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Include a QR code on all certificates and diplomas you issue. Enable your recipients and anyone in their network to instantly verify the authenticity and validity of their certificates by scanning a QR code and enhance your reputation as a credible and forward-thinking certificate issuer. With Certifier, you can design and generate hundreds of professionally-looking certificates with unique QR codes in a few minutes, even without design skills.

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How to create certificates with QR code using Certifier for free

Certifier allows you to add QR codes to all the certificates you issue. This means that not only will you enable recipients to instantly verify their credentials and access them online, but you'll also enhance your reputation as a credible certificate issuer. Follow the steps below to learn how to add QR codes to certificates made with Certifier.

Step 1: Sign up for Certifier

Sign up for a free Certifier account to design and edit diplomas online in a matter of minutes. With a Certifier account, you can easily create certificates and badges customized to your branding and aesthetical preferences for free. Thanks to our visual builder, you’ll be able to preview each change you make to your document in real time.


Step 2: Go to Designs and choose the credential format

To start creating your credentials, go to the Designs tab. Here, you can choose between two paths: selecting one of your existing designs or creating a new one from scratch. If you've already signed up for Certifier and worked on certificate designs in the past, simply select the design you want to edit. If not, create a new one, choosing between a certificate or badge design.


Step 3: Select your preferred certificate design template

Go to the Templates tab to explore hundreds of professionally designed certificate and badge templates in Certifier's collection. Whether you're looking for an elegant certificate design or a stylish badge, we offer a range of templates for every use case. Simply browse the templates and select the one that best aligns with your preferences and branding needs. You can filter the templates by category, style, orientation, and color using the Filter feature. 

Step 4: Customize your chosen certificate template

All of Certifier’s templates are easily customizable. To personalize the look of your chosen template, you can remove any unwanted elements and upload your own (such as a custom background or your company logo). Then, personalize the text in the pre-designed fields. You can change how the text looks – its size, thickness, color, and font type. You can also adjust the colors of different elements to align with your brand identity and rearrange them to achieve your desired final look.

Step 5: Add a QR code to your certificate

Once the design of your document is finalized, it’s time to add your QR code. To do this, navigate to the "QR code" section in the left-hand panel and click "Add QR Code." This will automatically generate a QR code unique to your certificate. Then, resize it and place it wherever you see fit. The best places for a QR code are the corners of your design, or anywhere it won't overlap with important details. This ensures it'll be easy to scan and won't cover key information.


5.1 Change the color of the QR code

Your QR code doesn’t have to be black. If you want to match it to your branding and the aesthetic of your document or to make it stand out on a dark background, you can easily change its color. To do it, select your QR code and change its background or foreground color from the top menu. 


5.2 Test the QR code

Once you customized the design of your certificate and added your QR code, take a careful look at the entire document. Make sure everything is correct, including the QR code. To test the code, simply scan it with your phone. If it’s easy to scan, it’ll prompt a notification that says, “Your QR will scan!.” 

Step 6: Issue and send your certificate with QR code

Once you check that all the information on the certificate is accurate, finalize your design by clicking the "Create Certificate Design" button in the right-hand corner of the design canvas. 

6.1 Create a group of recipients

Before you can generate a certificate with QR code, you need to create a group of recipients. To do this, go to the Groups tab from the main menu and click “Create Group.” This will take you to a group creation screen where you will be asked to fill out information such as the group’s name and description and select the corresponding credential design. 

6.2 Issue your certificate 

Once your group is created, go to Credentials from the main menu and click on “Issue Certificates or Badges.” You’ll be prompted to select a group and add recipients. You can choose between two options: add recipients manually, one by one, or add data from a spreadsheet. 


6.3 Preview the certificate before issuing

Before sending the certificate to your recipients' list, you can preview what they will see after they receive their credentials. After adding your recipients in the previous step (either one by one or from a spreadsheet), click “Preview Before Publishing.” This will show you how your certificate will appear when filled with each recipient's information. You'll also be able to see a preview of the email they'll receive containing their credential.

6.4 Send the certificate to your recipients

After confirming that the details on the certificate are accurate, that there are no design errors, and that the QR code is functional, you're all set to share your certificate with the recipients' list. To do that, simply go to the certificate preview view and click the "Send and Publish" button. This action will email the corresponding certificate to each recipient you've listed. This is what your recipients will see after opening their certificate:


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Certifier is extremely easy to use! I was able to send a professional development certificate to over 400 people with ease and I loved that I was able to upload my own elements.

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Cheri Mills

Academic Technology Specialist

Great platform to manage and deploy online certifications! Intuitive, easy to use. The email functionality and flexibility to design custom certificates were really helpful...

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Colin Minte

Marketing Director

Certifier is solving the need to design a plethora of certificates. I can import backgrounds for the credentials I am issuing... it's given me an edge.

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Mazeed Mukhtar Oyeleye

Content Strategist

All-in-one certificate software

A comprehensive solution for all your certificate creation needs. Create certificates with QR code online for free using Certifier.

