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Are you tired of the hassle involved in creating LinkedIn digital badges that your recipients can share on LinkedIn and other social media platforms? Try Certifier, the easy way to create shareable digital badges for LinkedIn. With just a few clicks, you can access everything you need to generate badges in bulk, including a badge design builder, badge templates, emails, social media sharing, and analytics. Are you in?

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How to create LinkedIn badges and keep track of their shares?

Discover how to easily create LinkedIn badges and always keep track of their shares with Certifier. This detailed guide walks you through the process step-by-step, all so that you can customize badge details and monitor sharing activity in just a few clicks. Learn how to create personalized designs, track sharing metrics, and engage with badge recipients effectively. With Certifier, badge creation and share tracking on LinkedIn become simple and straightforward – as it should be!

Step 1: Sign up for Certifier

Kick off by signing up for Certifier, where you can take advantage of our free package. This not only allows you to generate over 250 badges but also gives you access to the LinkedIn badges feature, a vast library of digital badges, and a multitude of functions that meet most needs.

Simply click on the “Get started” button to begin. The registration process is quick and free – it only requires just a few seconds of your time. Once completed, proceed directly to the Designs section. It’s easily accessible from the top panel of your dashboard.

Signing up to Certifier to create and send LinkedIn digital badges.

Step 2: Create your badge design

Now, it’s time to create your badge design with Certifier. It’s simple and intuitive – have a look yourself.

Begin by selecting a template that suits your style. Certifier provides a number of badge templates for different purposes. Among the badge collection, you’ll find even graded versions – those are suitable if your course has multiple levels. Pick the one you like the most to start working on it.

Then, easily edit your badge by adding or removing elements such as ribbons, icons, and others. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors. Also, don't hesitate to switch up the base design until it perfectly aligns with your vision. If you want to, you can create a badge completely from scratch. The Certifier design builder provides all the elements needed, so it’s convenient for you.

With Certifier's user-friendly interface, crafting a personalized badge that stands out has never been easier. You can drag and drop elements until you’re 100% satisfied with the results. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Changing the color and adjusting the design of digital badges.

Step 3: Generate your badges

Once you click the Create Badge Design button, you can upload a spreadsheet containing recipient data. With this simple action, Certifier can produce hundreds of badges in one go – just like that. Two pieces of information are all you need – the recipient's email address and their name. Sounds simple?

Uploading the recipients' data via the spreadsheet to generate LinkedIn badges in bulk.

You have two options to send Certifier the necessary data:

  • upload recipients’ data manually

  • pull the data from the spreadsheet with recipients’ details (you can, e.g., download them from the CRM system you already use or just create your own)

Following this, the tool automatically organizes the badges into a Group which settings you can change later on.

Step 4: Go to the Groups tab and tweak the settings for LinkedIn sharing

In this step, we give you the option to tailor your LinkedIn badge sharing criteria. To do that, navigate to the Groups tab and adjust the settings for LinkedIn sharing. Within the Groups tab, you can access advanced settings to fine-tune the recipient's wallet that focuses specifically on LinkedIn credentials (see the Bonus section below). 

To give you one example, you can deactivate all other options, such as downloading certificates as PDFs or sharing them on other social media platforms.

Simply go to Advanced Settings > Recipient Permissions to make these adjustments. 

Unabling the option to download the credential in PDF or to share the credential on other social media.

As a bonus, soon Certifier will also offer the option to customize the text of the LinkedIn post so your recipients can quickly share badges without worrying about what to write. Sometimes, a badge recipient might be unsure of what to write. This is where Certifier steps in to help with the option to set up ready notes. Very convenient, wouldn’t you agree?


Now, it’s all set to publish the certificates and send them to recipients’ emails. Go to the Credentials tab, choose participants, and click the “Publish” button.

Step 5: Keep track of how many shares you receive

In the Credentials tab or through Analytics, you can check how many individuals have shared the badges you gave them. Icons placed next to each name allow a swift view of the status and who has shared them on LinkedIn. This feature lets you promptly assess the reach and engagement of your certifications. Thanks to that, you can understand their impact effectively.


Bonus: How does your recipient see the badge?

Recipients will find their badges waiting in their inboxes. The default email template looks like in the example, but you can customize it to your needs in the Certifier tool.

The example of the email which the recipients' get after sending the certificate.

The email will be accompanied by a link to what we call – the recipient’s wallet. The ready recipient’s wallet, focused on LinkedIn, looks like this:

Sharing the LinkedIn digital badges via the Certifier recipient's wallet.

Please note: The recipient’s wallet is the recipient’s command center. From there, they can report any typos and mistakes or keep track of the expiration date. What’s more, its viewers can verify the badge or check and visit the issuer’s website.

By clicking the “Share Your Award” button, the recipients have the option to share their credential ID to LinkedIn directly as a LinkedIn post. Alternatively, they can click “Add to LinkedIn Profile” to add the LinkedIn badge within the Licences & Certifications section. Certifier makes it super easy, as the tool automatically fills out the necessary data, like credential ID or credential URL.

Licences & certifications on LinkedIn with digital badges uploaded.

That’s all! Certifier makes creating LinkedIn badges easy, doesn't it? Go on to see more of what Certifier has to offer – you will be surprised how awesome our solution is.

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Create great LinkedIn Profile badges easily

In just a few clicks, create great-looking LinkedIn badges. Analyze their shares with our tracking features. See the badge sharing status and boost the reach of your course – all of that using just one platform!

