports

Compile engagement statistics and marketing analytics from a specific time period into a spreadsheet. 

See engagement statistics - Certifier features

See recipient engagement statistics

View how your recipients interact with their credentials. Track the number of views, downloads, and interactions.

See clicks breakdown - Certifier features

See the clicks breakdown

Follow your recipients’ clicking steps. Monitor the number of clicks to the website, social media, and learning events.

Social media analytics - Certifier features

Track social media analytics

See how many times credentials were shared on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!