The 8 Best Credly Competitors to Watch Out for in 2022

What are the best Credly competitors in 2022? Which tools are going to automate the activities that you perform on a regular basis to eliminate repetitive tasks this year and beyond?

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Sergey Butko

Updated: September 11, 2023

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Well, there are many available tech solutions for digital certificates and badges, but some of them deserve to take a closer look. In fact, you’ve probably done some research before now and are already aware of some of the Credly competitors.

However, in this blog post, we are going to provide you with some conclusions that will hopefully help you to be more knowledgeable in the digital certifying market.

So pay attention to this range of providers who are breathing down Credly's neck (or have already surpassed them).

What is Credly?

Credly landing page.

Credly is a SaaS tool that helps you build your workforce profile, issue digital badges, and gain insights. Using this tool, you can verify the knowledge and abilities of employees, coworkers, students, etc.

With this software, you can manage and monitor your credentialing, certificate, or digital badging program. What about the cost? Pricing plans are not listed on the site, so you should contact their sales department if you want to obtain such information.

Why should you pay attention to Credly's competitors?

If you have a good understanding of Credly's competitors, you may discover that there are other tools out there that meet your needs more than this platform does. That's why you should look at its competitors in 2022.

Even though Credly calls itself a digital credentialing leader, it's not all advantages and benefits.

Although it is a very good tool for digital badging and certificates, it has its drawbacks and – like any solution – is not irreplaceable.

This platform has a lot of competition in the industry. As digital certificates are the future of the workforce, many companies find this industry very attractive and are building brand-new software for digital badges. This means there are many online platforms available today, and you can choose from a variety of options.

So why do you need to stick to Credly? Out of habit, or maybe you simply like it? Whatever the reason, by reading this article to the end, you will either find something better or Credly will prove to be what you were looking for all along.

Is Credly worth its price? Find out here ➡️ Credly Pricing: Is Credly Worth It in 2022 (+ 6 Alternatives)

The 8 best Credly competitors in 2022

#1 Certifier

The very first Credly competitor we have chosen is Certifier.

This platform is devoted entirely to digital certificates and digital credentials. With Certifier, you can reward participants of:

  • webinars

  • conferences

  • courses

  • corporate training

  • workshops and boot camps

  • symposia

  • any other events

Furthermore, Certifier can be used both by small companies seeking to offer a few hundred certificates and bigger businesses wishing to manage large-scale certification programs.

If you find designing certificates difficult, then you should surely try Certifier. This powerful tool can empower your business with more than 300+ certificate templates, so you won’t have to create an online document from scratch but use a pre-designed one. You can entirely change its style: customize the text, fonts, and objects, colors, or add personal branding and dynamic attributes. It provides a great user experience, and it's a great alternative for badges created in Credly.

Certifier dashboard and choosing certificate background design template.

This Credly competitor can also deal with managing recipients.

Using this secure and comprehensive digital credential platform, you can complete the certification distribution process from beginning to end. Users can create groups of recipients, quickly issue certificates, modify and resend published documents, as well as delete (or revoke) expired certificates. There is an option to send certificates too.


Certifier also has a transparent pricing plan. Besides the paid options, customers can open a free account that includes:

  • visual certificate builder

  • professional templates

  • dynamic Attributes

  • mass certificate emailing

  • certificates in PDF format

  • certificate Wallet

  • learn more

  • basic statistics

Quite a lot for a free plan.

If you want to get to know how to create certificates with Certifier, check out this piece ➡️ Create Certificates Without a Graphic Designer. Here’s How to Do It.

#2 Certificate Maker

Another Credly competitor is Certificate Maker.


This inexpensive software can generate and send out secure certificates that remain digitally available and are ready for print.

With such a tool, you can:

  • manage your digital credentials in batches

  • quickly fill out your documents

  • obtain your certificates in PDF format for printing

  • send them automatically

Certificate Maker is easy to use for the average user, and the issuing process is also straightforward. If you want to send certificates, you need to upload the list of badge recipients first. Then customize your certificates to make them more personalized, download the documents, and send them automatically with automation tools.

You can try this platform for free, as there are 100 certificates available to create at no additional cost. However, Certificate Maker seems to have only basic features that might be insufficient for larger companies.

#3 Canva

The following Credly competitor is a popular certification provider – Canva.8-best-credly-competitors-to-watch-out-for-in-2022-Certifier-blog-canva.png

Canva is a certificate maker that allows you to create digital documents in minutes. Using this platform, you don't have to start from scratch every time you want to design something. It offers many templates and easy-to-use design tools that let you quickly create the certificates you need. In just a few clicks, you are able to add images and illustrations, choose from over a hundred fonts, or customize the colors.

You may use Canva as:

  • a teacher

  • small/large company

  • a student

  • a non-profit organization

The creation process is also simple here. Select a temple, personalize your design, add more elements, and order your prints or save them as PDF/JPG/PNG files.

You can use Canva for free or purchase a paid version. However, this tool is so popular in some countries that, by creating certificates here, there is a risk that you will duplicate a template and be indistinguishable from other companies. What's more, you can't send certificates in bulk.

#4 VistaCreate

Now it’s time for another Credly competitor.


With VistaCreate, you can create a certificate design for any occasion. It has a library containing many design templates that any industry can use. As a result, issuing digital certificates only takes minutes if not creating them from scratch.

Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with any of the available templates, you can create your own. First, choose the appropriate format so that VistaCreate opens a document of the correct size. Next, select the background, images, and objects for your design from the media library or upload your own. Then, use the tools to tweak objects on the artboard.

