Top 9 Sertifier Alternatives

The best Sertifier alternatives under one roof. Check their features, pricing, pros and cons. Find out which Sertifier alternative is right for you. Comparison table included!

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 29, 2024

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Researching the best digital credentialing software will sooner or later lead you to Sertifier. It’s a comprehensive tool for creating and verifying online certificates and badges. Even though it’s not the best one.

What are the Sertifier best alternatives? Which tools should you consider? An overview of the best features, their pros and cons, and a comparison table. It's all to find here.

Sertifier flaws – Why Sertifier may not be the best choice for certification?

So, here's the deal. With Sertifier digital credential management software, you can collect all sorts of educational credentials. It's like having an assistant that carefully watches every move of the certificate receivers and tracks all the certified documents you send out.

But the fact is – while Sertifier is handy for educational institutions, there are better options available for other businesses. It lacks customization and branding features that are so vital for creating a cohesive brand experience.

Here are some more Sertifier shortcomings:

  • Basic customization options

  • Insufficient branding features

  • Complex onboarding process

  • No transparency in pricing

Sertifier reviews

Generally, Sertifier receives positive reviews. People highlight its user-friendly interface and advanced features for certificate and badge issuing. Even though, Sertifier still faces negative opinions about its pricing.

Sertifier reviews.

Source: G2 

Lack of transparency and steeply-priced plans discourage people from renewing their subscriptions. Due to many hidden fees, users don't know what budget to consider.

Aside from that, Sertifier encounters opinions regarding its customization options. The solution is limited, and users cannot tailor it to their specific needs.

Sertifier pricing

Sertifier doesn’t provide any details and pricing information on its website. You don’t have a chance to try out the tool before purchasing.

It’s another Sertifier point that doesn't work in its favor. It scares away people who just need a few certificates for personal use or don't have previous experience with this program.

So if you’re looking for robust certification software that will give you complex customization options – here are the Sertifier alternatives you should look closely at.

#1 Certifier - The best Sertifier alternative with complete certificate automation

Certifier is an intuitive certificate maker that handles credentialing from start to finish. It is the perfect tool for creating, issuing, and distributing certificates and virtual badges. Suitable for both – businesses and individuals.

Certifier as best Sertifier alternative.

Like no other, Certifier combines a seamless user interface with complex features. It offers hundreds of certificate templates, so you don't have to worry about professional certificate design. It automates every step of the credentialing process – so you can send certificates to the recipients and then track their status (all under one dashboard).

As people say, Certifier changes the way they work with credentials. This software knows where and how to streamline.

Certifier reviews.

You can export recipients' data from the spreadsheet and generate thousands of credentials with a click. And all of that – for an affordable price. Check it out to see its full potential.

Certifier key features

  • Multi-level management dashboard to send certificates in bulk, check their status, and have everything under control

  • Hundreds of beautiful custom certificate and badge templates

  • The possibility of importing your certificate elements, like logos

  • Ability to export recipients’ data from Google Sheets or Excel

  • Dynamic attributes to generate multiple credentials in a click

  • QR codes that provide credentials with an additional layer of credibility to physical certificates

  • Integrations via API and Zapier

Certifier pros

  • A drag-and-drop editor that's super easy to use

  • User-friendly interface with regular updates

  • Complex forever-free plan (250 credentials included)

  • Customizable email templates and sender

  • Regular updates

Certifier cons

  • Develops quickly, so you have to keep your finger on the pulse to stay in the loop

  • Makes you lazy!


Certifier provides flexible pricing. You pay just for the number of credentials and features you need.

There is a free lifetime plan included that covers 250 credentials (per month). For a branded solution, prices start at $33 per month.

Simply put – Certifier offers flexible, competitive pricing for the best value possible.

#2 Accredible - Secure and verifiable digital credentialing platform

Accredible software for credentialing.

Accredible is a leading digital credential platform offering digital badges and certificates. With this platform, you can efficiently manage various credentials, such as certificates, diplomas, badges, blockchain credentials, and wallet cards – all conveniently stored in one central location.

Accredible key features

  • Accredible certificates and virtual badges

  • Integration with popular LMS platforms

  • Secure and verifiable credentials

  • Branding and white-labeling options

Accredible pros

  • User-friendly interface

  • Wide range of customization options

  • Provides analytics for managing and tracking credential

Accredible cons

  • Some users reported issues with the mobile app

  • Limited features in the basic plan


Accredible is not the cheapest option, as its prices start from $960 per year (up to 1000 recipients). If you need integration and a higher plan, you must inquire about custom pricing. There is a demo available.

#3 Credly - An end-to-end certificate software for credential management

Credly end-to-end certificate software.

Credly is a multi-purpose certificate program that manages digital credentials like custom badges and certificates. It facilitates credential issuance and data collection on employees' skills and is widely used by organizations to recognize achievements and provide verifiable credentials. With features like secure storage and easy distribution, Credly simplifies creating and managing digital credentials.

Credly key features

  • Badge module with differentiating digital badges based on type, level, cost, and time

  • Actionable analytics with real-time insight to optimize your digital credentialing programs

  • Talent Directory to identify the best candidates and helps badge earners connect to job opportunities

Credly pros

  • Credential creation and distribution in bulk

  • Advanced metrics to measure performance

  • A high level of digital security and privacy 

Credly cons

  • Complex for some users to navigate

  • The pricing structure is not directly available on the website

  • Some users may find the interface outdated compared to other platforms

  • Not suitable for smaller organizations

  • Limited integrations with other platforms


Credly's Acclaim platform pricing is not publicly available. You need to contact them for a custom quote. But, if you need to know Credly pricing details now, we have done some research. See the results ➡️ Credly pricing.

