8 Accredible Alternatives to Try

Now that you're here, you're undoubtedly interested in certifications and how to manage them well. Certainly, you know Accredible. But, what if we inspired you to try something new?

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 30, 2024

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Proven software is worth having as they save time, allows you to create stunning certificates, gives you new templates, and is like an endless repository of ideas for a new project.

The problem is that choosing the right tool is not easy. Moreover, it often turns out to be inaccurate, and you are looking for some new solutions.

Accredible is a tool you actually came across in your research. Are you wondering if it will be a good choice? Or maybe you didn't enjoy it already?

No worries! You are in the right place because our goal is to dispel your doubts.

First, we will tell you about Accredible, and then we will present you with as many as 8 Accredible alternatives to certificates and badges. So, if you're ready, let's get started!

What is Accredible?

Accredible Alternative

Accredible is a cloud-based digital qualification solution. It gives you a single place for: 

  • badges

  • diplomas

  • certifications

  • blockchain credentials

  • wallet cards

Using this tool, professional associations around the world have recognized their members' badges and achievements. In addition, you can create, manage, and distribute digital diplomas for training, events, course completions, and memberships by using the platform. 

It also allows you to track and verify your credentials more quickly for a fraction of the cost. In addition, you can streamline your issuance process by integrating Accredible with many popular learning management systems, such as: 

  • Canvas

  • Moodle

  • WordPress

Accredible allows recipients and members to receive and engage with badges and certificates without creating a user account, logging in, or claiming them. Also, participants can showcase their badge distribution on Linkedin using this tool.

Are Accredible certificates the best for your business?

As the authenticity of digital certificates can be verified at any time via their unique URL, they are more secure than PDF certificates. So Accredible makes it easy for you to obtain and distribute such documents.

You can build a completion certificate from scratch or use a ready-made template. Moreover, it is an intuitive tool to manage such documents because all activities are carried out in one place.

So, as you can see, Accrebile has a lot of advantages. For example:

  • you have a clear picture of your online documents in one place

  • the software is quite easy to understand

  • it is safe

However, nobody is perfect. Even though Accredoble is a good tool for digital certificates, credentials, and badge designs, it has some flaws. Let’s see the disadvantages of this tool.

What are the main Accredible cons?

Accredible has some flaws.

#1 Plans are quite expensive

The first disadvantage of this platform is its pricing plan. Not only is it not flexible enough, but it is also expensive. The costs start at $996/year for up to 250 unique recipients. There is no free plan, so you can't check out the tool before the purchase (only via demo).

#2 This app focuses on overall achievements badging

It's a tool centered more on overall badging activities than on certificates only. It's impossible to focus only on certifications because this software aims at all kinds of rewards: badges, diplomas, certificates, and blockchain credentials. Because of this, it may have fewer features for certificates than other tools designed for certificates. 

#3 It isn’t the right choice for small companies

Small businesses are unlikely to find this platform worthwhile due to the difference between their needs and the subscription plans they offer. 20 certificates are far too little, and the cost of the Standard plan exceeds the capabilities of many small companies. For this reason, it is an unattractive option for this type of brand needing the best small biz tools.

What features should the best Accredible alternative have?

Now you probably know what software you are looking for and what you don't want. Anyway, the Accredible certificates alternatives should have similar features to the original tool. After all, you want something comparable, right?

It should include: 

  • the option of creating, sending, and sharing certificates, credentials, diplomas

  • project management

  • analyzing the results of your issued certificates

  • the ability to manage documents in one place

  • the ability to verify documents

  • a free plan or at least a free trial that you can see how it works

But most of all, it should really help you in your work, making it more efficient and faster.

So it is high time for our top 8 Accredible alternatives. 

So excited!

The best 8 Accredible alternatives

Here are the best Accredible competitors.

#1 Certifier: Best Accredible alternative

Certifier certificate maker as the best Accredibile alternative.

Our first place is for Certifier, and you are going to know why!

This full-service digital credentialing platform for certificates and credentials has everything you need to generate outstanding digital documents. It is excellent for small and big companies as well.

The main advantage of this app is it focuses only on creating certificates and credentials. For this reason, it provides many, many features, so you will be able to generate outstanding documents!

