How to Generate Certificates With Typeform Surveys?

Did somebody fill out the Typeform survey? Easily generate certificates based on the answers. Check out how to do that via Certifier integration.

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Ola Kozielska

Updated: June 28, 2024

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Want to give out certificates at your event or course? Here's a simple way to do it. Use Typeform to collect attendee details and automatically create certificates for them.

This guide will show you how to set up an automated system that pulls information from Typeform surveys and uses it to generate personalized certificates in the Certifier certificate generator.

Typeform + Certifier – autogenerate certificates from surveys

Typeform and Certifier have joined forces via Zapier and created a seamless way to handle certificates.

With Typeform's surveys, you can collect all the necessary participant info. Then, Certifier steps in to automatically whip up certificates from those survey responses. What does it mean? No more manual slog through certificate creation.

Certifier and Typeform as a robut solution to generate certificates automatically.

The list of the tools you’ll need to auto-generate certificates based on the survey answers:

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Pst! It is possible to integrate these tools with free versions!

So, let’s get to work and set up the workflow between Typeform and Certifier (it’s not difficult at all!). We’ll show you every detail, step by step.

#1 Set up your Typeform survey

If you don’t already have a survey, go to Typeform and create one. If you have an existing survey that fits the bill, feel free to use that.

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Your survey should ask for key details that will appear on the certificate. It typically includes the respondent's name and email address. Remember, how you phrase your questions in Typeform will directly impact the data you collect.

Settting up the survey to gather details about certificate recipients'.

Source: typeform

For example, if you're issuing certificates for a course, you might ask respondents to select the course they attended from a dropdown menu.

Don’t forget to publish the survey.

#2 Sign up for Zapier

If you're new to Zapier, the first step is to sign up for an account. Visit the Zapier website and click on the “Sign Up” button. You can sign up using your email address or simply use your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account for quick registration.

This service will be the bridge between Typeform and Certifier. And allows the tools to communicate automatically with each other.

#3 Create a New Zap in Zapier

Once you're logged into your Zapier account, locate the “Create Zap” button. You'll usually find it on the dashboard or in the top left menu. 

Creating a new Zap to generate certificates from surveys.

This button starts a new automated workflow called a Zap.

#4 Choose Typeform as the Trigger

Choose the Trigger app – the app where the process begins. In this case, select “Typeform” as your trigger. This means the Zap will start its process whenever the specified event in Typeform occurs.

Trigger and Action in Zapier.

Select the specific trigger event, like "New Entry,” which triggers the Zap each time a new survey response is submitted.

Setting up a new entry in Typeform as a Trigger to create certificates.

#5 Connect your Typeform account to Zapier

Image icon

If you haven’t already connected your Typeform account to Zapier, you’ll be prompted to do so. 

You’ll find this option under the Account tab. Click on it and log in.

Connecting Typeform survey with Zapier.

#6 Set up Trigger details in Zapier

Now, you'll need to specify which particular survey in Typeform should trigger the Zap.

Select the survey you've set up for your event or course from the dropdown list provided.

Setting up Trigger details in Zapier to connect Typeform surveys.

Configure any additional trigger options if needed.

Test your trigger to detect any errors.

#7 Log into Certifier

To integrate Certifier with your Typeform responses via Zapier, you first need to access your Certifier account.

Creating an account takes less than a minute, just enter your email and set a password. You can also do it via a Google account.

Create and Send CertificatesTake your digital certificate creation process to the next level!

Once you’re in, navigate to the Designs tab.

#8 Create a new certificate template in Certifier (takes 2 minutes!)

Click on the option to “Create Design.”

We don’t have time to create a certificate from scratch, so we’ll choose one of the 500+ certificate templates available.

Creating a new certificate template in Certifier.

Here’s our choice. 

The only elements we need to add are texts, signatures, and dynamic attributes that will insert data from the survey automatically.

Setting up attributes to automate the process of generating certificates in Certifier via Typeform.

Save the template for use.

If you need more help with creating a certificate template, check out this guide: 

#9 Create a Group

Now, you must assign your project to a specific Group in Certifer.

To do that, go to the Groups tab and create a new group.

Name the group, choose the template you created, and adjust the email template that will be sent to each recipient after generating the certificate.

Creating a group of recipients in Certifier.

It means that after the survey response is submitted, the Certifier will automatically generate the certificate and send it to the email address provided. You will not even have to lift a finger.

#10 Choose Certifier as the Action in Zapier

Come back to Zapier again.

You'll now choose the action that follows the Typeform trigger. Here, select “Certifier” from the list of available apps. This means that once a Typeform entry is received, an action will be started in Certifier.

Certifier as Action in Zapier.

Select “Issue Credential". Your Zap should look like this now:

Zap sample, Certifier and Typeform integration to generate certificates automatically.

#11 Connect your Certifier account to Zapier

Log in to your Certifier account through Zapier.

Connecting Certifier to Zapier.

Click “Sign in.” You'll see a window with a token code to paste. To generate it in Certifier, you must go to Settings > Developers > Access tokens.

Click “Generate Access Token.”

Generating access token to connect Certifier and Typeform.

Name the token and copy the code you’ll get.

Copying access token to integrate Certifier with Zapier.

Paste it in Zapier.

#12 Set up Action details in Zapier

To trigger the workflow correctly, there are several things to consider.

Choose the Group name.

Next, connect the particular Typeform fields to certificate attributes (dynamic fields showing the particular survey data).

Setting up Certifier Action details in Zapier.

Test the step.

Carefully choose and configure Certifier action details in your Zap. So the certificates you generate are tailored to recipients’ data and are automatically generated after every Typeform submission. 

#13 Test and publish your Zap

Test your Zap.

Pay attention to any error messages during the test. If something goes wrong, Zapier will usually give you a hint about what needs fixing.

Testing and publishing Zap to create certificates from Typeform entry.

Once you're happy with the test results, it's time to make your Zap live.

Simply click the “Publish” button.

Your workflow is now active, and new Typeform entries will automatically trigger certificates to land in recipients' inboxes.

Enjoy your new automated certificate workflow

Well done on getting your automated certificate system up and running! Now, you can sit back and relax a bit more. You know that your certificates are being handled smoothly and swiftly.

It's time to enjoy the benefits of your hard work and see the happy faces of your participants as they receive their well-earned certificates!

You can learn more about Certifier and Typeform integration here.


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See how to generate certificates based on the survey answers. Automatically.
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