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Reach out to the network with LinkedIn digital credentials

Want your certificates to get the social media attention they deserve? LinkedIn digital credentials can make some noise here. Send the certificate right to the inbox, from which your recipients can share it further. Leave them the choice – adding LinkedIn credentials to the profile or sharing the LinkedIn post on the feed! Let’s see how to set up the certification to provide a seamless LinkedIn sharing experience for recipients. Side effect? You can reach a whole new audience through their networks!

The easiest way to build a sharable credential on LinkedIn


What can you do to make your credentials LinkedIn-friendly?

In Certifier, you can create LinkedIn certificates and badges just like that. Recipients can easily and quickly add them to their profile via our platform (as the whole process is super simple and intuitive!). Just check it out.

Step 1: Sign in to Certifier

To get started, log in to Certifier (up to 250 credentials, Certifier goes for free!). It’s a certificate maker that takes care of every certification detail – from creation to distribution and analytics. But we understand how important it is to engage your recipients with credentials and make your course visible to others. That’s why Certifier provides LinkedIn sharing features like no other.

Sign-up page to create an account in Certifier and create LinkedIn credentials.

Step 2: Make LinkedIn sharing the main call to action (CTA) in the recipient’s wallet

Go to the Groups tab and choose the group you want to focus on.

Go through all the options. Set a Public Group Name, which is the name of the learning event that will be visible to everyone. Add a link to this learning event to facilitate access through the recipient's wallet, and list skills that recipients have acquired. Also, set an expiration date for LinkedIn certificates (if you want).

The groups settings to set up all the features to share LinkedIn credentials.

What is a recipient's wallet? The dashboard appears when recipients click the link in the email with the certificate. Thanks to this feature, they can view credentials 24/7, share them via QR codes or URLs, report errors, navigate in multiple languages, and share achievements on social media, including LinkedIn. They can also download credentials in various formats.

If you want to focus 100% on the user experience and sharing LinkedIn digital certificates, deactivate all other sharing and downloading options. Go to Advanced Settings > Recipient Permissions. Here, determine if you allow for PDF downloading or in which social media you want recipients to share their course completion credentials: LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter (X).

Options available within the Certifier settings to share the credentials on social media.

Please note: If you haven’t created LinkedIn certificate design yet, go to the Designs tab and start creation process. Do you want to see how to create LinkedIn credentials? Here’s the guide that can help you!

Step 3: Set up the default LinkedIn post message (at your disposal soon)

The Default LinkedIn Share Post feature will soon be available on Certifier. It will allow you to write a custom LinkedIn message, which by default, will show up along with your document when you share it on LinkedIn. 

This way, recipients will be able to share the post quickly and not think about how to describe it. It’ll be easy to set up through Advanced Group Settings.

Default LinkedIn share post that you can set up in the Certifier setting options.

Step 4: Check the recipient’s wallet appearance

Next, get access to the recipient’s wallet and see how all the options look like.

Select the recipient you want the wallet to check on under the Credentials tab and click “View.” With this wallet, recipients can access, share, and manage their digital credentials seamlessly. As we said – every recipient gets access to it via email. Sounds handy? It does! 

Previewing the LinkedIn credentials via the Certifier dashbord.

There are two ways to add these digital credentials to LinkedIn with Certifier: 

  • The recipient can add them to their profile in the Licenses & certifications section.

  • The recipient can share them as a post on their feed so others can see them, comment, and add reactions.

Option 1: The recipient shares the credential as a LinkedIn post

From this level, your recipient has the option to share the credential as a post on LinkedIn via the "Share Your Award" button.

Sharing the credential as a LinkedIn post via the recipient's wallet.

Then, they need to choose where they want to share their LinkedIn certificate. If they want to add it as a LinkedIn post, they need to choose the first option – Share on LinkedIn.

Adding the LinkedIn credential to LinkedIn.

As a result, their fresh LinkedIn digital credential will appear as a post on their LinkedIn account.

The example of the LinkedIn post of the recipient who shared their credential via the Certifier recipient's wallet.