You will find there:

  • certificate builder

  • ready-made templates

  • the possibility to send emails in bulk

  • analytics certificate features

  • marketing insights

  • the free plan

And all of this with total security.

Certifier aims to let its clients create, manage, issue, and share online certificates as easily and quickly as possible. To do so, any client can use ready-made templates (over 300 of them!) that are fully customizable.

So, if you have no idea how your online document should look, you can take advantage of templates from this certificate software and change them as you wish. 

You are able to: 

  • modify the text, fonts, objects

  • add images

  • personal branding options

  • adjust color and style

  • add many custom attributes

and much more!

Of course, you can also make your own project from scratch thanks to many certificate settings and save it for future certificates.

Therefore, you won't have to create the same task over and over again. And it isn't a complex job, as this platform is so intuitive and easy to use. 

What's more, Certifier provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and issue certificates for your online recipients. Consequently, creating a project can be done in minutes.

This alternative to Accredible certificates encourages custom pricing plans with a monthly billing cycle. 

Certifier pricing

Let's start with the free plan. It allows you to issue up to 1,000 unique certificates per month at no cost. For small courses or individual use, this number of certifications is usually more than enough. You can upgrade to the Standard plan at any time if you need more recipients, branding, or analytics. 

Certifier pros

  • very simple and innovative system

  • it is verifiable and secure

  • has fully editable templates

  • provides analytical and marketing data

  • possibility to send emails in bulk

  • documents are safely stored

  • extensive free plan

  • the possibility of sharing certificates on social media

  • much cheaper than Accredible

Do you want to know how easy the certificate creation process is with Certifier? Check out this ➡️ How To Make Your Own Certificate in 5 Easy Steps

#2 BadgeCert

BadgeCert landing page alternative to Accredible.Here is our second proposition as Accredible alternative – BadgeCert.

The BadgeCert platform is used to create, issue, store, and share digital badges that verify an individual's skills, certifications, credentials, and continuing education.

In addition, you can use this software to reward certificates to students who demonstrated competencies and participation in the certification program.

Also, the tool allows you to reduce costs, market programs, and recognize hard-earned credentials with meaningful, secure, and portable digital badges. 

It’s a good alternative to Accredible certificates as this tool also provides a credentialing and certificate system. And it is used by associations, trainers, regulatory agencies, and educational institutions.

However, this platform does not provide a free trial or a Free plan. You can choose only the Starter plan – about $600 per year.

BadgeCert pros:

  • verifiable and secure platform

  • complete control over badges

  • has analytics tools

#3 Badgewell

Badgewell main page screenshot.

Accredible badges can also be replaced with Badgewell.

In Badgewell Accredible alternative, learners can manage their achievements and digital badges through Blockchain technology. Therefore, this platform is about 3rd party-issued digital badges and professional certifications that will allow you to demonstrate your accomplishments.

In addition, organizations can better appreciate individuals' efforts, achievements, and development through this tool. 

The digital badge can be shared digitally with a job application or on social media. In addition, badge owners can verify the printed badge instantly with a QR code.

The purpose of this alternative to Accredible certificates is to give the recipient proof of achievement or recognition. So certificate and badge software are more than just certificates of attendance, webinars, and lectures. They can be extended to:

  • employee recognition

  • reference letters

  • and employee of the month awards

However, it also doesn't offer a free trial or free version. Also, Badgewell doesn’t give any information about its pricing.

Badgewell pros:

  • wide use of badges

  • quick badge authenticity verification

  • and the possibility to share in a job application or on social media

#4 CVTrust

CVtrust alternative to accredible

The Smart Certificate platform from CV Trust is a very safe way to secure the process of issuing, sharing, and checking certified credentials.

Through this easy-to-use Accredible alternative for certificates, CV Trust company wants to provide high-level services like creating, managing, and delivering credentials and related documents for their clients. And every digital certificate put in CVs is labeled as trusted.

Companies, universities, training centers, schools, and government agencies can issue certified documents, while individuals can use them for career advancement.

This digital certificate generator may be handy for students who can share their digital credentials online. It facilitates their relationship with recruiters, which, as a result, makes it easier to get the dream job.

What's more, with Smart Certificate, take full advantage of the highest security and privacy levels. 

Pricing starts from about $100 (for 50 docs) to $2400 (for 3000 docs).

