13+ Best Badge Makers Online (+ Comparison Table)

Generate digital badges with our tested list of the best badge makers and find your perfect match. See how Certifier compares favorably to others.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: April 16, 2024

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Online badge makers have been taking over as the latest way to show off your achievements in various fields, from education to business professional development. But with so many digital badge platforms out there, it's hard to know which one to choose. 

That's where we come in! We took a look at each platform's pricing structure, including any free or low-cost options, as well as the features and functions that they offer. We'll also examine the pros and cons of each digital badge platform to help you make the most informed decision.

And the icing on the cake – a comparison table allowing you to compare all options at once! So, let's dive in and explore the top professional digital badge platforms available today.

Comparison table: Spot to compare all badge creators

Before we start, let's take a quick look at all online badge makers from the list.

Comparison table of all best badge makers online.

1. Certifier – free badge maker to create digital badges

Certifier – the best software to create digital badges and certificates.

The first thing that comes to your mind once you start using Certifier digital badge creator is – “Can professional badge maker really work like that?”. Certifier can. You won't believe how smooth the flow it is. If you like intuitive solutions and editors with dragging and dropping (who doesn’t?), it’s the tool for you. And at the top of that, it’s the tool that gives you robust tracking and issuing impressive badge options. All of that is on one super intuitive dashboard.

Use Certifier now to access a library of pre-made free badge templates or craft your own custom badges from scratch. Choose bases, color ribbons, and icons – and literally generate badges in seconds. With just a few simple steps, create your dreamy badges, send them automatically to the recipients, track the status, and analyze them!

Key features

  • Drag & drop online badge maker

  • Sending badges in bulk to the recipients

  • Status tracking

  • Integration via API and with, e.g., Zapier, Zoom, Google Forms

Certifier pros

  • Easy to use and super intuitive dashboard with great custom badge designer

  • Perfect for beginners – no badge design skills required!

  • Attribution setting to create badges in bulk

  • Recipient data can be automatically pulled from, e.g., a Google Sheet

  • Constantly updated badge template library (with different attractive color combinations)

  • Uploading your own relevant elements to match the branding even more

  • Robust certificates maker available as well

Certifier cons

  • Makes you lazy and addicted :))

What do people say about Certifier?

Certifier review from G2 as a badge maker online.

Source: G2

Certifier pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Pricing: starting at 33$ per month

  • Return policy: 7-day 100% money back guarantee

💌 Non-profit organizations receive a 15% lifetime discount (for all plans).

2. Open Badge Factory – online badge maker

Open Badge Factory – online to manage Open Badges achievements.

Open Badge Factory (OBF) is a cloud-based online badge maker for creating, issuing, and managing online badges. Organizations can use OBF to recognize and showcase the skills, achievements, and competencies of their learners, employees, or community members. Open Badge Factory follows the Open Badges standard, which ensures that the personalized badges are interoperable and can be easily shared across various platforms and social media.

Key features

  • Online badge maker software

  • Issuing and managing badges

  • Analytics to track badge engagement

OBF Pros

  • Compliance with Open Badges standard

  • ​​Intuitive badge-making app for users without graphic design experience

  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), simplifying the badge issuing and management process

OBF Cons 

  • High costs may be a barrier for smaller organizations or those with limited budgets

  • Long learning curve (users may still need some time to familiarize themselves with the platform and its features)

  • Limited customization options

  • Potential for platform lock-in, making transferring existing badges and data problematic

What do people say about OBF?

We've tried to find some verifiable reviews on platforms like G2 Crowd and SourceForge, but OBF still has no reviews on these digital badge platforms. Please gather feedback and public reviews before using any type of software.

Open Badge Factory pricing

  • Free plan: not available

  • Free trial: 60 days available

  • Pricing: starting at around 216$ per year

  • Return policy: no information available

3. Canvas Credentials (formerly Badgr) – digital badges software

Canvas Credentials (formerly Badgr) – digital badges software.

Canvas Credentials (also known as Badgr) is a digital badge maker that enables organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to create, issue, and manage digital badges. These badges can be used to recognize and showcase various skills, achievements, and competencies. Canvas Credentials is a part of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) ecosystem, and it can be integrated with Canvas LMS for a seamless badging experience.

