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Create just one badge template design. Upload the recipients’ data, and bam! You've got custom badges that look like you spent ages on each. But here's our little secret – it's quick and painless. Making a bunch of badges at once? Forget the hassle and the endless tweaking. The Certifier badge generator makes your life easier. Just like that, you're all set.

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How to generate and send digital badges in bulk?

Certifier turns the usual credentialing process into something exciting.

Set up our badge designer tool to generate even hundreds of badges in a minute and send them with a click. You’re just a few steps ahead to streamline your workflow like never before. See how!

Step 1: Create a free Certifier account

Get started with Certifier to create and issue digital badges automatically. It's free, straightforward, and only requires your email and a password. Once you're in, a few quick questions will tailor the experience to your needs. Your badge journey begins here – try out Certifier for free.

Step 2: Get on with badge design

Go to the Designs tab to start with your own design. Hit the "Create Design" button and select "Badge Design."

Creating a new badge design in Certifier.

Here is where your vision begins to take shape. Our library is stocked with professional badge templates tailored to your unique style. Choose the badge template or build one from scratch with our base, ribbons, and icons – both ways are super intuitive.

Choosing bases to create badge design.

Each element of your badge (whether it’s a badge design template or not) can be tailored to fit your brand. Change colors and fonts, and remove and add elements with a drag-and-drop option. As long as you’re 100% satisfied with the result.

Choosing the templates and changing fonts in the badge design.

Want to personalize each badge with specific content? (optional)

One of Certifier's standout features is the ability to add dynamic attributes to your badges. It means you can insert placeholders for unique information like department names, which will be automatically filled for each recipient based on the data you upload. The system eliminates manual work and guarantees that each badge is accurate and personalized.

Enabling auto-scaling in the badge design to generate badges without errors.

Don’t forget to adjust the dynamic attribute format to the badge design. Also, enable auto-scaling to change the section’s size to the attribute content automatically. Why is it for? Each department name is different: one is longer, and one is shorter. As a result, your badge will always look good.

Step 3: Save the design and upload the recipients’ data

As soon as you click the blue button at the top right corner that says “Save,” the Certifier tool will guide you to upload the recipients' data.

The bulk badge generation can be done in two ways:

  • upload the spreadsheet with names and emails (Certifier supports CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats) – you can either export your spreadsheet from where your recipient data reside or create it from scratch

  • via automation (integration) – e.g., you can generate badges in bulk by integrating our badge generation tool and the software you’re using via Zapier. (It’s for you if you’d like to generate badges in bulk fully without your involvement)

Uploading recipients' data to generate badges in bulk.

Since most of our users are using some tools to manage their employees/students/people to whom they want to send badges in bulk, they easily export their data from the LMSs, video conferencing tools, CRMs, employee management platforms, etc. (depending on what they’re using). It’s a faster and error-free method.

Step 4: Generate your badges with a click

Once you click the “Add Recipients” button, the Certifier will generate the badges. You can download them as PDFs or send them out automatically.

Before you mark all recipients and hit “Publish” or “Export,” take a moment to preview your badges. This step is essential for achieving the perfect look. Adjustments? No problem. Certifier makes it easy to tweak until they're perfect.

Previewing the badges before sending them out to recipients.

Ready to export? Certifier allows you to export links to all badges in one file. Once you select this option, all badges will land in one spreadsheet from which you can manage them further.

Exporting the spreadsheet with all badges details.

Ready to send out? Click the “Publish” button. Your badge can land in the recipients’ inboxes in seconds. Your attendees get personalized emails with the link to the recipient’s wallet. Best part? From one dashboard, you can track who opens and shares badges or which emails bounced and need to be sent again.

Publish badges to send them out in a bulk.

Want to take the full potential of digital badges in bulk?

The saving step will automatically create a group related to the particular badge design. If you want to, you can add skill tags at a group level. It offers the opportunity to highlight and prominently display the specific skills in the recipient’s wallet. The process is pretty simple. Go to the Groups tab. You can choose the already created group or create a new one. Add skill tags. The dropdown list will provide you with some options. Once you’re ready, click the "Save" button.

Adding tags to the badges group.

Check out how the skills tags look in the recipient’s wallet view. Cool, right?

Highlighted tags in the recipient's view.

Our customers love the Certifier badge designer, find out why

Certifier is a fantastic option for automating certification processes! User-friendly, learned to use it within 30 minutes. Responsive customer service team, provided a branded email template.

