March 10, 2022

Credly Pricing: Is Credly Worth It in 2024? (+ 8 Alternatives and Comparison Table)

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Credly Pricing: Is Credly Worth It in 2024? (+ 8 Alternatives and Comparison Table)


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Choosing the right platform for creating certificates and credentials can be difficult. After all, there are so many to choose from. Which of them is the best option for your business?

Some are cheaper. Others are a more expensive option. Some offer more features and some fewer. But, ultimately, most of them provide similar solutions.

So, how does the matter look with Credly? What does it offer? What are the subscription plans? Are there alternatives to this digital badge tool? Today, we are going to cover all these topics.

Don’t forget to check out the comparison table at the end! ⬇️

What is Credly?

Creating, managing, and monitoring badges, credentials, or certificates can be inefficient and tiring when done manually. Additionally, it may require a lot of time. 

When this happens, such a pleasure as designing certificates and credentials is no longer a pleasure but an unpleasant duty. But, of course, no one wants this scenario to happen. So companies invest in various badge design tools – and Credly digital is one of them.

But let's start from the beginning.

Credly is a well-known digital badge management software. It's an end-to-end solution for creating, issuing, and managing digital credentials. 

Credly allows its users to

  • verify

  • share

  • manage

digital badges and credentials.

Moreover, it offers comprehensive features for designing and issuing badges and enterprise-class functionality for scaling and managing programs. It also provides advanced metrics to measure success. Finally, your data and product are secure with Credly's security and privacy features if you use their services.

As a result, Credly offers digital credentials and badge creation and enables companies to provide and track employee certifications.

Credly operates the world's largest and most connected network of digital credentials, but this tool might not be the best solution for every company. As a result, Credly's software may not meet the needs of "smaller" users who might want to look for alternatives.

Pricing: How much does Credly cost?

Credly pricing is hard to find, as there is no public information anywhere on their website. But, as far as we know, this tool doesn’t have a free trial version.

Credly pricing plans

  • 500 badges annually - $2,500 annual fee

  • 1,000 badges annually - $4,500 annual fee

  • 2,500 badges annually - $7,500 annual fee

  • 5,000 badges annually - $10,000 annual fee

  • 10,000 badges annually - $20,000 annual fee

Credly doesn't disclose its pricing plans, you will be able to see all of the essential information like plans, periods, and discounts only when you contact the company or create an account.

So yes, Credly cost is not listed anywhere online regarding pricing plans and how much it costs. And you are also unable to see the platform in action or test it at any time. This is a serious problem since it deters potential users. The only way to find out all you want to know about its pricing is to contact Credly using the contact form on the pricing page.

Credly does have some drawbacks. 

That's why we've done some research to find the Credly alternatives that work better. We hope this article will make your search easier for the perfect digital certificate software.

We have compiled a list of Credly alternatives for you below. We'll show you what makes them different and which software to choose depending on your needs and budget, as well as if any obvious flaws need to be taken into account before making a decision.

#1 Certifier – Your go-to professional certificate maker

Certifier is a comprehensive credential management system that allows you to manage the entire digital certificate distribution process. With amazing features, the platform lets you do the following:

  • create groups of recipients

  • send certificates automatically and in bulk

  • reward your employees

  • add personalized branding, colors, and style

  • quickly issue certificates

  • modify and resend published documents

  • set up dynamic and customizable attributes

There are many ways to use this platform for creating certificates and credentials. We have a complete infrastructure for managing digital credentials. There are certificates, templates, email templates, security, analytics, and much more.

🔥 The significant advantage is that Certifier has a forever-free plan. You can find the detailed pricing below.

Certifier pricing

Certifier pricing as Credly alternative.

Certifier is suitable for small organizations that send out a few hundred certificates, as well as large companies with a large-scale certification program involving millions of recipients.

Can such a platform really be effective for organizations of all sizes, non-profits, educational institutions, and other organizations? Absolutely! 

Whether you own a small or large business, you can use this tool to demonstrate your knowledge and experience clearly and concisely. Furthermore, you will be able to gain insights and analytics on your certificates. Finally, you can use this information to make data-driven business and marketing decisions by digitizing your processes.

What if you could create certificates in minutes from professionally designed templates? With Certifier, it’s also possible, as our tool offers more than 300 free professional-design certificates, diplomas, and achievement document templates.

Ceritifer library of free certificate templates.

➡️ [Check out all the free Certifier certificates]

The best part is that you can easily download the templates to Figma, Google Slides, or Word format. Also, Certifier certificates can be easily shared on social media platforms and customized to include a branding banner and a call to action button.

So, do you think words are no longer enough? If so, use certificates or credentials from Certifier and sign up for a free trial!

📚 Follow these simple steps to create a certificate with Certifier ➡️ How To Make Your Own Certificate in 5 Easy Steps

#2 Accredible – Digital credentials generator

Accredible can be the winner in the Credly vs Accredible comparison, especially for those looking for an easy yet secure credentialing solution. From personalized digital certificates to detail tracking and analytics, Accredible offers everything one needs when crediting individuals with their hard-earned accomplishments.

