February 27, 2022

How to Create a Webinar Certificate in 3 Easy Steps

Would you like to know what would make your webinar even more appealing and attractive than it already is? The answer is easy – webinar certificates for your attendees. They do not have to take long to create, everything is intuitive and requires only a few clicks.

In this article, you will get to know how to create your personalized free webinar with a certificate which will be a recipe for business success.

What is a webinar certificate?

A webinar certificate is an official document guaranteeing participation in such an event. The document is proof of attending and gaining knowledge during the live webinars.

This document is provided by the webinar host. With the tools that are available today, creating webinar certificates is extremely easy. Also, it takes much less time in case of doing it manually.

Assets like:

  • ready certificate templates

  • automatized and optimized the process of adding participants

  • aesthetic graphic designs

are aspects that will save time and make your work much easier.

Since most organizers don’t send out certificates after a completed webinar, you should mind all the advantages. For both creators and participants.

Creators skip this part intentionally. The reason is that creating certificates is a highly engaging task. Especially if many people attended the free webinars.

But it does not have to be that way.

Certifier allows webinar organizers to create certificates in about 10 minutes. And it is also possible to send them in bulk.

Certification brings many other values. It is something more than just proof of gained knowledge. Motivation, promotion of your courses, and webinars are only some of the benefits that you and your participants can note.

Benefits of giving certificates to your attendees 

Issuing digital certificates would bring you and the attendees fulfillment and motivation. Of course, motivation is commonly divided into intrinsic and extrinsic ones. The first would give you satisfaction and the feeling of achievement. Intrinsic motivation is also driven by developing your skills.

The attendees put effort into participating. They gained knowledge, took the time, and at the end of the journey, they received proof and rewards due to their work and sacrifices after completing webinars.

Based on the fact that the attendees want to participate in your webinar, we can assume that they already have intrinsic motivation. So when you add the aspect that boosts the extrinsic one, it could be a great combination and bring a positive outcome.

Webinar certifications matter

The proof of attending a webinar brings many advantages for the recipients because:

  • Participants can use it at work to attract potential employers.

  • It shows the desire to gain knowledge and develop skills. For most companies or recruiters, it is a positive signal. You can be viewed as a person for whom improving skills is important and worth employing.

  • It adds value to a resume and enhances someone's credentials.

Examples of certificates on Certifier that drive business success

Except for webinar attendance certificate, Certifier, as a certificate tool, provides an exquisite selection of certificates.

It would be a suitable tool for creating certificates such as:

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Blank certificates (personalized certificates) that you can adjust to your branding and needs.

The choice of certificates is unlimited. Certifier software enables users to create certificates from scratch. So the final effect will meet your criteria and requirements.

What to do first?

Log in to your account, or if you do not have one yet, sign up

Having an account allows you to save all the changes at any stage of creating certificates. So you do not have to worry about losing your data.

After creating your account – providing your name, an email address, and creating a password, Certifier will ask you some questions. They are helpful in terms of adjusting to your needs and helping you in your future projects.

Step 1. Prepare a list of webinar attendees

Having the list is crucial in creating Webinar Certificates. The list should contain attendees' names and email addresses.

Make sure all the data is correct, and there are no spelling mistakes.

You can access a spreadsheet template for your list on Certifier in the Certificate panel. Thanks to the list, you will be able to paste the pieces of information to a template or an attribute.

Step 2A. Create a template for your Webinar Certificate

To open the library with the certificates template, go to your account and click on the Design tab.

Then, choose and click on Create a new design. There are free certificate templates that can be used and personalized to your requirements.

Also, options like uploading images, adding text, and customizing a layout: paper size, orientation, or font, will definitely facilitate the whole process.

Add the webinar’s title, names and surnames of the attendees, date of issue, and certificate ID. A wide range of colors and topics are available for you to choose from.

Step 2B. Make a certificate from scratch

Do you care about aesthetics? Do you already have the vision of your beautiful certificates?

