Credential Distribution

Credential Distribution

Make sending issued credentials a thousand times faster with Certifier’s advanced sending and distribution features.

Send emails with certificates - Certifier features

Send emails with credentials in bulk 

Send hundreds of certificates and badges in one go, automatically assigning each recipient their corresponding credential.

Design emails - Certifier features

Design emails with a visual builder

Create eye-catching emails with a personalized look using Certifier's drag-and-drop visual email builder.

Customize the sender name - Certifier features

Customize the sender name, address, domain

Personalize your email identity. Customize the sender name, email address, and domain for emails that truly represent you.

Add CC & BCC - Certifier features

Add CC, BCC & Reply To addresses

Share credentials via email by CC-ing or BCC-ing recipients and enable a reply-to-address for easy control.

Distribute with api - Certifier features

Distribute on autopilot with API workflows

Distribute credentials on autopilot with API workflows that let you integrate certificate issuing with existing systems. 

Create send branded emails - Certifier features

Create and send branded emails

Customize the emails you send to your recipients to match your branding - from colors and fonts to adding your logo.

Send watermark free emails - Certifier features

Send watermark-free emails

Our email templates are watermark-free and fully customizable to align with your brand identity from the start.

Preview send test emails - Certifier features

Preview and send test emails

Preview the emails your recipients will receive with their credentials before you send them and avoid mistakes. 

All-in-one certificate software

A comprehensive solution for all your certificate creation needs. Create and edit certificates online free using Certifier.

Choose from multiple email templates - Certifier features

Choose from multiple email templates

You don’t have to design emails from scratch. Choose among multiple email templates you can easily customize.

Track email campaigns - Certifier features

Track sent & unsent email campaigns

Stay on top of your email campaigns. Keep tabs on both sent and unsent campaigns for effective tracking and management.

Resend emails in bulk - Certifier features

Resend emails to recipients in bulk

Resend emails to entire recipient groups at once. No more manual repetition - just select and resend.

Add email for customer support - Certifier features

Add a contact email for customer support

Add a Reply To email address that your recipients can message if they need support with their credentials.  

Add dynamic content emails - Certifier features

Add dynamic content to emails

Create personalized emails by adding dynamic content that automatically adapts to each recipient's information.

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!