Accredible vs Credly.

As a result, individuals such as coaches, educators, smaller course creators, and SMBs can work better with this digital badging tool.

Also, the credentialing program issued by Accredible is an excellent option for businesses and organizations of small and medium sizes. Credentials issued by Accredible can be shared on social media platforms and are secured very well. Additionally, they are encrypted and recorded on the blockchain.

The badge designer is easy to use, with a template library covering the basics. It is also great that Accredible users can access the marketing analytics dashboard and see the engagement badges that recipients create when they share their digital badges

Accredible's pricing is completely transparent. Prices are based on the individual recipient. If you're planning to award multiple certificates per person, this can be beneficial. 

⚠️ Customers can test this platform before investing in something expensive, but only 20 credits can be included here. 

Accredible pricing

Accredible vs Credly pricing.

Source: accredible.com/pricing

This is an indication of a lack of pricing flexibility. The lowest Launch plan starts from $996 per year (up to 250 recipients), but there is no lower plan available suitable for smaller businesses. 

Though this badge-issuing platform is easy to use, the pricing and features of Accredible make it too costly for individuals who are just starting to use digital credentials as a part of their business/learning strategy. Thus, Credly wins the "enterprise game" – Accredible is not powerful enough to cover large industries.

#3 CertifyMe – Simple digital credentialing platform

CertifyMe also offers SaaS-based services. It helps educators, event marketers, and HR professionals create and manage digital credentials. The tool is not particularly advanced, but it's easy enough for newbies to use.

CertifyMe as Credly alternative.

Using APIs and 50+ integrations such as Zapier, Canva, etc., CertifyMe reduces manual work by up to 100 percent. And there is also a free trial available.

This system is built with security in mind. To ensure maximum safety and privacy for your credentials, encryption algorithms, and access/authentification techniques use state-of-the-art technologies

Even beginners will find this tool easy to use – the certificate/badge editor is streamlined to the maximum and intuitive. Social sharing and Canva integration are also provided.

It's a good choice for creating verifiable digital Certificates and an alternative for badges. Since it's a one-stop shop, everyone can receive a badge or credential that can be verified online. Additionally, potential employers can use this to verify backgrounds, as well as recognize and reward talent.

CertifyMe pricing

CertifyMe offers 4 plans (including free one). Business, white label and enterprise. CertifyMe no longer provides transparent prices. Now, you will have to ask for a quote to find out how much CertifyMe costs.

CertifyMe pricing.

Source: certifyme.online/#pricing

Even beginners will find this tool easy to use – the certificate/badge editor is streamlined to the maximum and intuitive. Social sharing and Canva integration are also provided.

It's a good choice for creating verifiable digital Certificates and an alternative for badges. Since it's a one-stop shop, everyone can receive a badge or credential that can be verified online. Additionally, potential employers can use this to verify backgrounds, as well as recognize and reward talent.

⚠️ However, you should also know that you cannot try CertifyMe as an individual. You just can’t test the tool and use 50 free credentials if you aren’t a member of some organization, business, or enterprise because such information is required when signing up.

#4 Virtualbadge – Certificates and badges that build trust

The next Credly alternative for badging services is Virtualbadge.io. It's the meticulously crafted software that fills in the gaps in Credly. The tool provides several options for issuing digital certificates and digital badges automatically. The goal is to help companies promote their brand online.

Virtualbadge vs Credly, Virtualbadge main page.

With this badge provider, you can essentially "reward" your employees by giving them badges for work they have done. You can also communicate with your employees about things like company events through the app. The system is designed for coaches and trainers, online academies, and enterprises. 

Virtualbadge.io has many options for design and is easy to use. It's also scalable and grows with you, from a one-person show to an industry leader. In addition, it is available in flexible tiers that are suitable for all businesses.

Virtualbadge.io pricing*

Virtualbadge.io pricing.

Source: virtualbadge.io/pricing

* The pricing above refers to 25 certificate/badge credits per month

Virtualbadge.io pricing begins at $20.00 per month for each user. Each plan comes with a 7-day free trial. 

Furthermore, online certificates are stored on European servers and are 100% GDPR compliant. Therefore, they are both safe and convenient for all parties involved, offering 24/7 verification.

⚠️ A lot could be added to this software to make it truly outstanding. There is some potential in this tool, which means it still has a lot of room to grow.

#5 Badgr – Digital badging software

It is also worth considering Credly vs Badgr. Badgr is a digital badging provider designed to recognize and track achievements. Creating jobs and training based on skills is what makes Badgr stand out.

Badgr main page, Credly pricing alternative.

This platform allows you to provide your entire team with the ability to capture and share a complete record of professional learning, including certifications, skills, and competencies from multiple platforms.

With this tool, participants can connect their achievements, shown as digital badges, into one path that demonstrates their progress and their learning direction. Thus, it is ideal for organizations that place a high priority on internal education and professional development.

The ability to connect digital credentials with skills highly sought after in the job market opens the door to attractive career opportunities. Because of this, the platform is suitable for students, freelancers, and professional associations. 

Badgr pricing

Badgr pricing.