Key features

  • Data-driven insights to track and measure badge usage

  • Secure badge issuing platform

Canvas Credentials Pros

  • Compliance with Open Badges standard

  • Interoperability with various Credential Backpacks

  • Easy integration with Canvas LMS

Canvas Credentials Cons

  • Limited integration with non-Canvas LMS

  • Limited control over the badge logo design makes it difficult to customize badges to the business requirements

  • Lack of transparency – no public pricing information and no reviews available

What do people say about Canvas Credentials?

We've tried to find some verifiable reviews on platforms like G2 Crowd and SourceForge, but Cancas Credentials still has no reviews on these platforms. Please gather feedback and public reviews before using any type of software.

Canvas Credentials pricing

Pricing is not available for public information. You need to fill out the form on the website to inquire about subscription pricing, consulting services, and support.

4. Badgewell – trusted badge creator

Badgewell – trusted LXP & badging platforms for 3rd party issuers.

Badgewell offers a unique online badge maker to connect users with educational content and business opportunities. It enables organizations and their employees to adapt to the ever-changing landscape while focusing on career growth and professional development. By providing users with access to badges, it makes it easier for them to transfer credentials between platforms and companies. Badgewell also provides an extensive support system and resources to help users maximize the potential of their awards.

Key features

  • Social analytics

  • Digital badge management

  • Online verification

  • Learning pathways

Badgewell pros

  • Most Recent Badges templates library that can work as an inspiration

  • Customized learning content, e.g., for employees

  • Ability to set goals and track progress

Badgewell cons

  • Limited digital badge types and customization options

  • Too complex if you only need an online badge maker

  • Making personalized badges is just a basic add-on service

What do people say about Badgewell?

Despite our efforts to locate verifiable reviews, Badgewell has yet to receive reviews on platforms such as G2 Crowd, Clutch, and SourceForge (and only has 2-3 reviews elsewhere).

Badgewell pricing

  • Free plan: not available

  • Free trial: not available

  • Pricing: starting at 10$/month per user

  • Return policy: no information available

5. Credly – digital badges and talent marketplace insights

Credly – issue digital badges and gain talent marketplace insights.

Credly is a digital badge platform that enables organizations, educational institutions, and certification providers to recognize and showcase skills and achievements through digital badges. Credly platform (called Credly's Acclaim) offers a range of features to create and monitor all aspects of your credentialing. It also offers an online marketplace where users can showcase their badges.

Key features

  • Analytics and insights into badge engagement

  • The network that increases badges' credibility and value

  • Design skill tags that streamline badge search

Credly pros

  • Digital social media sharing

  • Creating personalized badges and their metadata is easy

  • Ability to consolidate earned credentials on a single platform

Credly Cons

  • Lack of transparent pricing information on their website

  • Limited options for customizing your organization's branding

  • Lack of features for creating and managing digital certificates, not badges. 

  • No monthly payment plans

  • Price may be a barrier for smaller organizations 

  • Badge design options might be limited compared to other software

What do people say about Credly?

“The data and analytics aren't super clear.” (G2)

Credly pricing

Credly pricing is not available on their website, and you need to fill out the form to get more information about the pricing details. We've compiled all the publicly available information into a separate blog post dedicated solely to pricing for Credly. The bottom line? A minimum of $2000/year.

📚 Read more about Credly: Credly Pricing – Is Credly Worth It in 2023? (+ 8 Alternatives and Comparison Table)

6. Openbadges.me – standard for digital badges (developed by Mozilla)

Openbadges.me – standard for digital badges (developed by Mozilla).

Openbadges.me is not a specific badge software but rather an open technical standard for digital badges, which was developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The Open Badges standard provides a framework for creating, issuing, and verifying digital badges across various platforms, ensuring that they are interoperable and shareable on social media, professional networks, and online portfolios.

Key features

  • Embedded Metadata that provides information about the badge

  • Issuing Open Badges through tasks, assessments, and portfolio submissions

  • Backpack for storing badges

Openbadges.me Pros

  • Easily sharing across different platforms and systems

  • Used to represent a wide range of skills, from formal qualifications to informal learning experiences

  • Admin system for managing users, organizations, and roles

Openbadges.me Cons

  • Limited badges design editor

  • Outdated design templates to choose from

  • No customization options, so you don’t have the freedom to design badges the way you want

What do people say about Openbadges.me?

We checked platforms like G2 Crowd, Clutch, and SourceForge for authentic reviews of Openbadges.me experience with design but came up empty. The only available testimonials are the two case studies featured on their website.