With Certifier, you will create the best LinkedIn digital badges

Easy LinkedIn sharing for broader reach and engagement - picture

Easy LinkedIn sharing for broader reach and engagement

Unleash the ability to share badges via the recipient's wallet to make it simple for recipients to publish their achievements anytime. They can upload badges as posts or add them directly to the Licenses & Certifications section. It’s also a way to increase the visibility of your course.

Track social media shares and have everything under control - picture

Track social media shares and have everything under control

Keep track of how many people are sharing your credentials on social media platforms through Certifier's easy-to-use tracking options – whenever, wherever you want. This helps you understand the reach and impact of your certifications so you can make better business decisions in the future.

Simple badge creation process that doesn’t limit you - picture

Simple badge creation process that doesn’t limit you

Manage your certification process seamlessly from start to finish on one convenient platform. This means you can create, distribute, and keep track of your certifications all in one place. Certifier makes your workflow smoother and more efficient – as it should be.

Bade design customization, tailored to branding - picture

Bade design customization, tailored to branding

Personalize your badges to make them stand out and reflect their unique style. With Certifier's flexible design options, you can easily add elements like bases, ribbons, icons and your company’s logo. You can even change fonts to create badges that truly represent the achievements of your badge recipients.

Free digital badge templates whenever you need inspiration - picture

Free digital badge templates whenever you need inspiration

Choose from a variety of badge templates tailored to skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Certifier offers templates with star ratings, color coding, or unique icons to help you showcase specific skills effectively. With our tool, the whole process is extremely user-friendly.

Default LinkedIn post content for quick sharing (soon) - picture

Default LinkedIn post content for quick sharing (soon)

Certifier is going to offer the option to automate LinkedIn sharing with preset text. This means recipients can share their badges on LinkedIn without worrying about crafting the perfect post. No more awkward thinking about what to write thanks for your suggestions. All so it’s easier for people to spread the word about your courses.

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Did you know?

Did you know that sharing digital badges on LinkedIn can lead to x6 increase in profile views? Be sure that your recipients know about it. Recruiters actively seek candidates with specific certifications, and digital badges help capture their attention. It also turns out that individuals who earned digital badges reported a positive impact on their career advancement (not to mention the motivation). The benefits of showcasing digital badges on professional networking sites like LinkedIn are clear. Uncover yours.

Create LinkedIn badges online

Certifier streamlines the entire process of creating and tracking the shares of LinkedIn badges. Create, customize, generate and track, all in a matter of a few clicks.


Tips & tricks to creating a LinkedIn digital badge and tracking its shares

Always keep a highly professional badge design

When designing your digital badges, professionalism is key. Stick to a high-quality design that presents only the essential information. This lets the recipients easily understand the significance of the badge without any confusion. Remember, the goal is clarity and ease of comprehension.

Remember to highlight all the skills in the recipient's wallet

To make your badges even more effective, be sure to use skill tags. These tags emphasize important skills, which makes them easily noticeable to recipients. By highlighting these skills, you create a clear indication of what your badge recipients excel at. This straightforward approach helps recipients (and your courses) get recognized quicker.

Don’t skip the LinkedIn connection part for easier sharing

It's fundamental to connect your LinkedIn company ID to Certifier. By doing so, you verify that your badges are always associated with the correct organization. This connection eliminates any potential confusion regarding the source of the badges. Maintaining accurate attribution enhances the credibility of both the badges and the issuing organization.

Add some personalization touches to the designs

Make your badges more personalized by customizing how they are shared. You have the option to control where and how badges are shared, including the ability to disable certificate PDF downloads or sharing on other social media platforms. Focusing on sharing badges on LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, makes them reach the right audience and have the most significant impact.

Apply professional branding to your badges

Boost the professionalism of your badges by uploading the company's logo. Incorporating your logo not only enhances the visual appeal of the badges but also adds credibility. It signals to recipients that your organization is reputable and trustworthy. Professional badges reflect well on the recipient and the company.

Grow your visibility thanks to extra features

Maximize the visibility of your brand or event by including a link to your company or event website in the recipient wallets. This strategic placement drives traffic to your website and increases awareness of your brand or event. Thanks to leveraging recipient wallets as a platform for promotion, you expand your reach and amplify your message effectively.

Resend badges with low engagement and engage more

Be sure to resend your LinkedIn badges after some time, when you see the need to do it. If you've sent out 100 badges and after a week or two, you see that 70% of recipients haven’t engaged with them – no shares, no downloads – don't worry. Simply resend those badges. This little nudge can significantly lift your engagement stats.

Create badges that expire after some time

Making badges expire can encourage people to think that they need to act fast. This will motivate them to engage. When a badge runs out, it's a great chance to contact people again and give them a new or updated badge. This way helps keep your audience interested and makes your campaign exciting.

Have a question?

Are you still unsure about the whole process? Don’t worry, we’re ready to answer even the most of your burning questions about badges on LinkedIn. Adding badges to profiles is great and easy, see yourself.

Step up your LinkedIn digital badge creator with Certifier

Design badges from templates - Certifier features

Design badges from templates

Create digital badges in minutes by choosing your favorite badge template and customizing it to your liking.

Edit graphic and text - Certifier features

Edit graphic & text

Adapt the content and the look of your digital certificates and badges by easily editing their graphic layout and text.

Add your logo - Certifier features

Add your logo

Create professional certificates and badges that promote your organization by adding your logo in one click.

Track every LinkedIn badge share

Don’t worry that you won’t be able to see who shares LinkedIn badges. Certifier lets you track the shares on LinkedIn. React and manage your social media presence more effectively!