14 Free Diploma Templates to Download

Get the newest free diploma templates you can download and customize in a minute. See different styles and colors, both in landscape and portrait. As always, available in Figma, Word, and Certifier formats!

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Guess what? We've just added 14 new digital diploma templates to the Certifier library, and they're absolutely free. These templates cover a variety of styles, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Take a look and enjoy!

How to download quality diploma templates for free?

Before you choose the perfect diploma template, see how quickly you can download it in the best quality (whether for printing or sending it online).

How to get one:

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Pick your template from this list – check out our variety of diploma templates and choose the one that works for you.

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Choose the look – decide if you want your diploma in landscape or portrait mode.

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Grab your format – download your chosen template in Certifier editor, Figma, or Microsoft Word format.

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Customize it – throw in your organization's logo and those all-important signatures to give the diploma that personal touch.

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Send it out – join Certifier for a smooth ride to distribute these diplomas further.

Do you want to see the whole diploma creation process? Check out this video:

Best designs to download from Certifier diploma template gallery

Check out these awesome diploma templates for celebrating the go-getters and the big winners. Our selection has something for everyone, from the top-notch team players at work to the talented graduates.

Here are some of the latest ⬇️

01 High school diploma template for A+ students

A playful and colorful certificate of completion, perfect for celebrating early childhood educational milestones with a cheerful design.

Ready to print and proud of it, this certificate of completion is the real deal for future course graduates. Its soft backdrop and a pop of green lend it a classic yet contemporary feel. Need it now? No problem. It's a perfect document for quick customization. With Certifier, you can also add those finishing touches that make it yours – all set for free, easy distribution.

02 Customizable diploma template with a vibrant color palette

A professional diploma of completion template in violet with a prominent date and golden badge.

Break the mold with this customizable diploma template as vibrant as your achievements. Its striking violet color palette will make your certificate stand out in a crowd. This Certifier template is perfect for celebrating an accounting milestone or another professional accomplishment. Edit, integrate, and distribute easily, and watch your professional story come to life. Available in Figma and Word formats as well.

03 Superlative award for star employees

Simple free diploma template in blue with clean and organized layout.

Spotlight your standout team members with a diploma that's as sharp as their skills. The cool blue and polished look of our template makes it the perfect pat on the back for your office MVPs. Tailor it with a personal shout-out using Certifier, and send it out in a snap for that surprise office party.

04 Real diploma feel for a business

A minimalist certificate of completion with a golden seal, indicating successful program completion in a specialized subject area.

Give a round of applause to your team's achievements with a certificate. Designed with a classy gold seal, this one's ready to make your company's best moments shine. Customize it with a personal touch on Certifier, send it, and you're all set for the award ceremony. (On Certifier, you can integrate the recipients' list with Google Sheets!).

05 Diploma for creatives

Printable and editable simple diploma of specialist template with golden badge.

Thinkers in your team will love this diploma that's as creative as they are. Minimal yet bold, it's a blank canvas for their achievements. With Certifier’s design-builder, turn this template into a personal piece of art they'll treasure. Their innovative spirit deserves this.

06 Modern diploma of graduation

A customizable bachelor's diploma template in a simple yet elegant design, featuring a gold emblem and ready for personalization.

Put your students’ academic journey to rest with this bachelor's diploma template. The bold green and gold design stands out. It’s just a perfect document to frame and hang. Whether it's their first step into the world of psychology or another feather in their caps, this diploma is designed to be treasured. Customize it on Certifier with a few clicks and make it graduation-ready.

07 High school diploma template for A+ students

A high school diploma template featuring a dignified black and white design with a decorative border and a placeholder for the graduate's name.

This certificate of diploma template has a cool, gray vibe with just enough pattern to keep it interesting (but not too much to distract from your big achievement). It’s a straight-up professional with a seal to mark your year of glory. And hey, it’s easy to make it yours – tweak it online with Certifier’s builder or grab it in Figma or Word. Whether you hang it or frame it, this is your moment shining back at you.

08 Graduation certificate for proud moments

A green-themed graduation diploma template for higher education achievements with a university logo and specialty title.

Graduation time is a big deal, and this diploma's all set to match that vibe. Wrapped in shades of green, it's perfect for the eco-warrior ready to take on the world. Simple – yes, but this diploma look official enough to stand out. This template's ready for any device. Just sign up to Certifier, customize it, and send it out.

09 Your dream college diploma template

A traditional college diploma template in blue, complete with a space for the recipient's name and degree information.

Do you have that college glow-up? Here’s a diploma to match. It’s cool blue with a touch of art, just like the college days you’re leaving behind. It's up to you whether you want it to be in landscape or portrait format. Make it yours in a click with an online college diploma maker, and get crafting.

10 Editable diploma template for personalization

A detailed blue and gold specialist diploma template, complete with insignia and ceremonial ribbons, ideal for professional accolades.

Your career’s leveling up, and you need a diploma that shows it. This one’s got a smooth look with a golden badge of honor at the center. It’s ready for your personal stamp. So download it, tweak it, and print a diploma that’s as genuine as your new skills.

11 Quality diploma paper for course participants

An editable certificate of completion featuring a formal design with spaces for personalization and course details.

Here’s a nod to your hard work: an advanced post graduate course certificate with class and character. Archaic-looking diploma elegance meets modern design – this is the kind of diploma that says “I nailed it” with just one look. Certifier has features that make sharing a breeze. Get this design and let everyone know you did the work.

12 Realistic fake diploma template for fun

A free printable diploma template with a sophisticated golden design, ready for customization and official seals.

This certificate of completion, with its elegant cream color and ornate border, brings a playful edge to the table. Whether for a mock award or a personal joke, this template's got you covered. Grab it on Certifier, print it on your choice of specialty paper, and have a little fun!

13 Beautiful certificates on fine specialty paper

A simple and elegant homeschool certificate of completion with minimal design elements and a central emblem.

This is not just any certificate – it's a token of achievement that deserves the best. With its premium look on fine specialty paper, this certificate of completion is a beautiful tribute to your hard work. The beautiful details and warm colors will make any graduate beam with pride.

14 Graduation diploma certificate template that stands out

A formal bachelor's diploma template with a classic font and gold seal, indicating completion of a higher education degree.

Get ready for the ultimate celebration because graduation day is about to become epic with this stunning diploma! Its sleek design won't just blend into the background – it’s a statement piece. You can personalize this diploma on Certifier, send it quickly, and see when your graduates share it on their LinkedIn.

Explore more diploma certificate design templates

Can’t get enough of these diploma designs? We've got a whole library full of them on Certifier. Browse through, find the one that catches your eye, and make it your own. With Certifier, it’s all a breeze.

Handing out these stunners? They’ll be the talk of the event. So keep the celebrations going and make those milestone moments shine with digital diploma!

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