19 Premium Recognition Certificate Templates

You're just a step away from a collection of free recognition certificate templates. All are free and ready to download. Get it and edit it.

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Aksen Semak

Updated: April 22, 2024

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Here’s the collection of recognition certificate templates available in the Certifier library. They're just waiting to help you celebrate your employee or colleague and give them that well-deserved shoutout.

And the best part? These templates are a breeze to use. Download, customize, and voilà – it's time to make someone's day.

Free recognition certificate templates to download  

You can choose from a variety of Certifier certificate templates on this page. If you’re looking for other colors or formats – just hit the button under the template you like. Many are available in different color configurations and formats (landscape and portrait). Check it out!

#1 Certificate of recognition template

Certificate of recognition template.

Looking for an elegant and modern way to reward someone's dedication? Here’s the template that might meet these needs. Its colorful graphics pop against an off-white background, making the achievement stand out in style. This template is perfect for creative institutes, dynamic organizations, or individuals with an eye for design.

Image icon

Vibrant graphics. A design that's as lively as the person you're recognizing.

Image icon

QR code. For quick validation, there is a QR code at the bottom (you can generate it directly from the Certifier editor).

#2 Printable recognition certificate template

Printable recognition certificate template.

Take a moment and enjoy looking at this clean white certificate template. It's like a breath of fresh air. The design is so crisp and clean, making every word stand out. And that unique recognition badge at the bottom? It adds a touch of exclusivity.

Image icon

Balanced design. The white background lets achievements shine bright.

Image icon

Easy to print. The bright colors make it suitable for printing.

Image icon

Tailored touch. Spaces for logos and details ensure it's not just another generic certificate.

#3 Modern employee recognition certificate template

Modern employee recognition certificate template.

Look at this cool grey certificate template. It's got this contemporary vibe that's hard to miss. The design? Eye-catching. The minimalistic layout is paired with unique, colorful graphics on the left. And there's a spot for a unique serial number, making every recognition feel special.

Image icon

Cool & modern. Grey is the perfect neutral backdrop for any achievement.

Image icon

Details. From the course name to the principal's signature, it's got room for everything.

Image icon

Exclusivity alert. With a unique graphic, it doesn’t look like a basic certificate.

#4 Creative certificate design with a blue accent

Creative certificate design with a blue accent.

If you like blue, we have something special for you. The blue accents in this certificate template add a subtle splash of color. Every aspect has been carefully considered, from the certificate design to the certification fonts. And we like the final result a lot!

Image icon

Subtle accents. The gentle blue accents lighten up the simple certificate layout.

Image icon

Clear typography. The certificate's text is readable.

Image icon

Captivating design. The graphic elements are sure to catch the eye.

Navy-blue certificate design template.

This template is a special one. Its sophisticated design, highlighted by a rich navy-blue color palette, immediately captures attention. The detailed border makes it look exceptional and professional. And adding names and details is super easy to make it just right for your needs.

Image icon

Elegance. The deep navy color is professional and makes every recognition feel prestigious.

Image icon

Authenticity. A unique certificate ID spot adds an extra layer of credibility.

Image icon

Versatility. Its design suits both business achievements and academic awards.

#6 Pink simple certificate of recognition

Pink simple certificate of recognition.

In this certificate design, you'll find a simple layout wrapped in an outstanding pink color. If soft elegance is your style, this one's for you. It resonates with emotions and makes the recognition even more special. It suits all pottery workshops, floral arrangement courses, or makeup mastery classes especially well.

Image icon

Soft pink palette. The certificate background provides warmth and calmness.

Image icon

Streamlined layout. A simple design ensures the recipient's accomplishments remain the main focus.

#7 Orange recognition award certificate template

Orange recognition award certificate template.

Can the certificate template be “refreshing”? There is no better adjective to describe this design. With its sun-kissed orange color scheme, it creates positivity and warmth. The streamlined design, free of clutter, speaks of modernity and innovation. Customizing it? A walk in the park.

Image icon

Warmth. The inviting orange sets a tone of celebration and joy.

Image icon

Trust. A dedicated certificate ID ensures every accolade is genuine.

Image icon

Flexibility. Whether it's a tech startup's milestone or a student's academic success, this template fits the bill.

#8 Award certificate for direct recognition

Award certificate for direct recognition.

We have the perfect match for corporate awards, academic achievements, or any occasion that needs a little sparkle. Certificate templates like this one demonstrate the power of a simple design. With a blend of orange and blue colors, it will stand out from the rest.

Image icon

Brand spotlight. A prominent space for your company's logo.

Image icon

Crystal clear acknowledgment. The certificate provides a dedicated section and highlights the achievement’s name.

#9 College-vibe recognition certificate

College-vibe recognition certificate.

Check out this chocolate ribbon on the right. It's so classy. And those golden elements? Timeless. Clean and fuss-free. It's all about celebrating achievements without the frills. Grab this template and let the celebrations begin. This is the template your event truly deserves.

Image icon

Ribbon. It's stylish and always in vogue.

Image icon

No distractions. Just the most vital information about the credential.