Source: g2.com

Using Badgr, you can show prospective clients across the globe that you're the right person for the job. What's more, it's integrated with Indeed.com and real-time job search while making your skills visible within the ESCO (European Skills/Competencies, Qualifications, and Occupations) ecosystem.

⚠️ Although badge issuers like Badgr have a lot of potential and a good idea behind them, it’s far too complicated for an average user to figure out and use effectively. With options such as Backpacks, Pathways and figuring out how to use them, it would take badge recipients only a fraction of the time to choose something else. Hence, this tool is less user-friendly than the others.

Nevertheless, suppose you want to enable participants to become visible on the global job market with credentials bundled together into knowledge paths. In that case, you may want to consider Badgr – but beware of its slightly complex work philosophy and limited use cases.

#6 Give My Certificate – Top digital credential platform

Is Give My Certificate the top digital credential platform? The solution allows organizations to generate and send verifiable documents that the recipient can check on the platform itself in just a few clicks. So, yes – it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Give My Certificate as Credly alternative.

Give My Certificate's primary mission is to verify the authenticity of documents that prove someone’s hard work so that no one can forge them and only the original owner of the document can utilize them. It's a seamless process from beginning to end. 

But, in addition to online verification, GMC aims to help individuals stand out in the competition by assisting them in proving the authenticity of their portfolio using the web portal.

Give My Certificate pricing

Give My Certificate pricing.

Source: givemycertificate.com/pricing

Such certification providers make it easy to send hundreds of certificates in a single click. It has helped many save so much time distributing, verifying, and maintaining all data. Verifying certificates with QR Codes is easy too.

Many of the key features of this digital badging platform can also be used for other documents like degrees, offer letters, recommendation letters, etc., and are not limited to only certificates

Furthermore, event organizers will verify their event participants' credentials on their websites by using an API. Organizers of events will also be able to take registrations on the platform. By doing so, the event should be managed seamlessly before and after it occurs. Because of this, sending a lot of certificates at once is simple and saves a lot of paper.

#7 Certif-ID (CredSure) – Blockchain certification and badge issuing platform

Certif-ID alternative for Credly product – CredSure is the professional, blockchain certification and badge issuing platform making it easier to earn professional recognition. With its valuable tools, businesses and professionals can create their own digital badges and follow achievement trails that suit their needs.

Certif-ID as alternative for Credly.

Certif-id alternative for Credly even goes a step further to ensure each badge is certified so professional achievements can be easily recognized. Plus, it supports multiple blockchains and formats, which means users have more options when choosing the right certification format for their industry.

Certif-id pricing

Certif-ID pricing.

Source: credsure.io/pricing

CredSure prices start at around $1000 per year. All plans include a money protection plan and recovery assistance services. The demo is available.

⚠️ It’s worth mentioning that the software is not the easiest to work with. Creating a certificate system tailored to your needs involves many steps. This is a solution that requires quite a long learning curve.

#8 Dock – A secure way to issue credentials & certificates

With Dock, you get a verification that is reliable, verified, and secure – creating professional validity for any certificate or credential.

Dock as Credly alternative.

Not only does Dock provide professional reliability, but it also offers something more to really set yourself apart – giving your certifications a unique identity that makes each certification feel more personalized.

Plus, their easy-to-use interface is so intuitive even the most tech-averse professional will find acquiring the credentials they need a breeze.

Dock pricing

Dock Certs pricing model.

Source: dock.io/pricing

Dock costs $99 per month and goes up to $499 per month (and even more for customized enterprise plans). The free trial is available.

Comparison table: Credly pricing alternatives

Comparison table for Credly alternatives.

Not enough? Check out more Credly alternatives here ➡️ The 8 Best Credly Competitors to Watch Out for in 2022

Over to you

Would you like a short break from Credly for any reason at all? Or are you just looking for your first certification tool and badging platform? If yes, then you've come to the right place, as this article about Credly competitors gave all customers what they wanted – the option to choose the right platform for certifying!

All essential aspects were covered if we talked about Certifier and Credly alternatives. And if you have any questions, our team is ready to answer all of them. Or, you can just sign up for a free Certifier account to see more by yourself. 

Guarantee yourself a jumpstart and become a Certifier member for free today. Start issuing certificate credential badges, and increase your online visibility.

Credly pricing: FAQs

Still have some questions? You might find answers to frequently asked questions!

What is Credly?

Credly is a digital platform for issuing and managing professional badges and credentials. It's like a digital trophy case where you can show off your skills and achievements.

Is Credly free?

No, Credly is not a free digital certification tool. It provides an expensive pricing model with white labeling and additional features, suitable mostly for larger organizations. 

Is Credly legit?

Credly is recognized in the industry, but it's always wise to compare its offerings, like Credly Acclaim, with other options. Look into customer satisfaction reports and reviews for a balanced view.

Are Credly badges worth the price?

The value of Credly badges can depend on your specific needs. They offer a range of professional badges, but it's crucial to assess whether their pricing strategy and the type of credential offered align with your goals. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide a transparent pricing structure for a clear comparison with competitors.

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