Maybe you have a specified idea of how the certificates should look, and nothing is appealing or suitable for the topic of the webinar.

Go ahead and design your own template from the ground up. Adjust the font, upload images, place the text wherever you desire and be happy with the outcome.

Step 3. Send the certificates to participants

There is nothing easier. All you need to do is to upload the recipients’ list. How?

On the Certifier panel, you can find the Courses tab. Next, click on Create a New Course.

Then add the course and groups and click on Issue Certificates and upload the list of your webinar attendees. Name the columns according to the dynamics attributes’ names used in the certificate design and with the attendees’ email addresses.

Now, you are ready to complete the process and send the certificates in bulk via automatic email. Certifier creates PDF documents with certificates with all the provided data. Paste them into the designed certificate.

Now, click Publish and Send. And voila! The certificates are already in the mailbox and ready to download.

If you need even more information, read this guide ➡️ How to Create and Send Certificates for Webinar Attendees. 

Any help? Use the chat

If you have some more specified problem or you need to ask about something, use the Certifier chat. With your mouse, point to the lower-right corner of your screen on the blue drop, click on it, and the chat window will appear.

Best practices and tips for creating free webinars with Certifier certificate

Practical tips for creating a webinar certificate will vary depending on the specifics of your webinar, including its form, duration, or even your niche. However, some tips on how to create a webinar certificate that looks professional and is easy to distribute and redeem can include:

Make sure your certificate design is visually appealing and easy to read

Your certificate should be clear and neat. Get rid of unnecessary information – it will clutter the document. Treat the certificate as your business card. As mentioned before, the certificate can be a means of promotion for your webinars and free courses. So take advantage of that aspect and make your certificate attractive.

Include all of the necessary information

Your name, the name of the webinar, the date the webinar took place, and the name and digital signature of the presenter – all this information is important. They highlight the credibility of completing the webinar. It is vital while attaching to an email or showing the certificate to the public, for example, on social media.

Make sure your certificate is in a printable format (PDF or JPEG)

Speaking of showing the certificate to someone. A format suitable for printing will be comfortable and enable the recipient to print the certificate easily and, for example, attach it to the resume. The right format seems to be a small thing but remember that the devil is in the details.

Make it easy for recipients to redeem their certificates

And again, a small thing, but it makes a difference. People love to share their achievements, so why not make it easy to distribute their certificates? Let them share their happiness of completing the webinar in an easy and simple way. In addition, this aspect would increase the media traffic and promote your webinar.

Get the general idea

Think about the topic of your upcoming live webinars. What are the typical images and associations coming to your mind at first? If you have some in your head, look in the template gallery and search for the one that meets your needs – maybe the solution can be found there.

If nothing covers your idea, check the simplest templates. You can google free images or pictures that reflect the topic of your webinar or add some little touch to your certificate. Try to download the pictures to your computer. Then, upload them directly into your certificate. Place the picture wherever you want.

Use Dynamic attributes

It is a tool that will help you to generate further certificates by adding the data automatically. Data such as issuer name, issuer email, issuer support email, certificate ID, issue date, certificate UUID, group name, recipient name, and recipient email are put on a certificate in the right place. Thanks to that, we are able to customize the email about receiving the certificate.

Of course, it depends on the issuer what information is relevant and which of these the certificate should include. The information will be automatically placed on the certificate after providing the data.

Click if you want to know more ➡️ How to Use Dynamic Attributes to Create and Send Certificates in Bulk.

Certification will make your webinar stand out from the crowd

Issuing certificates is a way to gain an edge over other webinar providers and deliver what other providers do not.

So why not do that?

Gain an advantage and add quality to your webinar. You never know, maybe certification would be the decisive aspect of whether to participate in your webinar.

Do not hesitate, Certifier will equip you with amazing certificates in less than 15 minutes. Sign up for a free Certifier trial today!


Sergey Butko

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