October 05, 2022

How to Add Digital Badge to LinkedIn and Other Social Media

When looking for a job, it is a good idea to use social media platforms and show potential employers the skills you have acquired. In particular, it is worth adding digital badges to your LinkedIn profile.

There is a lot of talk about digital badges and how easy they are to share on social media. So today, we're taking on the topic related to sharing these awards on social channels, especially on LinkedIn.

So, if you are confused about how to add digital badges to LinkedIn or other social media platforms, this little step-by-step tutorial is for you.

Why are digital badges so popular?

The use of digital badges grows day by day. Since these online credentials make it easy to show skills you have acquired and are really convenient and beneficial for people, it's not a surprise that they are so popular.

Digital badges are electronic versions of traditional pen-and-paper credentials that provide evidence of, for example:

  • continuous training

  • completion

  • authorization

  • or proficiency in some area

In contrast to a static image, a badge image is more like a web-based icon with important data about a person and a course. For example, badge details contain the individual’s name and the name of the course. In addition, it's clickable and has unique, verifiable metadata. The metadata can include essential information, like the issuing institution, the date of issuance, the criteria for getting an award, etc.

More and more companies offer digital badges for completing specific programs, webinars, or courses, and Internet users successfully take advantage of such opportunities. It's so because digital credentials demonstrate that you still learn and participate in programs that help you advance your career. 

If you want to craft a completion badge for your new course or webinar, read this article ➡️ 10 Completion Badge Ideas for Your Next Course or Webinar.

What's more, using such online awards is easy. They also verify an applicant's online profile and can immediately identify the skills and effort the applicant has invested beyond their basic education.

But foremost, they are easily sharable to social media platforms so you can boast about your successes.

Why should you add digital badges to your social media?

There can be many benefits of sharing on social media digital badges, but this time we will focus on only 3 of the most important ones.

#1 Contributes to finding a job faster

If you share your badge award on social media, especially on LinkedIn, you increase your likelihood of finding a job. It shows recruiters that you are growing in your field, and it allows hiring managers to see the competencies that you have acquired easily.

Online social channels are already part of our lives – private and professional. The latter especially applies to LinkedIn, where you'll find millions of employers who are looking for ideal employees. This is an excellent opportunity for you, as you can meet new people in the professional network and find interesting companies and interesting offers.

To a certain extent, your LinkedIn profile plays the role of a virtual resume. You can include there not only your professional experience but also your skills, courses taken, certificates, digital badges, and much, much more. So if you add all your achievements to it, you will increase your chances of getting your dream job because employers will be able to view your profile and quickly determine that you are the one they were looking for.

#2 Reveals your passion for continuous learning

It can be mandatory to take courses, such as at the recommendation of your employer, or optional, showing that you want to improve your skills and develop yourself. Either way, the digital credentials you get in exchange for completing a course demonstrate that you are not sitting still, but are growing and moving up in your career. 

They show that you love what you do and, for example, that you want to stay on top of industry news all the time. The badges you've earned also don't hide the fact that you're not afraid of constant learning, and you know that if you want to succeed, you have to give your best.

Online professional profiles, like those on social media, can display badges proving a person's skills and accomplishments and show others that you are eager to take on new challenges. It is apparent that you enjoy what you do, and there is much to learn from you. The result is that you become a specialist in your field only through your hard work and perseverance.

#3 Motivates further development

Another benefit of adding digital badges to social media is that they motivate you to keep moving forward. You have your achievements in one place and can see how much you've already gone through to be where you are. Such a quick overview of your collection of badges you got gives you a boost and can motivate you when, for example, you don't have the strength to finish another course.

But your achievements can also motivate other people around you, for example, those who follow you on LinkedIn. Your accomplishments are a perfect example of how much can be achieved and that success is often within reach. All you have to do is want it. 

Want to add the digital badge to your social networks? Work with Certifier!

So, if you are interested in adding your custom badge icons to social media, why don’t you use Certifier?

Certifier is a professional certificate, credential, and badge issuer that is reliable and easy to use. Big companies, as well as small businesses and individuals, use this system to provide recognition to course takers, participants, students, etc. With this tool, they are able to create, edit, and manage digital credentials, send them in bulk, verify quickly and add them to social media.

Our fully secured platform has everything you need to generate beautiful awards. Whether you need ready-made templates, basic and advanced features, dynamic attributes, sending certificates in bulk, marketing statistics, LinkedIn sharing statistics, emails, reports, and analytics, you will find everything there. 

Certifier features and many benefits of sharing badges to LinkedIn are just some of the reasons why you should take advantage of adding such recognitions to social networks.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add them to LinkedIn and other social platforms.

How to add digital badge to LinkedIn

Thanks to Certifier's fast shipping, adding a badge to LinkedIn or other social media platforms is a really quick process. Each recipient will receive a unique URL link to the document. After that, they can download their file, share badges on social media sites, upload it to LinkedIn, or add it to their resume.

Step 1: Open the e-mail with your new certificate

Have you completed the course, and are you due a badge award for it? Congratulations! You probably even got a congratulatory private message to your email address with a badge URL link to your certificate. You must, of course, click on it. You will be taken to a new page where your document will be located. There you can download it or copy the Badge URL.

Step 2: Open LinkedIn and add your badge link

Go to the Add section > Recommended > Add licenses and certifications

Now log in to LinkedIn and go to your profile. Under your bio, find the Add section button, then click Recommended and choose Add licenses and certifications. Next, go to the certificate page and copy the digital badge URL you received.

Now, you fill in the required fields, including Name, Issuing organization, Issue date, Expiration date (if applicable,) and Credential ID. Then, in the Credential URL you need to paste the certificate link from step 1. If everything is correct, click Save. Now your certificate appears in the Licenses & Certifications section of your Profile.

This is a simple way to add your accomplishments to LinkedIn, and it allows recruiters to view your skills. And what does it look like on other platforms?

How to add a digital badge to other social media platforms?

#1 Facebook

The matter is also straightforward on the Facebook platform. First, you need to open your badge email and download your award, for example, to your desktop. Then you log into your Facebook account and go to your profile. There you add a post, but it will not be a simple text or photo, but a Life Event – click on this tab.

Select a category that interests you. Change the post photo to the badge that you downloaded. Give the proper title, choose a date and write a short description if you want. You can also add a location and tag your friends. If everything is okay – publish.

#2 Twitter

Adding a digital badge to Twitter is even easier. Just log in to your profile and start creating a tweet. You can add both a link to the award you received and paste the certificate image you downloaded. Here you don't have as many options as, say, LinkedIn or Facebook, but you can instead write whatever you want under the certificate – the date of issue, the name of the institution, or a description of your new skills. If everything matches, then publish, and you're done.

To sum up

We've cleared up any doubts and shown you how you can use Certifier to add digital badges to your LinkedIn feed and other social media channels. We hope you will find this little guide useful, and you will no longer have problems adding these documents to your account.

Visit Certifier to start creating and enjoy the benefits our excellent platform gives you. Good luck!


Sergey Butko

Tech entrepreneur. Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. Digital Marketer.