Openbadges.me pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Free trial: not available

  • Pricing: provide different badge software packages, starting at 50$/month

  • Return policy: no information available

7. Badge List – digital badge platform for educators

Badge List – helps educators create Open Badges to guide learning.

Badge List is a powerful online badge maker that enables educators to create and manage Open Badges. It helps them to recognize and guide students' learning achievements, providing learners with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue their educational journey. With Badge List, educators can design and issue badges, track progress, and provide targeted feedback to their students in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Key features

  • Easy badge creation process

  • Badge-sharing features

  • Robust automation features

Badge List pros

  • Custom badge design editor that matches the branding

  • Supporting evidence is included with every badge

  • Tracking system to see exactly who and when earned the credentials

Badge List cons

  • You cannot start using the system from the get-go (even the free trial); you have to wait for the information from the team instead

  • No reviews available

What do people say about Badge List?

Badge List reviews from reliable sources are not available.

Badge List pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Free trial: not available

  • Pricing: starting at 180$/month per user

  • Return policy: no information available

8. Badgecraft – simple badge maker

Badgecraft – create, manage, and show recognition.

With Badgecraft, you have the freedom to design your own recognition systems. Start by creating individual badges and then build entire systems with levels and milestones to acknowledge achievements in a flexible way. You can easily track progress, monitor skills development, and highlight opportunities for learning and proactivity.

Badgecraft also lets you create quests to earn badges through various activities. Evidence can be uploaded in a variety of formats to suit the needs of your learners and learning environment.

Key features

  • Sorting and visualizing achievements in an online portfolio

  • Badge Wallet to review badges easily

  • Creating digital recognition badges

Badgecraft pros

  • Convenient features to create one recognition system

  • Uploading evidence is possible in a variety of formats

  • Monitoring options to identify trends and patterns

  • Backpack to store Open Badges

Badgecraft cons

  • No library of ready-made badge templates

  • Quite complicated for new users

  • No reviews available about the tool

What do people say about Badgecreaft?

There are no reliable Badgecraft reviews available.

Badgecraft pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Free trial: not available

  • Pricing: starting about 119$/month per user

  • Return policy: no information available

9. Mycred.me – unique badge designs app

Mycred.me – unique badge designs app.

Unlike traditional digital badge makers, it's a file of pre-made badge icons that you can download in PNG format. However, while it definitely saves time, it doesn't offer much in terms of customization. So if you're after unique and personalized badges, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you're after some quick and easy solution, Mycred.me has got you covered.

Key features

  • Badge designer

Mycred.me pros

  • Ready-made badge design icons

  • Super simple to use

  • One-time payment

Mycred.me cons

  • No customization options are available

  • Limited color scheme to gold, silver, and bronze

  • Downloading badges just to PNG format

  • No vector version

What do people say about Mycred.me?

“My experience is neutral” (G2)

Mycred.me pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Free trial: not available

  • Pricing: starting from $149 per year

  • Return policy: no information available

10. TruScholar – blockchain digital badges platform

TruScholar – blockchain digital badges platform.

TruScholar is India's first home-grown digital badge provider. These badges follow the structure and guidelines of the open badges standard, allowing for fast and easy recognition of skills. With TruScholar, recipients can establish a digital identity and transfer their skills globally. While TruScholar offers great potential, it's important to note that some technical expertise may be required.

Key features

  • Tamper-proof digital badges

  • Extra security features

  • Sharable and customizable digital badges

TruScholar pros

  • Seamless integration with the existing tool stack

  • Bulk badge issuance

  • Metadata of badges available

TruScholar cons

  • Basic, quite amateur design of sample badges

  • Troublesome interface

  • Limited customization options 

What do people say about TruScholar?

“Sometimes it tends to be slow” (G2)

TruScholar pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Free trial: not available

  • Pricing: custom pricing, depends on features

  • Return policy: no information available

11. Basno – badge creation software

Basno – identify and certify the skills with badges.

With Basno, companies can create digital badges that highlight individuals' skills and accomplishments and distribute them in quite an easy way. It provides employers and others with peace of mind by verifying that each badge is legitimate. There isn't much to its badge editor, but it can be enough for those who just need basic editing capabilities.