Option 2: The recipient adds the credential to the LinkedIn profile

Another way is to add the document to the LinkedIn profile in the Licenses & certifications section. To do this, they need to click the button “Add to LinkedIn Profile.”

Adding the LinkedIn certificate to the LinkedIn profile.

A pop-up window will appear here. It contains all the necessary information regarding the credential. If all the information matches, the recipient clicks Save, and that’s all.

Adding the LinkedIn credential to the Licences & Certifications section in the LinkedIn profile.

Step 5: Track the sharing engagement

And let's not forget to track how your LinkedIn digital credentials are doing. You can see how many people shared credentials in the Credentials tab or via the Analytics tab.

In the Credentials tab, you can preview the credentials you have sent. Icons are next to each recipient's name so you can quickly see the document's status. There is also an option to see whether the credential has been added to the LinkedIn profile yet.

Checking the LinkedIn certificate status within the Certifier dashbord.

On the other hand, in the Analytics tab, there is a dashboard that shows an overall view of the Credentials Delivery Summary and Recipient Engagement Breakdown. You can use different filters to see more detailed results.

The analytics dashboard within the Certifier tool to check the LinkedIn credential engagement.

Bonus: Enable the pre-select feature for issuing organization on LinkedIn

You can add your LinkedIn company ID to Certifier to enable the pre-select feature for the issuing organization while the recipient adds the credential on LinkedIn. Thanks to that, there is no risk that the recipient adds the wrong company's name.

How to do this? Click on the avatar icon at the top right corner, go to Settings, choose Issuer, and head to General information > LinkedIn company ID.

Adding LinkedIn profile ID to get verified account.

To get your company ID, go to your profile on LinkedIn and copy from the URL the string of numbers that appears after the part. For example, for Certifier, it will be:

Numbers in the LinkedIn profile URL to get verified as the issuer in Certifier.

Paste a string of numbers into the “LinkedIn Company ID” field, and click “Save and Preview.”

From now on, when your recipients add their digital credentials to their LinkedIn profile, your company will immediately appear in the "Issuing organization" field.

Find out why Certifier is making waves with LinkedIn certificates

Easiest way to send certificates to webinar attendees! Easy to navigate, could import CSV files of attendees, send them a personalized certificate. Provided choice of multiple templates...

Jay Patel - avatar

Jay Patel

Product Manager

Amazing Technology and User Experience! Favorite feature is the branding and marketing capabilities of the platform... I can white label this as well.

Katona Payne - avatar

Katona Payne

Marketing Director

User-friendly interface, smooth editing. Lots of templates and different attributes for a smooth experience. Creating certificates on Certifier is the easiest job due to the options given.

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Richa Priti

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The tool that makes LinkedIn digital credentials easy to add

With Certifier's super intuitive and powerful features, your recipients can both – add digital LinkedIn credentials to your profile and share them as a post. In a click!

Adding LinkedIn certificates to the LI profile has never been so smooth

Intuitive features for adding credentials right to the LinkedIn profile - picture

Intuitive features for adding credentials right to the LinkedIn profile

Certifier offers easy sharing options via the Recipient’s Wallet. Thanks to them, your recipients can directly add their digital credentials and badges to the LinkedIn Licences & Certifications section with just a few clicks. Without a need to fill out all the necessary data about the LinkedIn credential – it will appear automatically.

Direct options to share LinkedIn credentials as a post - picture

Direct options to share LinkedIn credentials as a post

Offer your recipients the flexibility to showcase their LinkedIn credentials any way they want. Even if they choose not to add LinkedIn certificates directly to their profiles, they can still share their achievements as posts. Encourage your recipients to take advantage of this feature to boost their visibility and engagement within their network.

Various tracking functions at your disposal - picture

Various tracking functions at your disposal

Stay up to date and track recipients' activity. See how many people have shared their digital credentials on their social media via the Certifier dashboard. If someone has not yet published their award – encourage them to do so. You can finally keep your finger on the pulse and react. The more shares your LinkedIn credentials receive, the more visible your course will be!