CV Trust pros:

  • provides security

  • a good platform for students

  • intuitive system

#5 Certelligence

Certelligence alternative for accredible interface.

Credentialing management software from ACGI Software, Certelligence, manages certification process and accreditation programs. With this useful alternative, your team can work from one system that centralizes data. 

Certelligence provides workflow automation solutions for credentialing organizations to expedite application processing, manage renewals, and improve customer service.

It also integrates with popular software products and services – for websites, e-learning, testing, and communities – to provide fully integrated digital credential platform.

It is worth mentioning that you can use this alternative to Accredible certificates with Testing Centers.

After a candidate is approved to take an exam, Certelligence automatically sends a special authorization code to the testing platform so that the student can take the exam. Additionally, candidates can schedule their exams online.

No free trial and the free plan are available, but you can request a demo. Also, there is no Certelligence pricing about paying plans.

Certelligence pros:

  • handle workflow automation

  • has many integrations

  • can be integrated with exams or scheduled them

#6 Aversafe

Aversafe interface - alternative to accredible

The Aversafe platform makes it easy for educational institutions and other issuers to create amazing certificate designs, upload them, issue, verify and revoke their own digital certificates.

Like all alternatives to Accredible certificates, it is designed to connect people, employers, universities, and credential designers to save time, and effort and facilitate quick qualification verification.

An individual, an employer, and an issuer of credentials can use this software to prevent credential fraud. Certificates are recorded on the blockchain, a tamper-proof distributed ledger so that anyone can verify their authenticity and origin. Program graduates simply create a secure profile with the app and claim their credentials to receive their certificates. 

A blockchain also records verifications, so anyone on the network can verify someone else's claims while maintaining the security of casual users' personal information.

Adversafe allows free use for certificate issuers and individuals. 

You just need to register for early access. However, if you are a developer or an employer, you must contact for custom pricing.

Adversafe pros:

  • security

  • ease of verifying

  • streamlines the entire hiring process

#7 NetCredential 

NetCredential as Accredible alternative.

It is easy to build, deliver, share, and verify digital certificates with NetCredential. It allows organizations to seamless integration and automation, employers to verify their legitimacy, and learners to share their achievements.

Digital credentials are secure and verifiable. 

You can choose from thousands of digital badge design templates or create your own entirely. One way or another, the process of creating and sending out certificates is greatly accelerated, making it not only more efficient but also more cost-effective.

Additionally, you can share your certificates with your students and encourage increased awareness and engagement by allowing them to view their private credentials from anywhere using this very easy-to-use tool.

It is easy with NetCredential to track and manage all the credentials that you send out, allowing you to be in the know at all times. Furthermore, the way certificates and other documents that require verification are stored online is well organized.

Fortunately, this alternative to Accredible certificates lets you create 100 projects for free.

NetCredential pros:

  • 100 free credentials

  • simple to use

  • documents are well stored

#8 Sertifier

Sertifier as Accredible alternative.

In order to revolutionize traditional certificate design and printing processes, Sertifier offers customers the ability to create digital and verifiable professional certificates by integrating software and web services. 

Bulk sending is possible, even when you use one template. And online certificates can always be tracked – whether they are received, opened, or shared on social media, and what skill base is created in the institution and industry.

The mission of industry-leading digital certificates, such as Serifier, is to develop them to the degree that society will enjoy their benefits and that friction due to inefficiencies is eliminated.

This alternative to Accredible certificates has a lot of integrations like Moodle, Canvas LMS, Thinkific, and Zapier integrations. Also, data analytics are available with this app. So it allows you to understand everything about your skills, engagement, visibility, and more.

Moreover, they have transparent pricing plan details. 

There are two plans available. Essentials $75 and Pro $167. There is also an Enterprise plan available.

Sertifier pros:

  • many integrations

  • analytics tools

  • free week trial of each plan

Is Certifier your best choice?

That's it. We analyzed Accredible competitors and its 8 alternatives in this article. Although they are similar to each other, they have some distinguishing features.

Keep in mind that Certifier is a platform tailored to the needs of small and large companies at an excellent price! Moreover, it provides not only great functions but also fun while designing. 

So, create an account and see today what else is hidden in this software. Who knows, maybe it will just become your new favorite certificate software at work?

The choice is up to you, and we just keep our fingers crossed for your certificates!

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