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Change names on the certificates even after you hit the “Publish” button

Did you make an error on the certificate and hit “Publish” too soon? No stress! With Certifier, it’s never too late to edit certificates names. Mistakes on your certificate? Consider them gone. Go back in any time to polish typos, edit names, swap icons, or switch up colors. Certifier empowers you to fix not just one – but a batch of certificates in a single, seamless workflow. Transform and polish, on your terms.

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How to update issued certificates?

Discover how Certifier gives you full control to correct names, errors, typos, or make design changes to your issued credentials, even after they've been sent out. Here's the guide that walks you through all the necessary edits – edit name, text, and graphic elements, add or remove features, and handle change requests from recipients.

Step 1: Access the credential

First, you need to create Certifier accounts. It’s an all-in-one certificate and digital badge generator that allows you to create, generate, send, and track all credentials under one roof. It provides a huge library of templates and up to 250 credentials per year the account is forever free!

Creating an account in Certifier to update issued credential anytime.

Sign into Certifier and head to your dashboard to find the existing certificate. All documents are in cloud storage so you can have access to them wherever you are. With a quick preview feature, you can distinguish multiple certificates at a glance.

Step 2: Modify the graphic element

Have you noticed that you have missed the company's logo, or there are some design flaws on the certificate?

If you want to know how to change names on certificates to all recipients, go to the Designs tab and pick the certificate template you want to adjust. Click edit.

Please note: The change will apply to multiple certificates within the Group of recipients using the same certificate template.

Editing certificate design on multiple issued credentials at once.

Change the graphic, dynamic attribute, signature, upload a new icon or even add a QR code (for an extra layer of authentication) – no limitations here. You choose how the final design will look, so it doesn’t matter if you want to adjust the old element or add a new one. Just don’t forget to click “Save” afterward. There’s no need to resend the certificate. Updates will be made automatically.

Adding a QR code to the certificate as an update.

Step 3: Edit certificate name, date, or email address

There are times when only one credential has an error. There may be a typo in the name or the email address is incorrect.

If you want to edit the selected certificate and not the entire group of credentials, go to the Credentials tab. Choose the certificate you want to fix and click “View” to get access to the particular credential management dashboard.

Editing issued certificates and changing names on certificates.

Then, you can easily enter a new name in certificate, change the issue date, when the certificate expires, or update the email address if it bounced. Best of all – if you edit the name on certificate, the certificate will be automatically updated. There is no need to go through the process of resending the certificate.

Changing the date on issued credentials.

Step 4: Handle the change requests

Certifier also provides a super intuitive and extremely helpful option to handle external change requests. Through the recipient's view (available via the credential’s link), the recipient can let you know if there are any errors or typos on their certificate. You can then respond to their inquiry quickly and easily. How does it work?

When the recipient spots the error, they can send the change request by clicking the “Contact Issuer.”

Contacting the issuer to report the typo, problem or certificate name change online.

Then, the recipient must verify their identity using their email address. This step is extremely important to make sure the right person ask for changes and keeps the information safe.

Reporting the typo, problem or certificate name change online.

Now, they simply need to specify the inquiry and which problems with the credential they have (as shown in the example below):

Sending the inquiry about the typo or error on the issued credential.

Monitor incoming change requests from the Credentials tab in your panel. Don't worry, you won't miss any problems. It’s super simple. You get the notification via email that the recipient has some issues with their credential. You can also see all change requests via filter options in the Credentials tab. Look for the exclamation mark under the Status to locate the inquiry faster.

The credential status the issuer can keep track on the Certifier tool.

Go to “View” to see the request. Validate it, make necessary edits, and save relevant changes. There’s no need to resend the certificate. The recipient will see the change automatically.

Pro tip: Enable autoscaling in the dynamic attributes font options to automatically adjust the text size to the name length.

The notification the issuer see once the recipient reported the error.

If everything looks as it should, you can close the request. You can then easily manage all inquiries without worrying about omitting anything.

Accepting the inquiry to change the name on certificates via the Certifier platform.

Do you have any concerns? This history panel in the credential management dashboard is designed not only to address your inquiries but also to boost transparency throughout the entire certification process. It provides you with the capability to view a comprehensive history of all edits that have been legally changed. It allows you to track and understand the modifications made over time.

View of the credential's history of changes.

That’s all! With Certifier, you can easily update issued credentials or fix your error. And as you can send digital credentials via the Certifier panel, you don’t have to send or print them again. Super handy, right?