No watermarks on LinkedIn certificates - picture

No watermarks on LinkedIn certificates

All Certifier LinkedIn credentials are professional from the start of their journey to the end. Whether recipients share them on social media or just download them - the credentials don’t contain watermarks. Our goal is for your brand image to become super professional. In- and outside of the company.

An efficient hub for all your LI credentials - picture

An efficient hub for all your LI credentials

You can create, generate data from the spreadsheet, distribute, and track all LinkedIn credentials within one platform. Thanks to our features, the certification process is more professional and cohesive than ever before. Certifier makes it easier to manage large volumes of credentials while maintaining high standards of quality and consistency.

Default LinkedIn Share Post (soon on Certifier) - picture

Default LinkedIn Share Post (soon on Certifier)

Are there fewer shares because recipients don't know what to write? Certifier crafted a solution that boosts user engagement and simplifies the sharing process. Through the advanced group settings, you can pre-set the text for LinkedIn posts. Provide recipients with ready-made, compelling content for their publications.

Certifier is the #1 solution for creating LinkedIn credentials on G2


Did you know?

Adding credentials to LinkedIn profiles leads to an average increase of 15% in profile interactions. Furthermore – LinkedIn profiles with specific credentials rank higher in search results. What does it mean for you? Every credential you issue that gets added to a LinkedIn profile acts as a mini-advertisement for your organization and your course. As more professionals display your credentials on their profiles, it naturally leads to increased interest and recognition, potentially driving new applicants to your programs. A strong presence on LinkedIn can open doors to collaborations and partnerships with other educational institutions, businesses, and industry leaders.

Manage LinkedIn certificates with Certifier

Certifier is a powerful yet simple tool. It requires no technical knowledge to issue LinkedIn certificates and give your recipients sharing capabilities.


Best practices to build LinkedIn credentials like a pro

Add LinkedIn company ID for easier sharing

If you add a LinkedIn company ID to Certifier, your recipients will be able to pre-select your organization when adding a certificate. Don't worry, the recipient can't add the wrong company name. Make publishing faster and more enjoyable.

Manage options to enhance experiences

If you want to focus on the recipient's experience all around LinkedIn, you can disable the option to share credentials on other social media or even to download them to PDF. Go to the Groups tab > Advanced settings, and from there, change the recipient permissions.

Use templates to issue LinkedIn certificates faster

Use our ready-made professional templates and appreciate your recipients faster and more efficiently. All templates can be easily customized: you can change fonts, icons, custom backgrounds, colors, and basically – whatever you want to. And the best part is that all templates are available within the free plan.

Upload your company's logo in simple steps

Don't forget to upload the company's logo to all your LinkedIn certificates for a more professional look. Go to the Designs tab, choose Elements, and upload the image. Using branded features enhances your company's recognition with corporate identity elements and improves your audience's perception. 

Add QR codes and increase the credentials' credibility

Certifier allows you to give one more layer of verification by adding a unique QR code to your certificate. When designing your digital credentials, go to the "QR code" section in the left-hand panel and click "Add QR Code." Then, you can change the code color and size. Simple as that.

Bring your brand or products to the recipients

Add the link to your company course/event/website to make it visible in the recipient's wallet. To do so, go to Groups tab settings > info & appearance > learning event link. Don't let customers seek you out, go out to them and gain some more traffic with no effort.

Re-send LinkedIn certificates to re-engage recipients

If engagement is low after the initial distribution of LinkedIn certificates, consider re-sending them. For example, if you sent out 1000 LinkedIn certificates and after a couple of weeks, you notice that 60% have not been shared, don't hesitate to reissue them. You can easily do it with the “resend” button. It will be a gentle push to remind recipients of their achievements.

Implement expiration dates on LinkedIn certificates

Setting expiration dates on LinkedIn certificates can create a sense of urgency and motivate recipients to take action. The best part? Certifier automatically sends follow-up emails to engage your recipients to showcase their credentials before they expire. When a certificate does expire, it’s a prime opportunity to reconnect with the recipients. 

Any questions?

Never created LinkedIn credentials before? There's no need to worry! Here are the most frequently asked questions in this area to help your recipients effectively share their achievements.

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