Design badges from templates

Create badge design that catches the eye

Welcome to the Certifier creative hub. Go ahead and experiment with badge design elements. Add your logo, pick matching fonts that speak to you, change colors, and watch your badge ideas take shape. With Certifier, you can craft the ideal badges with no effort. Two ways to go – with our professionally designed templates or from scratch. It's up to you.

Make badge logos designed your way with Certifier

Make badge logos designed your way with Certifier - picture #1Make badge logos designed your way with Certifier - picture #2Make badge logos designed your way with Certifier - picture #3Make badge logos designed your way with Certifier - picture #4

How to create a digital badge design?

Ready to make digital badges in a matter of minutes? Forget the hassle and let your creativity lead the way. A few clicks are all it takes to craft memorable badges that bring the attention they deserve.

Step 1: Join Certifier for free

Sign up to Certifier for free. The email address and password are enough to start. Verify your email with the code, answer a few questions, and our badge maker tool is ready to help you. Trust us – it doesn't require any learning. 

Step 2: Create a new badge design

Once you’re logged in, look for the blue “Create Design” button. Choose Badge Design – it will directly lead you to the built-in badge editor.

First step to create digital badge design in Certifier.

Step 3: Choose the badge template

On the left side of the builder, you get customizable badge templates that you can use to create your own badges. Find the one that suits you best and just click on it. Don’t pay too much attention to their colors – you can change each element of its design along the way.

Choosing the badge template in the Certifier library.

We highly suggest starting with templates – they're crafted by professionals who know just how to give them that polished, expert look. However, if you're set on creating a badge from the ground up, that's totally possible too. Simply pick your base, ribbon, and icon from our library and drag and drop them into place.

Choosing the badge base in the Certifier builder.

Step 4: Remove any unnecessary elements (if needed)

There may be some elements in the badge template that you don't like. It's no problem at all. To delete an element, click on it and then click the trash icon. You can always undo your move by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner.

Removing elements from the badge design template.

Step 5: Customize colors and icons

Now it’s time for customization and making your badge yours. The Certifier design builder gives you many possibilities. You can tailor each element of your badge. To suit your style, you can adjust, add, or remove elements. You can also upload your own images (SVG, JPEG, PNG).

Choosing the branded color of the badge template.

Step 6: Upload your logo

Upload your company's logo to make the badge align with your branding. It’s best to choose SVG format to edit the colors within the editor. To upload the logo, go to the Images tab and click on the “Upload Image” button. You can also simply drag the image into the tool to add it.

Uploading logo to the badge design.

Step 7: Add dynamic attributes

Certifier also enables you to add dynamic content that automatically adjusts based on recipient data. For example, if your badge requires a unique ID number, simply insert a dynamic attribute, and it will be filled with the specific information for each recipient. No manual work here!

Adding dynamic attributes to the badge template.

Step 8: Save and send out

That’s all. The process is pretty straightforward, right? To save the template, click the blue “Save” button at the top right. Then, upload the recipients' data and generate badges for them in bulk. Remember that with Certifier, you can always keep the finger on the pulse and track how your badges are doing. Within a single dashboard, you can download, send, and track badges. See on your own!

Tracking the badges engagement in the Certifier dashboard.

Learn why Certifier is the best badge maker

I have been using Certifier for several months now... It has made my job much easier and more efficient... Great support. Whenever I have had an issue, the support team has been quick...

Raul Marin - avatar

Raul Marin

Academic direction and professor

Intuitive design creators, similar to Canva. Groups issuing and template on Upload page are straightforward and helpful. The free plan is generous for badging/certificate tools.

Ian Matthews - avatar

Ian Matthews

Instructional Designer

Certifier helps with issuing digital credentials easily. A customer success manager walked me through creating my first badge and certificate. Very helpful!

Adam Van Auken - avatar

Adam Van Auken

Director of Technology

Drag & drop digital badge designer at your fingertips

It's all possible here. Certifier provides a library of options for badge bases, ribbons, and icons. Change every element, its colors, and fonts. Until you come up with the perfect badge design that the recipients (and you!) will love.