Key features

  • Badge making app

  • Badge distribution

  • Badge issuing and tracking

Basno pros

  • Network of professional designers (additionally paid by the hour)

  • Automate targeted badge invitations

  • Invitation email tool

Basno cons

  • Customization is available only on the highest plan ($415/mo)

What do people say about Basno? 

We couldn’t find any reliable reviews about Basno.

Basno pricing

  • Free plan: not available

  • Free trial: not available

  • Pricing: starting from $55

  • Return policy: you can cancel renewal or switch plans

12. Canva – digital badge design with a popular builder

Canva – create a beautiful badge design with a popular builder.

Canva is a popular platform for designing graphics and visual content. It likely saved your life many times over. No wonder – it’s easy to use and readily accessible. It’s an amazing platform for crafting graphics, banners, and a plethora of other visuals for businesses. However, it falls a bit short when it comes to creating badges. You won’t be able to send them in bulk or analyze their performance. It gives you just the badge project, nothing more.

Key features

  • Intuitive interface

  • Extensive library of elements

Canva pros

  • Great UI and super simple interface to use

  • Regular updates

  • Collaboration features

  • Badge templates available

Canva cons

  • No issuing options

  • No tracking and analytics

  • There is no compliance with Open Badges standard

What do people say about Canva?

“Canva has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to create and edit designs.” (Capterra)

Canva pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Free trial: available

  • Pricing: starting from $14.99

  • Return policy: you can cancel the plan anytime

13. Bestr – digital badge maker app

Bestr – explore digital badges available.

Bestr is a digital credentialing platform from Italy that aims to showcase and connect competencies acquired through higher education with employers. Bestr serves mainly universities, research bodies, recruiters, and learners, offering benefits such as highlighting and certifying competencies, providing verified and portable badges, and facilitating the recognition of valuable experiences.

Key features

  • Badge verification

  • ePortfolio

Bestr pros

  • There is a library of badges available with the number of times they have been issued

  • Easy verification process

  • High safety standards

Bestr cons

  • No editing options

  • No analytics and tracking features

What do people say about Bestr? 

We couldn’t find any reliable reviews about Bestr.

Bestr pricing

Bestr pricing is not available to the public. You have to contact the vendor for more details.

14. Virtualbadge.io – engaging digital badges

Virtualbadge.io – solution to send digital badges that are made to engage.

Virtualbadge.io is a solution for digital badges. Besides having an intuitive badge designer tool, it’s quite limited in options. But, there is a very good focus on sharing there. Recipients can easily share their badges on social media platforms with just one click without needing to create an account. This badge maker even allows users to suggest hashtags and post texts for recipients' LinkedIn posts, maximizing the sharing rate.

Key features

  • Intuitive badge designing tool

  • Badge distribution

Virtualbadge.io pros

  • Badge templates available

  • Integration with popular tools

  • Optimized sharing

  • Private-label

Virtualbadge.io cons

  • Limited in badge design features

  • Outdated badge templates

What do people say about Virtualbadge.io?

“VirtualBadge could be improved in terms of design.” (G2)

Virtualbadge.io pricing

  • Free plan: not available

  • Free trial: 7-day free trial available

  • Pricing: starting from $20

  • Return policy: no information

15. CanCred – digital credentials built on the Open Badges standard

CanCred – digital credentials built on the Open Badges standard.

On this slightly obsolete website is hidden CanCred – a badge software that allows for making, giving out, and handling digital badges for both formal micro-credentials and non-formal badges. With CanCred Factory, organizations can acknowledge learning accomplishments across different platforms in one convenient spot. Also, the CanCred Passport gives badge earners a free way to store and share their credentials, as well as build career portfolios.

Key features

  • Multilingual badges

  • Alignment with key public frameworks

  • CanCred Passport 

CanCred pros

  • LTI integration and free plugins for popular eLearning systems

  • PDF badges

CanCred cons

  • It may not offer the same level of support and features for users outside Canada

  • Outdated design elements with limited options

What do people say about CanCred? 

We couldn’t find any reliable reviews about CanCred.

CanCred pricing

  • Free plan: available

  • Free trial: 60-day free trial

  • Pricing: starting from about $260

  • Return policy: no information

Get the online badge maker machine up and running

So, have you made a decision? With so many online badge makers out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. However, we hope that our list has at least made the decision-making process a little bit easier for you. Just a quick reminder that in Certifier, you can begin right away without giving any credit card details. Let’s start creating now!

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