15 Free First-Aid Certificate Templates

In an emergency, every second counts. We understand that and provide you with first-aid certificate templates you can download immediately. Just choose your design and make it yours!

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Updated: July 04, 2024

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As a first-aid training course provider, you realize how important it is to give people tangible proof of their essential life-saving skills. To support this need and streamline the creation process, we offer a variety of first-aid certificate templates. Ready for immediate download and use.

How do Certifier first-aid certificate templates work?

Certifier's first-aid certificate templates stand out for their ease and style. They are simple to tweak, quick to download, and ready to email directly to recipients (once you join Certifier).

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Choose the template.

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Decide between landscape or portrait format.

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Download it to Certifier editor, Figma, or Microsoft Word format.

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Add your logo and signatures.

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Send to recipients.

First-aid certificate templates that you can download right away

You know best how much time matters in emergency situations. If you don't have space to prepare a certificate from scratch, you don't have to. Listed below are various free first-aid certificate templates.

01 First-aid training completion certificate

First aid/CPR certificate template with signature lines and blue design accents from Certifier.

Take this template and celebrate your trainees' success. It’s a perfect blend of style and functionality. Easily accessible, it’s fully customizable in our intuitive Certifier editor. It includes fillable fields for participant details, training organization, and instructor’s signature. Easy to convert to PDF or send by email. Available in landscape and portrait formats.

02 First-aid certification of competency

CPR and First Aid certificate template with blue border, signature fields, and QR code.

Your first-aid training is reputable, so tell recipients so. This template design is the one for recognizing the first-aid knowledge of your trainees. It’s super easy to tweak in Certifier’s friendly editor. The design includes details on skills, proficiency, and assessments passed, with personalization options. With a unique QR code and certificate ID, each one is as authentic as it gets.

03 Advanced first-aid training certificate

Advanced First Aid Training Certificate template from Certifier with editable name and date, signature fields for coordinator and nurse.

Are you navigating first-aid legalities? This template ensures you meet all legal and workplace requirements seamlessly. It clearly organizes compliance codes, accreditation details, and the certificate's expiration date. Additionally, you can easily add your company's branding. Secure, reliable, and ready to go.

04 First-aid training certificate template

First Aid/CPR Certificate template from Certifier with blue border and red accent, placeholders for name, completion date, and signatures.

What about a digital certificate that guarantees every trainee leaves with a valid certificate in hand? This template with a red cross at the corner is a favorite among medical professionals and training providers. Send it via email directly from the Certifier dashboard and complete it with electronic signatures. Readable on mobile devices as well!

05 First-aid learning certificate

Emergency First Aid Training Certificate template with blue geometric design, customizable fields for recipient's name, training type, and date.

Spark a passion for ongoing learning in your first-aid trainees with this template design. It’s a powerful tool to inspire and motivate individuals to keep their first-aid skills sharp and up-to-date. With its outstanding, unusual geometrical frame, it stands out from the crowd. It can be yours within seconds.

06 First-aid effort recognition certificate

First Aid Training Certificate template with blue header, fields for name, completion date, and responder signatures.

Honor the dedication and hard work of your first-aid learners. Crafted by experts, this template emphasizes giving credit to others. It features space for a warm congratulatory message, key training program details, and even a spot for a badge or logo. With its customizable design, this certificate is an excellent way to motivate people to help others.

07 Quality first-aid certificate of completion

Advanced First Aid Training Certificate template with red and blue angled design, slots for recipient's name, completion details, and official signatures.

The outstanding quality design of this template is created to build confidence in every participant. With this certificate, they gain certainty that their skills are up to the task and that they are prepared for any emergency situation. As Certifier provides dynamic attributes, you can now generate hundreds of templates within a click. Don't miss it.

08 Online CPR certification template

First Aid/CPR certificate template with blue hexagonal design elements and signature lines for nurse and issuer.

Are you looking for a universal template? It’s a certificate design that allows for quick customization. The best part is that with Certifier, instant distribution is also possible. You can upload the recipients’ data from Google Sheets and speed up the whole certification process.

📚 Learn how to prepare a Google Sheets file to send certificates via Certifier automatically.

09 First-aid course completion template

Red and blue accented First Aid Training Certificate template with fields for recipient name and signatures.

This template explains essential aid techniques and skills. Downloadable as a PDF file and shareable via email, this certificate is not simply a document – it's a career booster and a testament to excellence in emergency health situations. Make a positive mark on your trainees’ professional journey and show they can be responsible employees.

10 Sleek first-aid certification

Blue-bordered First Aid/CPR Certificate template with signature lines.

It is clear from the start that this template was created with attention to every detail. It’s a visual treat, ready to highlight the dedication and skill of each participant. Its sleek and professional look features a logo and certificate title. It offers flexibility in design and distribution – whether you want to work on it further in the Certifier certificate maker, Figma, or Microsoft Word.

11 Professional first-aid course certificate

Advanced First Aid Training Certificate template featuring a dark blue header and signature fields.

This template was designed to be an eye-catching certificate and easy to read. It’s perfect for seasoned healthcare professionals and those new to the world of first aid. If you choose to send it via Certifier, it will become a first-aid certificate PDF online. Customizable to suit your training program’s branding – it’s the quick, reliable certificate template you’ve been searching for.

12 First-aid certificate template

First Aid Training Certificate template with a blue wave design and signature fields.

You can use this template to symbolize the hard work your trainees put in. They improve themselves to help others, and it needs to be recognized. As with every Certifier template, this one can also be customized to capture the essence of your training. Create a memorable and meaningful gift for your participants. Celebrate the progress, and most importantly – celebrate their commitment to save lives.

13 First-aid community hero certificate

Emergency First Aid Training Certificate template with a red, white, and blue geometric pattern.

The unique template design empowers you to step outside the box and recognize community safety guardians. Crafted for personalization, it allows you to create a meaningful certificate that truly reflects your trainees’ dedication to first-aid and public health. It’s compatible with Figma and Microsoft Word. In short, your options for customization are endless.

14 Printable first-aid certificate template

First Aid Training Certificate template with red side border and spaces for coordinator and HR specialist signatures.

With its minimalist design and bright background colors, this template is perfect for printing. You can clearly include all important elements through the organized layout without sacrificing readability. While it is easily printable, we encourage digital distribution as a greener alternative.

15 Elegant first-aid certificate template

First Aid/CPR Certificate template with blue angular design accents from Certifier, including sections for course details and signatures.

This certificate template is a stylish way to showcase your participants' efforts put into the hours of training. It confirms their first-aid skills, highlights their personal development, and points out the challenges they've overcome along the way. It is ideal for individuals who take pride in developing themselves. This certificate is a clear sign of their ability to help in emergencies.

Final edits

Have you found this perfect template design? Now, tailor it to suit your specific requirements. Add your text, images, and logos to add a personal touch. Whether you prefer to print it or share it online, the flexibility is in your hands.

Feeling creative? Start with a blank page and let your imagination do the rest. Create your first-aid certificate with Certifier and bring your vision to life.

FAQ: First-aid certificate templates

Still, have concerns? Here’s the list of the most frequently asked questions related to the first-aid certification.

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