Madison Lokke - avatar

Madison Lokke

Marketing Specialist

Amazing Technology and User Experience! Favorite feature is the branding and marketing capabilities of the platform... I can white label this as well.

Katona Payne - avatar

Katona Payne

Marketing Director

Streamline certificate creator and editor. Part of a Competitive Audit for my UI/UX Design project. You can edit any categories in the left-side menu... The attributes section is a nice touch...

Ariel Zilist - avatar

Ariel Zilist

UI/UX Designer

Generate badges with each recipient in mind

Get personalized digital badges with different IDs, points, or even names. With Certifier, your badge design is automatically tailored to each recipient. Try out dynamic attributes and let go of manual personalization.

Multiple options with Certifier bulk badge generation

Flexibility at scale - picture

Flexibility at scale

Tailor every aspect of your badges, no matter the volume. Certifier's design tools let you mix, match, and modify elements across all your badges in one go. For ten or ten thousand recipients, each badge is uniquely crafted without starting from scratch.

Create once, generate many - picture

Create once, generate many

Create one badge designs, and then generate even hundreds. Each badge is personalized to the recipient. Certifier offers options to insert dynamic content sections that will change according to the data you upload via spreadsheet. Keep manual work to a minimum.

Preview before you send - picture

Preview before you send

Sometimes, generating goes with errors. Not with Certifier. A preview option makes it easy to double-check that each badge has not been misspelled. You can even see the recipient’s view. Take care of every detail and keep the professional image of your company.

Branding without boundaries - picture

Branding without boundaries

You must maintain your brand identity when creating badges in bulk. To support this, Certifier allows to upload logos and images in PNG, JPEG and SVG. Customize colors, bases, ribbons across all your badges to keep your brand's voice loud and clear, without any watermarks.

Quicker data retrieval - picture

Quicker data retrieval

Certifier's smart integration speed up badge creation. Connect seamlessly with Zapier or use spreadsheets to import recipient data effortlessly. Certifier checks for errors, so that your data is spot-on before you generate badges. The result? Less time spent fixing mistakes.

Personalized dashboards - picture

Personalized dashboards

Certifier provides a professional recipient’s wallet. It means your attendees get a personalized dashboard from which they can download or share the badge on social media. It's a seamless blend of brand experience, all accessible with just a click from the email inbox.

The G2 reviews say Certifier is #1 to generate badges in bulk


Did you know?

Certifier's standout feature? The ability to seamlessly integrate with various platforms through Zapier, which automates the entire badge generation process. This integration means that Certifier can pull data directly from tools like learning management systems, CRMs, or any software used to track achievements and automatically generate personalized badges.

Digital badges in a click

Certifier offers a complete badge creation process. Simply select badge template and upload the recipients’ data. Then, let Certifier handle the rest.


The best ways to generate badges without flaws

Centralize your data

Make life easier by pulling all your recipient info into one spot. Whether it's from Excel, Google Sheets, or any other platform you use to keep track of your crew, being organized is key. There is no better method to streamline your badge distribution. Make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Optimize the spreadsheet

A tidy spreadsheet is your best friend here. Make sure it includes all the vital details. For the badge generation, you need just names and emails (unless you use dynamic attributes, e.g. for credit points, then include this column as well). A well-set-up spreadsheet means you're halfway there.

Use management tools (if you have one)

Got a system in place for managing your team or students? Use it to your advantage. Export data directly from these tools to cut down on manual entry and speed up the whole process. It's all about working smarter, not harder. Let your existing systems do the heavy lifting for you.

Verify for errors twice

Before you hit “publish” on those badges, take a moment to double-check your generated badges. A quick review can catch any mistakes. With Certifier, the preview is easy – just go to the Credentials tab and choose “view.” To preview all badges at once, don’t forget to mark all!

Integrate with Zapier for full automation

Integrating Certifier with Zapier can automate your badge sending from start to finish. It connects your data sources directly to our badge platform. Hands-free, easy process. After all, you don’t have to be involved in it. It's simply a matter of keeping an eye on things from time to time.

Personalize the design (slightly!)

Consider what recipients see on their badges. Customize the details like badge ID or credit points with dynamic attributes to fill in the content automatically. Certifier makes it simple. Don’t forget to keep it minimal though. Badges are badges, they shouldn’t be as detailed as certificates.

Got questions? We've got answers!

Here’s our FAQ section where we tackle all your queries about badge generation and how Certifier works – from templates selection to data upload. Let's clear up any confusion and get you on your way to generating badges effortlessly.

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