October 16, 2023

20 Free Training Certificate Templates

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20 Free Training Certificate Templates


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Different layout, color, and elements – the more attractive the design of the training certificate template, the higher the chance that your attendees will share it further. And where is a better place to spread the word about your training program than on platforms like LinkedIn?

Here’s the library of training certificate templates available for Figma, Canva, Google Docs, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Word.

How can Certifier help with training certificates?

Have you ever struggled to create and manage training certificates? We get it. It can be time-consuming. But what if there's a tool that's got your back? 

Certifier is not just a certificate maker. You're getting an all-in-one digital credentials powerhouse. Here's why you'll love it.

  • Create stunning certificates in minutes with its intuitive builder

  • Issue certificates to a large group, generate and send them all in one go

  • Monitor how your recipients interact with their credentials from your dashboard

  • Seamlessly blend Certifier into your existing workflows

Best certificate training templates to choose from

Out of Certifier 500 ready-to-use templates, we've selected the cream of the crop for training programs. But remember, you can tweak them however you want to. Moreover, with Certifier constantly refreshing its library, you're always in for fresh designs!

Note: Every Certifier certificate template goes in two formats – landscape and portrait.

#1 Certificate of training with a dynamic background

Certificate of training with a dynamic background.

[Download this certificate of training]

This certificate of training has a simple layout paired with dynamic background lines. Perfect for any industry of choice (even in black print, it stands out perfectly!).

The template is available in the olive, blue, brown, and purple color palettes.

#2 Editable training certificate template

Editable training certificate template.

[Download this free certificate template]

There is nothing better than the layout of this design. They’re sure to catch everyone's attention. Yet this certificate template is easy to edit, so you can add or remove its elements however you like. And it provides plenty of space for details about your type of industry training. Perfect!

The template is available in blue.

#3 Colorful certificate template for the training program

Colorful certificate template for the training program.

[Download this certificate template]

This certificate's pure white background is genuinely highlighted by its vibrant corners. And let's not overlook those pink fonts – they add that extra element that makes it perfect for any industry of choice. Are you hosting an educational seminar? There's a good chance this one will win.

The template is available in a pink and purple color palette.

#4 Green certificate template

Green certificate template.

[Download this green certificate template]

Your organization can be perfectly represented in this template. With its well-structured layout – it's concise, direct, and easy to read. Designed for people who appreciate good design but not at the expense of simplicity.

The template is available only in green color.

#5 Informal training certificate template

Informal training certificate template.

[Download this artsy certificate template]

Take a look at these beautiful graphic elements. Best suited for elementary school students – its artistic design will make any young achiever feel proud. Think of it as the perfect reward for that advanced art project they've been working on.

The template is available in blue, blue-red, blue-brown, and purple color palettes.

#6 Certificate template for an official form of the training program

Certificate template for an official form of the training program.

[Download this traditional certificate template]

For those moments that demand a classic look, this official certificate template is your ideal choice. It demonstrates authority, that’s why it’s ideal for governmental events or major projects.

The template is available in purple.

#7 Bright certificate training template

Bright certificate training template.

[Download the traditional training certificate template]

The elegance of this template is undeniable, decorated with unique emblems. It reflects a timeless appeal. Indeed, some of the creator's inspiration was drawn from prestigious awards from educational institutions. Truly worthy of recognition.

The template is available in a blue and burgundy color palette.

#8 Creative certificate of training template

Creative certificate of training template.

[Download the traditional training certificate template]

There is a certificate of template that appears suited for football training programs. And that QR code in the center? A genius blend of digital and tangible credentials that adds an extra layer of value.

The template is available only in this green color palette.

#9 Modern certificate template for training completion

Modern certificate template for training completion.

[Download the modern training template]

It's a certificate that's all about simplicity. With well-divided sections, simple colors, and fonts, it's the essence of minimalistic design. Great for design students as well!

The template is available in blue color palette.

#10 Yellow eye-catching certificate template

Yellow eye-catching certificate template.

[Download this modern training template]

This template looks like a sunset in the desert! Thanks to its outstanding gradient background and exceptional design, any recipient's achievements are sure to stand out.