To design a project, you must create an account, choose a template, customize it, and then download or share it. Don't worry if you have any problems because the creators have made a video guide on certificate making.

Nevertheless, this software solution only has two pricing plans - starter and pro - so you don't have many options here.

#5 Visme

Another Credly competitor is Visme.


With this platform, you can:

  • easily create your own documents with its certificate maker
  • use one of the customizable free certificate templates
  • share the PDF or download it as a ready-to-print file

You can also easily edit all templates or build a project on your own. Additionally, if you want your certificate to match your company's branding, then the online certificate maker will let you choose from the color picker tab and use brand fonts.

After you have designed your certificate, you can share it with the recipients. You can either download your certificate as a PDF to print out and give to winners or generate a shareable link to share online with them. It can also be sent via email or made available to download.

However, their free plan is very limited and restricts access to some of the templates.

#6 Virtual Badge

Virtual Badge is also worth watching in 2022 as another Credly competitor.


It is an online tool for badges and certificates, which can be used especially with social media. Using Virtual Badge, you are able to generate authentic testimonials, issue professional online certificates, and make your visual identity attractive.

Virtual Badge servers are located in Europe, and all certificates are GDPR-compliant. Therefore, you can validate your Badge every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, they don't offer a free version. That means the 14-day trial must be sufficient for you to test out this software fully.

#7 Badgewell

Time for another Credly competitor.


It's a platform that:

  • evaluates employee performance

  • tracks and measures progress

  • generates digital badges according to skill level

This tool can provide you with lifelong badges for various purposes. It helps manage and share achievements or accreditation as well. It’s an integrated solution for:

  • marketing courses
  • attendance and certification management
  • reports
  • analysis

You can create a badge with a unique logo and description using this software, as well as determine attainable skills and add a badge description. What's more, learners can take advantage of this tool by recognizing an educator's skills, plus creating a single profile to track their achievements and plan their careers.

However, this platform doesn't show its pricing plans or offer a free trial, so you won't know if it is affordable or even suitable for you or not without purchasing.

#8 Badgr

Our last Credly competitor is Badgr.


Digital badges, digital credentialing programs, and certificates can be created, awarded, and stored using this single platform.

The digital badge editor from Badgr also allows learners to be rewarded for their skills and accomplishments. These badges can be displayed on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to showcase their achievements to potential employers.

This software is useful for organizations as they can:

  • recognize candidates when hiring

  • reward their actual employees

  • analyze teams' skills

  • and promote individuals

Although Badgr offers a lot, it may not suit smaller companies. Again, you can only choose from two pricing plans – Free (with basic features) or Pro (with many more).

What features must the best Credly competitors have?

To compete with Credly, alternatives must have the same goals as the original. The competition's tools need to have identical, similar, or even better functions.

Thus, competitors must offer, among other features:

  • a tool for issuing certificates / digital badges

  • online document management

  • the possibility of obtaining data and analyzing it

  • the opportunity to send digital certificates, e.g., by email

  • other integrations

Additionally, competitors' values will be different depending on their needs and goals. For example, if you want to focus totally on creating certificates, Certifier is one of Credly's best competitors because it's made precisely for issuing that purpose.

If you are considering replacing Credly with a different supplier, you need to consider the following aspects.

3 steps for choosing the best Credly competitor in 2022

As a bonus, we've prepared 3 steps that you can take to find the best Credly competitor for you.

Step 1: Think about your needs and goals

Do you want to issue certificates, credentials, badges, or all of them? Or maybe other types of online documents? Are you looking for an inexpensive solution, or can you spend more?

Perhaps you want a combination of some of these points.

Goals drive your company's budget and strategy. So during the first step, ask yourself:

  • What are you looking for?

  • What features do you need?

  • What is your budget?

  • etc.

This will help you a lot because, as you can see, some platforms are better suited for certain tasks.

After you identify your main goals, you should further break them down into smaller objectives. Why is this essential? The last thing you want is to spend hours each month using the wrong software and not seeing any improvements.

Step 2: Research Credly's competitors

Once you know what you want from a new online certification platform, conduct some thorough research to find an alternative to Credly.

Read, read, and... read some more. Take your time and explore the SaaS market, which offers various platforms. Consider reviews, look at websites, and check social media. There are also many articles - including the one you are reading at the moment, of course - that can help you choose the right Credly replacement.

But the world doesn't stop at the internet; ask your friends from the industry what software they use or what they recommend.

Taking a look at what platforms your competitors use and how they're performing would also be a strategic move. By looking at their mistakes and successes, you can learn from the competition.

Step 3: Experiment and measure the results

You don't have to commit to a platform right away. You might be able to achieve immediate results with one platform vs. another, especially when they offer a free trial or version.

Even if you still use Credly, you can try out other advanced software solutions at the same time. Or better yet, identify more than one platform and compare the results side-by-side.

You can use software like Certifier to make and issue certificates to your customers, as well as share them on social media. Then, choose one other tool and test its performance - how well are you achieving your business objectives? Which solution works better for you compared to Credly?

Soon you will see.

Should you choose any of the Credly competitors?

Is it time to ditch Credly and switch to something else?

Well, that’s up to you only.

You should always be aware of which tools you use to have the most attractive competitors. After all, you never know if another solution might suit your needs better. One way or another, don't do anything in a hurry. Try out different options first. Once you know what you love and don't, making a choice will be easier.

However, if you make up your mind and want to try something different, why not do so with Certifier? This all-in-one software platform offers a free account, support, and tutorials, and will do its best to deliver the best possible experience for you.

Sign up today and see for yourself.

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