15 CPD Certificate Templates (Free to Download!)

Unlock your path to professional growth with our CPD certificate templates! Tailor them to your needs effortlessly. Ideal for both individuals and organizations. And the best part? They're absolutely free to download and put to use!

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Aksen Semak

Updated: April 22, 2024

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificates prove professionals' commitment to learning and growing. Although there are so many graphic design tools, creating a CPD certificate template from scratch still takes time.

So why not make your life easier with ready-made templates? Not only do they serve as inspiration sources, but they also greatly simplify the creative process.

Would you like to get one?

How to download free CPD certificate templates?

You don't need to know anything about graphic design to use Certifier certificate templates. Find the ideal layout for your CPD course certification needs and download it.

Here's a simple guide on how to download CPD templates for free:

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Browse through the available certificate templates.

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Choose a color scheme that aligns with your brand.

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Select the software you're comfortable with (available in Certifier, Figma, Canva, Google Slides, and Microsoft Word).

To give even more flexibility, all Certifier certificate designs go with two orientations – horizontal and vertical.

Don’t want to stop on creation process? Distribute certificates using the Certifier certificate generator. Within its intuitive dashboard, you can send certificates in bulk and monitor who opened the email or already shared the certificate. PS. It provides a forever-free plan. Enjoy for free.

Here is a list of the best customizable CPD certificate templates available online

You don’t have to look further. As a CPD certificate template should be, these designs are minimalistic and professional. They all contain all the essential elements, along with the CPD points badge. There is something for everyone (and Certifier keeps updating it!).

#1 Light-blue CPD certificate template

Light-blue CPD certificate template.

Experience the calming effect of this light-blue template. Ideal for Continuing Professional Development activities, its design is both professional and inviting. Add your logo, and you're set with an eye-catching certificate. Keep it classy by printing on quality paper.

#2 Professional violet certificate template

Professional violet certificate template.

This violet color scheme reflects professionalism. With space for your logo and a badge with CPD points for easy certificate validity checks, it's a top pick for those who want to make an impression. It's a top choice for certificates of participation.

#3 Green modern CPD certificate template

Green modern CPD certificate template.

This green template offers a fresh, modern look. Tailored for webinars and other professional events, its design is both stylish and timeless. Use a built-in Certifier editor to customize it further and let your attendees feel valued.

#4 Traditional CPD certificate template

Traditional CPD certificate template.

For those who appreciate the classics, this traditional template is a must-have. With decorative lines in the frame, it's inspired by classic certificate designs. It's easily printable and should look good on every kind of paper.

#5 Simple blue certificate with a pattern background

Simple blue certificate with a pattern background.

Less is more with this minimalist blue design. The subtle pattern in the background adds depth. Suitable for any professional event. It's a beautiful certificate of CPD that's customizable and ready for your next major project.

#6 Framed CPD certificate template

Framed CPD certificate template.

Frame your achievements with this elegant design. It's versatile and suitable for both gift certificates and professional recognition. The design is a tribute to quality assurance, and the black frame shows off what should be highlighted. Your recipients will know they're getting the best.

#7 Formal certificate template

Formal certificate template.

This certificate of CPD template will appeal most to those who like the classics. Its neutral color palette is pleasing. There's also space for custom details, such as a reason for the award. The classic design is suited for any professional occasion. If you need more signature lines, you can easily add them after you download the template.

#8 CPD template with an original layout

CPD template with an original layout.

Stand out with this memorable laid-out template. While it's unique, it maintains a professional tone, perfect for modern events. It includes space for the recipient's name, company logo, and CPD points badge. You can also add your own elements to make it more unique.

#9 Silver shade certificate template

Silver shade certificate template.

Sophistication is the name of the game with this silver design. It's the ideal choice for any Continuing Professional Development event. With a classic color scheme is a safe option, especially for very formal events. Don't forget the signature lines for that personal touch.

#10 Orange CPD certificate template

Orange CPD certificate template.

In two words, we would describe this CPD template as bright and vibrant. It has a minimalistic layout, but the cherry on top is that patterned frame around it. With space for your logo on the left and a golden badge at the center, this template covers all the vital certificate elements.

#11 Pleasant olive CPD certificate template

Pleasant olive CPD certificate template.

Green is this calming color that works great in a business environment. It’s the color that represents harmony and growth. This olive green shade on this certificate of CPD template is elegant and will surely impress your recipients. Add your custom fields, and you're set with a certificate that's both beautiful and functional.

#12 Elegant violet certificate template

Elegant violet certificate template.

There is nothing more elegant than this dark violet template. With a design that finds the spot between classic and modern, it's a top pick if you want to be unique but do not want to overdo it.

#13 Minimalist CPD certificate template

Minimalist CPD certificate template.

Clean and straightforward, this minimalist CPD certificate design is all about simplicity. Its layout provides enough space for essential details, making it a favorite among many. It's also print-ready for easy distribution as it has a white background that won't ruin your printer.

#14 Simple certificate template

Simple certificate template.

Would you like a minimalist design with a creative twist? Frame your CPD certificate with this simple design. It's adaptable and doesn’t overwhelm with too many decorative elements. With its slightly patterned background, this certificate catches the attention. Want to give it a try?

#15 Violet-toned classic CPD certificate template

Violet-toned classic CPD certificate template.

This certificate of CPD is a good choice if you’re looking for something reputable. It has a classic design with a decorative frame. This horizontal dark violet line and golden badge neatly divide the layout into two sections. Everything is clear and readable – as a professional CPD certificate should be.

Get the most out of Certifier CPD certificates

And that’s it! We hope that among these CPD certificate templates, you found the one you were looking for. Don’t forget that they can be easily customized, so if you need to change the background, add a logo, or change font – it’s all possible.

Do you want to create and send CPD certificates with ease? Certifier is ready to help you with the whole certification process. It’s free – sign up here.

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