11 Free Online Signature Generators (+Bonus)

Sign up without printing. See the best online signature generators to create your own electronic signature for free.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: April 22, 2024

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Tired of the print-sign-scan routine?

Online signature generators are the future. They're quick, secure, and save trees – a convenient way to sign documents.

We tested nearly 30 online signature makers on the market. These are our top picks with no hidden costs.

What is a signature generator?

A signature generator is a web-based tool that allows users to create a digital version of a handwritten signature. These creators often provide a variety of styles and customization options. A digital signature can then be used to sign electronic documents and communications.

For example, if you use a certificate maker like Certifier, you don’t have to print certificates before sending them out. You can use one of the signature makers available and easily add your name to the digital credential.

➡️ See how to create digital signatures for your documents. ⬅️

#1 CocoSign - easy online signature maker

CocoSign – a sleek, eco-friendly signature generator for a stress-free signing process. Perfect for crafting professional, legible signatures on PDF documents or emails. It’s like having a personal signature all the time in your pocket.

Secure, simple, and a bit of a show-off in the best way.

CocoSign as one of the best option to create signatures.

CocoSign highlights

  • No sign-up needed to start

  • 30 fonts available

  • Ability to save signatures as PNG format

#2 CreateMySignature - robust signature solution

CreateMySignature stands out with its simplicity and security. Imagine signing a PDF file or adding a professional signature to your email without any tech hassles. That's CreateMySignature for you – a cloud-based, no-install-needed wonder.

Whether on a mobile device or desktop, this tool adapts to your screen. And for those who worry about security, rest easy.

CreateMySignature as a solution to sign documents online.

CreateMySignature highlights

  • Every signature and file transfer is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption

  • Easy to download the signature in PNG format

  • No sign-up needed

  • 6 fonts available

#3 BunnyDoc - fast signature generator

BunnyDoc hops right into the action as your signature creator. What's really cool? You don't need to be a tech guru to use it. BunnyDoc is simple to use and offers an easy-to-navigate platform where you can create signatures and track your documents with ease.

Automate digital document signing so it's quick, secure, and fun.

BunnyDoc easy to use signature creator.

BunnyDoc highlights

  • 9 fonts are available

  • Easy signature download to PNG

  • Type or draw options

  • Without registering

#4 Signaturely - free online signature creator

When you Google "online signature generators," Signaturely is a signature maker tool that appears on top. No wonder it’s super easy to use and provides a mass of fonts (36, actually, but it’s enough to choose your perfect match).

Just a few clicks, and you're done – no fuss, no muss.

Signaturely as easy signature creator.

Signaturely highlights

  • You can sign documents in bulk

  • 36 fonts are available

#5 SIGN.PLUS - handwritten signature generator

SIGN.PLUS makes crafting your signature as easy as doodling, whether for PDFs or emails. It's like your personal signature workshop – straightforward, efficient, and ready to give your documents that professional edge.

Please note that it’s not possible to download the electronic signature generated in SIGN.PLUS. Documents must be signed within the platform.

SIGN.PLUS and an option to draw your own signature.

SIGN.PLUS highlights

  • SIGN.PLUS is free just for the first 14 days

  • 16 fonts are available

#6 SignHouse - eSignature software

SignHouse shakes up the online signature scene with its straightforward approach. Need to add your mark to a bunch of documents and tweak or generate an email signature? This tool makes it a snap. You can draw your signature for that personal style or type it in for clarity.

Turn your signature into a PNG file with a few clicks – so you can use it anywhere you want!

SignHouse as a robust solution to create signatures online.

SignHouse highlights

  • 40 fonts are available

  • Free to download as a PNG file

  • Color customization

#7 DoxFlowy - document signing automation software 

You need to sign a document and bam! DoxFlowy lets you type it out, pick a handwriting font that matches your vibe, and you're done. It's perfect for when you want your signature to look good without the hassle of drawing or scanning

And, it provides quite many customization options (transparent background included!).

DoxFlowy signatures generator.

DoxFlowy highlights

  • Customization options to create signature from scratch

  • Variations in rotation and slant

  • Easy to download as PNG

#8 Xodo Sign (formerly Eversign) - free electronic signature

Xodo Sign might not be the easiest electronic signature generator, but it stands out with its solid document workflow features. You've got options to type, draw, or upload your signature – a wide range of options to make the signing process pretty smooth. It's a solid choice if you need more than just a simple sign-off.

One drawback (or two)? Before you can join, you have to sign up and fill out a lot of information. You can't also download the signature to image format.

Xodo Sign as an online signature generator.

Xodo Sign highlights

  • 10 fonts available

  • Default signature

#9 Jotform Sign - advanced online signature solution

Moving on to Jotform Sign, this platform is a powerhouse when it comes to adding signature fields to your documents. Whether it's legal contracts or a simple document file, Jotform Sign handles it with ease. The signature is not available as a PNG file, which limits its use.

It's ideal for those who want their personal style to shine in their signatures, whether on social media profiles (we don’t judge it) or in email footers.

Jotform Sign settings menu to create e-signature.

Jotform highlights

  • Extensive signature customization options

  • Dashboard to streamline contract management process

#10 DigiSigner - online signature platform

There's also DigiSinger for those who need a platform to handle signatures to documents. This one doesn't just provide signature creation options. It also keeps track of all your signing needs in one place.

The catch? You must use the signatures within DigiSinger. No takeaways here.

DigiSigner and options to choose signature font.

DigiSigner highlights

  • They keep documents safe behind a firewall

  • Ability to invite people to sign the document

#11 SignWell - simple way to create signatures

SignWell signature creator makes it super easy to create a signature that's uniquely you. It provides many fonts to choose from – for professional-looking output. And the best part? It's free and totally legal for all your document-signing needs.

You can trust SignWell to sign your stuff like a boss.

SignWell online signature tool.

SignWell highlights

  • 31 fonts available

  • Free to download as PNG (transparent background provided)

Bonus: Electronic signature from scratch on a Mac

Good new macOS users! You can also create signatures directly from the built-in editor on your device.

Once you open the document, look for the signature icon.

Creating online signatures on Mac.

Then, you can create signature with trackpad, scan it with camera, or draw it on iPhone or iPad screen.

It’s a wrap-up

That's a wrap on online signature generators. They're quick, secure, and a no-brainer for anyone needing to sign documents digitally. You can forget about printing documents you're going to send online anyway.

And if you want to create digital documents like certificates, don't forget to check out Certifier certificate maker. It’s free as well!

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