The template is available in blue, blue-pink, orange, and purple color palette.

#11 Business certificate of training template

Business certificate of training template.

[Download this corporate training template]

It is packed with class. With a blue ribbon taking center stage and a golden badge for that extra boost, it's shouting success. Perfect for those significant corporate milestones or celebrating the regulars at your training sessions.

The template is available in red, blue, and apricot color palette.

#12 Orange training certificate template

Orange training certificate template.

[Download the orange training certificate template]

Simple, editable, and customizable – this orange certificate template is like sunshine on the paper. Whether for an educational event or a charity event, it'll fit.

The template is available in the orange and purple color palette.

#13 Floral template for training certificate

Floral template for training certificate.

[Download the floral certificate training template]

Who said training certificates can't be pretty? This floral template adds a touch of nature with its flower-framed design. Perfect for beauty industry occupations or language seminars.

The template is available in a brown and red color palette.

#14 Simple training certificate template

Simple training certificate template.

[Download this simple training certificate template]

Here’s a training certificate that's vibrant and lively. The bright blue background contrasted with a dark frame is refreshing and professional. An excellent choice for educational events with a blue theme.

The template is available in blue.

#15 Professional training certificate template for special occasion

Business certificate of training template.

[Download this professional training template]

There is no compromise with this certificate when it comes to details. It’s making it the first choice for those complex training sessions or big-deal projects. What's best about it? With this template, you can describe your training in detail.

The template is available in a blue and green color palette.

#16 Universal training certificate template

Universal training certificate template.

[Download this universal training template]

More than just a certificate, it's a dose of inspiration. Split into two well-organized sections with room for your favorite quote. If you want to leave your audience motivated, it’s a good choice.

The template is available in orange, green, blue, and purple palette.

#17 Minimalistic training template

Minimalistic training template.

[Download the minimalistic training template]

This certificate’s clean lines and subtle design elements come together to create a look that's modern and timeless. This certificate effortlessly balances minimalistic charm with just the right amount of madness. Download this one to highlight achievements without taking over the content.

The template is available in brown, blue, and green color palette.

#18 Vibrant training certification template

Vibrant training certification template.

[Download the training certification template]

Do you believe that every achievement is a work of art? This artistic training certificate template is probably for you. In the same way as art, it's an item your attendees will want to hang on the wall right away. Believe us!

The template is available in a blue and orange color palette.

#19 Printable certificate training template

Printable certificate training template.

[Download this printable training template]

Designed for the digital age yet rooted in tradition, it's ready to be printed, framed, and showcased. No matter what milestone or moment you celebrate, this template puts your accomplishments in the spotlight.

The template is available only in this green color palette.

#20 Blank training certificate template to express your creativity

Blank certificate template in Certifier dashboard to create your own training certificate template.

[Start creating your training certificate]

Ready to get creative? With Certifier, you can easily create your own training certificate template from scratch without much effort. Its drag-and-drop editor allows you to do whatever you want. Just upload your background and elements. The sky is the limit here.

The template is available in any color palette you wish.

Tweak your training certificate now

Did you find what you were looking for? When you've made your choice, simply download it and tailor it to fit your unique branding and requirements.

Have no time? Explore Certifier for free and transform the way you handle training certificates. Try once, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

FAQs: Training certificate templates

Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions related to training certificate templates.

What is a training certificate template?

A training certificate template is a pre-designed format used to recognize and certify an individual's completion of a specific training program or course.

How can I customize a training certificate template to fit my organization's branding?

Most templates allow you to edit elements like logos, colors, fonts, and text to align with your organization's branding. Design software or platforms offering customizable templates can make this process easier.

Are there any legal requirements for what should be included in a training certificate?

The specifics can vary by region and industry. But, generally, training certificates should include the participant's name, the training topic or course, the date of completion, and an authorizing signature.

Can I use a training certificate template for online courses or webinars?

Absolutely! Training certificate templates can be used for in-person and online training sessions, including webinars, e-learning courses, and more.

How do I verify the authenticity of the training certificates I issue using a template?

Consider adding unique serial numbers, QR codes, or digital signatures to your certificates. A database or registry of issued certificates can also assist in verifying their legitimacy.

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