The simplest way to make certificates with QR code online for free

Make your certificates instantly verifiable - picture

Make your certificates instantly verifiable

A QR code allows your recipients and their network to verify the authenticity and validity of their certificates in a few clicks. This instant verification not only confirms the legitimacy of the credentials you issue but also increases your organization’s credibility.

Strengthen your reputation as a certificate issuer - picture

Strengthen your reputation as a certificate issuer

Creating certificates with scannable QR codes provides your recipients with an easy way to access and verify their credentials on their own. It also positions you as a forward-thinking, future-proof institution and gives you a competitive advantage.

Distribute credentials in minutes and save time - picture

Distribute credentials in minutes and save time

Quickly generate and add a QR code to each certificate with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to create and send each certificate manually. Since recipients can verify their credentials on their own by scanning the QR code, there's no need for manual distribution.

Prevent fraud and fake certificates - picture

Prevent fraud and fake certificates

Forget about fake credentials and stolen data. With a QR code, you can encode private information, which can't be accessed without scanning it first. This reduces the risk of fraudulent activity and protects your organization from issues caused by fake certificates.

Provide instant access to information - picture

Provide instant access to information

Add an extra layer of security and verification to your certificates with QR codes. A QR code can be scanned by anyone with a mobile device, providing instant access to additional information about the certificate issuer, expiration date, and more.

Improve customer satisfaction and foster strong relationships - picture

Improve customer satisfaction and foster strong relationships

QR codes offer a quick and convenient way for recipients to access and verify their certificates on their own from any device. This transparent approach creates trust and proves that your institution is dedicated to delivering more than just a document.

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Did you know?

Did you know that more and more people use QR codes in their day-to-day lives? Around 72% of mobile users scan a QR code at least once every month, and about 32% do it once a week. Global QR code usage is on the rise across all industries, from marketing to hospitality and even education. QR codes provide an easy way for consumers to access information instantly from their smartphones. Integrating QR codes into your credentials can help you increase the number of interactions with your certificates by making them more engaging and dynamic for your recipients.

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Take your digital certificate creation process to the next level. Design, issue, send, and track highly personalized certificates & badges in minutes.

Best practices to create certificates with QR code with Certifier

Make sure your QR code is easily scannable

With a QR code, your recipients can access and verify their credentials instantly. But for this to work, the QR code must be easy to scan. If it’s not, the whole point of integrating a QR code into your credentials is lost. To make sure it can be easily scanned, position the QR code on a clean background. Also, ensure it's large enough to be easily scanned but not too large to obstruct other information or ruin the aesthetic of your document.

Place the QR code strategically

To guarantee that the QR code on your certificate is easily scannable, position it where it won't cover important details. Place it closer to the information it relates to follow the visual hierarchy of our eyes and help recipients understand the purpose of the code. Leave some space around it to avoid cluttering the document and let the eye zero in on the code easily. Typically, the best placements for the QR code on your document are its corners.

Customize the look of your QR code

A QR code is typically black and white, but with Certifier, you can customize it to match your brand colors. Simply adjust the foreground and background color of your QR code to the look and feel of your brand. This will help you not only align the look of your QR code with your document's color palette but also help you drive brand awareness and appear more professional.

Opt for a contrasting color

Make sure there is enough contrast between the color of your QR code and the certificate background. If the contrast is too low, the QR code will blend in with the background, making it hard to scan. To check whether the contrast ratio is high enough, place the QR code where you want it on the certificate and scan it with your phone. If it's easy to scan, you've got the right contrast.

Use a QR code with a transparent background

With Certifier, you can change the background color of your QR code, for example, when you want to emphasize it on your certificate. If you do, make sure your chosen background color contrasts well with the QR code, making it easily visible and scannable. Still, we suggest using a transparent background for your QR code, as it allows it to blend perfectly with your document's design, giving it a clean and professional appearance. Plus, it ensures the code is easy to scan.

Test the QR code before publishing

To ensure that your recipients and those they share their credentials with won’t face any hiccups when scanning the QR code, test it before issuing the credentials. To test the code, simply scan it with your phone. If it’s easy to scan, it’ll prompt a notification that says, “Your QR will scan!.” By testing the QR code beforehand, you're double-checking that everything is good to go and guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free experience for your recipients.

Avoid broken links and misinformation

Always keep your QR codes up-to-date to prevent broken links and outdated information. If a recipient scans a code that takes them to a non-existent page or displays incorrect information, it'll result in confusion, thus hurting your reputation as a certificate issuer. Regularly verifying the content linked to the QR code will help you maintain the credibility of your certificates and provide a seamless experience for those verifying credentials through QR codes.

Include a call-to-action next to the QR code

Improve user experience by adding a clear label near the QR code, like "Scan for Verification." This small addition lets recipients know the purpose of the code, encouraging them to use it for easy verification of their certificate. This small call to action can make a significant difference in driving recipients to verify their certificates using QR codes, therefore increasing the efficiency of the verification process and creating a positive impression of your institution.

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A comprehensive solution for all your certificate creation needs. Create certificates with QR code online for free using Certifier.