Social Sharing

Social Sharing

With Certifier, you can enable your recipients to share their credentials with their social network, thereby boosting your social media visibility.


Use social media buttons for easy sharing

Enable your recipients to share their achievements with their network on different social media platforms.


Add credentials on LinkedIn

Empower your recipients to impress their network and recruiters by adding their credentials to LinkedIn profiles.


Create shareable credential URLs

Enable your recipients to share their certificates and badges by generating shareable credential URLs.


Analyze engagement statistics

Track recipient engagement as they open, download and share certificates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Monitor social media analytics

Monitor how many of your recipients share  their credentials online and how it impacts your social media stats. 


Share digital badges on LinkedIn

Allow your recipients to show off their achievements to the professional world by sharing their digital badges on LinkedIn. 

Create and Send Digital Credentials

Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level!