Outstanding digital badge designs tailored to your needs

Customizable templates library - picture

Customizable templates library

Our platform eliminates the need to create certificates from the ground up. Choose from a variety of ready-made templates. Quickly edit texts, swap colors, and change images to suit your specific needs, all with just a few clicks.

Control on every detail - picture

Control on every detail

With Certifier, you have so much flexibility that it's insane not to use it. You can customize every badge element – base, ribbon, and icon. Take care of every detail, and make your badge truly unique. How cool is that?

Quick and easy design process - picture

Quick and easy design process

Put an end to complicated design tools. With Certifier, it's all about dragging, dropping, and watching your badge come to life. It's so easy that anyone can do it, no design skills needed!

Badge generation in bulk - picture

Badge generation in bulk

Got a big group and need badges for everyone? No problem. Certifier lets you whip up hundreds of custom badges in no time, each one personalized for its recipient. It's a time-saver, especially for big events or programs.

Seamless distribution - picture

Seamless distribution

Once your badges are ready, Certifier streamlines the distribution process. Upload your recipients’ data from the spreadsheet, and customize the email template. Then, send out badges in bulk via email. Automation is simple!

Engagement tracking - picture

Engagement tracking

With Certifier, you can see how your badges are performing. Track who's sharing them on social media and who doesn’t even open the email. This info can give you great insights into what's working and what might need a tweak or two.

Certifier comes in first among digital badge management software

Certifier comes in first among digital badge management software - picture #1Certifier comes in first among digital badge management software - picture #2Certifier comes in first among digital badge management software - picture #3Certifier comes in first among digital badge management software - picture #4

Did you know?

Curious about how to add variety to your badge levels? With Certifier ready-to-use badge design templates, you can create perfectly leveled badges with star ratings, color coding, or unique icons. This way, you get to modify badges based on achievements without sacrificing their professional look. There’s one more. You can also customize the badges to fit your brand's colors and style!

Perfect place to design memorable badge process

With Certifier, the perfect badge logo doesn’t end on design. It’s a complete badge software to generate, send, and track – all in one seamless flow.


Tips to get branded badges that stick in mind

Start with the right badge template

Selecting the right badge template is your first step toward a memorable badge. Pick a design that aligns with your brand's aesthetic – sharp and edgy for modern brands, soft and rounded for more approachable vibes. You don’t have to focus on template colors, you can change them afterward.

Simplify your design

Less is often more when it comes to impactful design. Remove any unnecessary elements to create a cleaner, more focused badge. Your key message will stand out, making your badge more memorable. Do not mess with the certificate fonts and icons, as well. Trust us: to decorate your badge design, one (or two) elements are enough.

Upload your company’s logo

Here’s a pro tip. Upload your logo in the SVG format to match the badge colors to your brand palette. With Certifier, you can change every element of the badge, no matter if it’s a template or built from scratch. No need to get hung up on the original template colors – make them your own.

Add context with unique icons

Badges are best when you remember them even after you close your eyes. Icons can be this highlight that shows right away what the badge refers to. Choose icons that reflect the badge's achievement or skill level. Such elements add depth and context to your badge so that they’re more than just a visual token.

Focus on key text elements

Skill, level, or achievement are the key badge elements. The text on your badge should communicate them clearly. Make this text short. A badge's elements, such as the recipient's name, better suit to certificates. Badges should be more generic and convey their purpose at a glance.

Use dynamic content to personalize

Personalize badges to make them more impactful. With Certifier, you can customize badge design with dynamic attributes like levels to make each badge feel special. It means you can create even hundreds of badges at once without having to worry if the content fits the recipient.

Have a question?

Got questions about Certifier's badge customization? Here are the most frequently asked questions to guide you through the design and editing process. If your question isn't here, don't hesitate to contact us – we're here to help make your badge creation process trouble-free!

More features from Certifier

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Create professional certificates and badges that promote your organization by adding your logo in one click.

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Edit graphic & text

Adapt the content and the look of your digital certificates and badges by easily editing their graphic layout and text.

Start your badge design journey with Certifier

No need to be an expert in badge design. Certifier offers an incredibly user-friendly badge designer, where changing elements is as simple as drag-and-drop. It's straightforward, it's convenient – it's designed with you in mind.