#4 CertifyMe - Easy digital credential management software

CertifyMe digital credential management.

CertifyMe is one of the Sertifier best competitors, so it couldn’t be missed on this list. Its goal is to be the one-stop destination for all certification-related services. Their easy-to-use design tool allows you to create smart certificates and ensures that they look good. It's not a perfect deal, though – customization options are limited.

CertifyMe key features

  • Easy-to-use certificate and badge management software

  • Ability to build a credentialing program from scratch

CertifyMe pros

  • Simple interface

  • Extensive resource library

CertifyMe cons

  • Not offer as many features as some other certificate makers

  • The design options may be limited compared to other platforms

  • Not suitable for larger organizations with high-volume certificate needs


CertifyMe provides a transparent pricing plan, ranging from $0.5 to $0.7 per credential. However, the minimal number of credentials starts at 500 per year. A 7-day free trial is available.

#5 SimpleCert - A simple tool for creating certificates

SimpleCert tool for creating certificates.

SimpleCert is a tool that makes creating, sending, and managing certificates as easy as possible. It's a simple solution for anyone who needs to issue certificates regularly. Yet, it needs some improvements and may be troublesome for users seeking modern solutions.

SimpleCert key features

  • Dynamic data uploads

  • Personalized certificate and email templates

SimpleCert pros

  • Efficient tracking and storage of certificate history

  • Possibility to distribute certificates via its email sender

  • Responsive and helpful customer success team

SimpleCert cons

  • An outdated app with a poor user interface

  • Lack of advanced options with certificate design templates

  • The free version has a limit of 10 certificates per month


SimpleCert offers a limited free account. Users can upgrade their account from $19 (150 certificate credits) to $29 (250 certificate credits) per month for more extensive needs.

#6 Give My Certificate - A certificate issuance and verification tool

Give My Certificate as a Sertifier alternative.

Give My Certificate is a trusted solution to verify the authenticity of certificates. It is a platform for organizations to generate and send verifiable documents, which recipients or third parties can verify online. If you need badges, you won’t find them here.

Give My Certificate key features

  • Credentialing verification features that enhance their reliability

  • Automatically tracks and logs all documents in the dashboard

Give My Certificate pros

  • Ease of use and the ability to customize certificates

  • Dedicated account manager in premium plans

Give My Certificate cons

  • Limited template customization options

  • No possibility of creating certificates from scratch

  • Reported issues with the platform's speed and performance

  • Badge features are not provided


Give My Certificate prices start at $18 monthly and go up to $115. A white-label custom identification solution is available. The free plan is limited to 50 certificates per month.

#7 NetCredential - credential systems for storing and managing digital credentials

NetCredential credential system.

NetCredential is a digital credential platform that makes digital certificates easy to build, deliver, share, and verify. It offers essential features that streamline integration and automation, allowing organizations to manage their certification processes efficiently.

NetCredential key features

  • Efficient and fast distribution of certificates

  • Comprehensive design tool integration

NetCredential pros

  • Hosted on a secure infrastructure

  • Allows learners to view and share their credentials easily

  • Features for creating branded credentials

NetCredential cons

  • New software that needs some improvements

  • Complex interface, hard to navigate

  • The pricing structure is not directly available on the website


NetCredential pricing is not publicly listed. You'll need to contact the sales team directly for a quote.

#8 CredSure (formerly Certif-ID) - Tamper-proof digital credentialing network

CredSure digital credentialing network.

CredSure is a comprehensive certification platform that integrates with existing workflows. It offers a secure and streamlined operation for issuing blockchain-based digital certificates and badges with ease. It’s a great tool for businesses, schools, and organizations that need to manage credentials for many individuals.

CredSure key features

  • Certificate management with easy collaboration

  • Encrypted, timestamped, and tamper-proof digital certificates

  • Provides public-verification URLs for easy one-click verification

CredSure pros

  • Admin roles to manage credentials

  • Credential analytics and management with real-time charts

  • Multilingual support

CredSure cons

  • No certificate and badge templates are available

  • Navigating and starting can be confusing


An annual payment of about $1000 is the starting price for CredSure plans, making it one of the most expensive among Sertifier alternatives. There is no free trial available, only a demo.

#9 Hyperstack - user-friendly credential cloud

Hyperstack user-friendly credential cloud.

Hyperstack is a cloud-based platform designed to help organizations manage their credentialing processes. As a strong Sertifier alternative, it provides multilayered security to ensure the safety of its users’ data. An intuitive interface goes along with many advanced features that try to give the best credentialing user experience.

Hyperstack key features

  • Powerful design studio for native design of digital badges and certificates

  • Built-in student wallet to store all the credentials in one place

  • Multi-blockchain technology for maximum security and verifiable certificates

Hyperstack pros

  • Advanced technology for analytics

  • White-labeling solutions

  • Dedicated verification page

Hyperstack cons

  • Templates and design options are limited

  • Getting started with some features can be challenging


Hyperstack offers a free plan. Then, paid plans range from $49 to $233 per month.

Review Sertifier best alternatives with a comparison table

Choosing the perfect Sertifier alternative is a proper challenge. 

And as a wrap-up, we gathered them all up.

This table compares Sertifier alternatives side-by-side, highlighting their key features, pricing, customization capabilities, user-friendliness, and unique offering that set them apart. Compare your choices with ease.

Best Sertifier alternatives comparison table.

Certifier deserves a spotlight on this list. Compared to Sertifier, it comes out on top. Check it out yourself, though. Join a forever-free plan today and automate all your credentialing efforts.

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