Image icon

One size fits all. Perfect for work wins or school successes.

#10 Professional green landscape certificate

Professional green landscape certificate.

There is something special about this certificate. Professionalism mixed with nature's peace. The green color whispers of growth, progress, and potential. If you want to make an impression, create a moment, and celebrate growth in the most stylish way possible – hit that download button.

Image icon

Nature meets business. The green palette bridges the gap between nature's calm and corporate hustle.

Image icon

Structured layout. The design is organized in a way that guides the eye.

#11 Sleek recognition certificate template

Sleek recognition certificate template.

Here's a beautifully crafted certificate of recognition template. An elegant typography and a deep blue palette communicate professionalism. The layout is clean and well-organized, and the decorative elements are subtle yet effective.

Image icon

Professional aesthetics. The blue and elegant typography give the certificate a modern look.

Image icon

Clear & organized layout. The design ensures that essential details stand out prominently.

#12 Editable certificate of recognition

Editable certificate of recognition.

Professional designers know that sometimes simplicity is the key. It allows you to edit and customize the certificate template however you want to. And this certificate design shows that a clean and uncluttered layout focuses attention on something that matters – an outstanding achievement.

Image icon

Elegance. The minimalist design ensures the spotlight is on the achievement and makes it suitable for various occasions.

Image icon

User-friendly customization. Personalize the certificate online within the Certifier editor to save time and effort.

#13 Personalized certificate for every recognition

Personalized certificate for every recognition.

This certificate of recognition is just what you need. It has a subtle pattern in the background and a stunning ornament in the center. It's perfect for any event, especially the modern ones. Whether it's a job well done, a big win, or a personal milestone, this certificate is the perfect way to say "Great job!"

Image icon

Subtle blue color. The color palette in the certificate adds a touch of calmness and professionalism.

Image icon

Versatility. This certificate is designed to be appropriate for various events and achievements

#14 Formal recognition certificate template

Formal recognition certificate template.

Some occasions are more formal than others. If it’s your case, this design from the Certifier certificate template library is the perfect choice. This template reflects professionalism. A decorative frame is ideal for recognizing educational achievements and honoring university graduates.

Image icon

Formal design. Classic layouts, fonts, and elegant blue create a traditional appearance.

Image icon

Customizable. Despite its formal appearance, you can tailor this template to suit the occasion and recipient.

#15 Green certificate of recognition

Green certificate of recognition.

Among so many types of certificate, here's the one – beautiful certificate template in the green color palette. The frame is super detailed, adding a touch of elegance to the whole thing. And the green color? It's just the right shade – not too bright or dull. It adds a fresh and lively feel to the certificate, making it a joy to look at.

Image icon

Unusual green color. This certificate's unique green color palette sets it apart from more traditional designs.

Image icon

Vintage vibe. It appeals to recipients of all ages.

Image icon

Decorative elements. The certificate's aesthetic appeal comes from its details and beautiful designs.

#16 Customizable recognition certificate

Customizable recognition certificate.

Here’s the fantastic light yellow certificate template. It's packed with energy, thanks to the dynamic lines in the background. It's perfect for any innovative event you've got lined up. It's modern, it's fresh, and it's ready to make a statement.

Image icon

Energetic lines. Those dynamic lines in the background perfectly capture the innovative spirit of your event.

Image icon

Made for innovation. This template is right at home in any creative and cutting-edge setting.

#17 Dark recognition certificate for employees

Dark recognition certificate for employees.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the classic beauty of this dark certificate template. It’s like the little black dress of certificates – timeless and always in style. The subtle pattern in the background adds just the right amount of detail, making it a suitable choice for any formal recognition.

Image icon

Dark color. The dark blue color scheme brings a level of sophistication that’s hard to ignore.

Image icon

Classic elegance. Design perfect for formal recognitions and serious awards.

#18 Recognition certificate for excellence

Recognition certificate for excellence.

For those who appreciate traditional design, here's a classic choice. It’s a plain certificate template with just subtle elements like the red badge in the center or decorative ornaments on the corners. It's straightforward, no-nonsense, and gets straight to the point. It's just a reliable option for every occasion.

Image icon

Timeless design. This template is familiar, it's trusted, and it never goes out of style.

Image icon

Flexibility. The classic design makes it a universal choice, ready to be used whenever and wherever needed.

#19 Artistic certificate template of recognition

Artistic certificate template of recognition.

This certificate template is unique, blending playful fonts with traditional frames to create a fun and formal design. It's like the best of both worlds – specially made for the students and schools.

Image icon

Playful fonts. The unique fonts used in this template are fun and kid-friendly, making the certificate feel accessible for younger recipients.

Image icon

Decorative borders. The opposite borders of the certificate are decorated with frames that add an element of charm and creativity.

Customize your recognition certificate now

Have you already found the perfect certificate design? It’s time to customize it to your needs. Add your own text, images, and logos to make it truly your own. Print it out or share it digitally – the choice is yours.

Want to start with a blank certificate design and have some fun? Create your free recognition certificate with Certifier Certificate Maker. Join now.

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