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Create flawless certificates with flexible fixes

See how to edit certificate names online as many times as you need, back and forth. Handle change requests and create perfect certificates at no time.

You can correct any typos you find on the certificates (at any time!)

Certification with full control - picture

Certification with full control

It's simple and intuitive to manage your certificates thanks to our user-friendly panel. Handle change requests, track statuses, and oversee every detail with ease. Certifier gives you the reins and ensures you're always in control of every certificate you issue.

Edits anytime, stress-free, with no limitations - picture

Edits anytime, stress-free, with no limitations

Mistakes happen, but with Certifier, they're no big deal. Edit design and text on certificates even after they've been sent. This feature ensures that every certificate can be corrected and perfected at any stage. Maintain your high standards without worry.

Automatic updates to keep certificate current - picture

Automatic updates to keep certificate current

Forget about the hassle of resending certificates for every little change. With Certifier, updates are automatic. Make your edits, and they'll apply across the board instantly. It's the straightforward way to keep every certificate current without extra work.

Bulk updates or individual tweaks - picture

Bulk updates or individual tweaks

Need to fix a widespread issue or a single typo? Certifier has you covered. Our system allows bulk updates to address common graphic problems or individual edits for specific name and date corrections. Save your time while guaranteeing that each certificate is tailored to the recipient.

Notify the recipient with a single click - picture

Notify the recipient with a single click

If you ever need to notify recipients about updates, Certifier's one-click resend feature makes it easy. Quickly reissue updated certificates to keep everyone informed. It's a simple solution for maintaining transparency and ensuring satisfaction. And your professional image as an issuer!

User-friendly from start to finish - picture

User-friendly from start to finish

Explore an intuitive dashboard that makes mastering certificate management straightforward. Certifier is built for easy adoption and lets you focus on creating beautiful, personalized certificates. Designed for everyone to use, it combines efficiency with effectiveness.

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Did you know?

Certifier offers a groundbreaking changes tracking feature that turns traditional certificate management on its head. Imagine your recipients have the power to pinpoint exactly what needs tweaking on their certificates, from a typo in their name to the wrong date. This feature streamlines communication between the issuer and recipient so that any changes are made promptly and efficiently. It cuts down on back-and-forth, so every certificate is spot-on. Deliver a flawless certificate experience to every recipient.

Worth noting: The most popular change request (more than 30% of all) is asking to change the family name. The second place, according to popularity, is a change related to another language, e.g., recipients ask to change the entire certificate to another language or the spelling of their name or surname. The rest of the inquiries are about typos, visual changes, or additional elements, such as the number of points earned.

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Certifier streamlines the entire “change of name” certificate process. Edit certificate properties whenever you spot the error. In a matter of a few clicks.


Tips & tricks to edit names on certificates

Use filters to manage requests

Keep your change requests in check by filtering them in the Credentials tab. This helps you quickly spot which certificates need your attention so you don’t miss anything important. Managing all of them from one dashboard also streamlines a workflow a lot.

Preview certificates before bulk generation

Always preview the certificate you're about to send, especially when handling several certificates. It’s a simple step that prevents mistakes and ensures you don’t need to change of name certificate. Be careful – you’re working with sensitive data here.

Enable autoscaling for perfect fit

It’s a really important feature you'll only realize when you're editing certificates. Turn on autoscaling for dynamic attributes to ensure text sizes adjust automatically. This keeps your certificates looking sharp and professional, no matter the text length.

Edit template for multiple certificates

Save time by editing the certificate template under the Designs tab for changes to many at once. This approach updates all associated certificates in one go, streamlining your workflow. No more need to change each certificate one by one.

Take care of every detail

Remember that Certifier allows you to edit every certificate detail – from text to graphic, or even a QR code. You decide what you want to edit, and when you want to do it. Take advantage of that.

Keep track of your edits

Certifier records every edit you make, providing a clear history of changes. Regularly reviewing this log can help you maintain consistency across your certificates and serves as a reference for any future queries. 

Don’t ignore the requests from the recipients

The Certifier tool makes it easy to spot and manage requests. As soon as they appear, take appropriate action. The changes will take you just a minute. Don’t hold your recipients back from sharing the credentials.

Resend the certificates after the name change

If you have already changed the certificate name or typos, with one click, you can resend the email with the link to the recipient’s wallet. It's super easy and prevents your recipients from wondering if the certificate is ready.

Have a question?

Sending certificates with errors can be stressful. Don’t worry. In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions about editing the issued credentials. It's all good!

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