10 Fonts That Look Like Signatures

Change your digital signature from ordinary to extraordinary – it’s a matter of seconds. We’ve picked 10 signature-like fonts that can add a personal yet professional vibe to your documents. Fast, safe and easy.

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Ola Kozielska

Updated: April 29, 2024

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Times New Roman and Sans-Serif fonts are decent ones that have their fans.

But let’s face it – for your personal signature, you need something more – curves, modern calligraphy style, some non-ideal elements that mimic handwriting. Whatever it is, the sheriff, ideal fonts will never give you this handwriting vibe on your certificates.

You can do it with no effort!

No external tools, no creating fonts from scratch, just a few clicks instead, and your certificate is left with an effective signature that may look like your own. Let’s move on to the details.

Why add your signature to certificates?

Before we move to the fonts themselves, here is why it’s a good idea to add a signature to a certificate. Consider these aspects:


It’s safer than you think. Particularly compared to a handwritten signature that can be copied easily, and this is one step from committing fraud. With a font signature or digital tools, you protect your signature from being stolen or changed.

Ease of use

When was the last time you had to sign multiple documents? Tiring, right? Now, all you need to do is a single click, and your signature lands perfectly on every certificate. That's the magic of a signature font. No more hand cramps or uneven signatures. As easy as flipping a light switch.

Instant, anytime

Using beautiful signature script fonts is a one-time task, but its benefits last forever. Once you choose your favorite, it's ready to go anytime, anywhere. No need for a pen or the right surface. You're always just a click away from placing your digital mark.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? All of the benefits are possible when creating the credentials in Certifier.

Create and Send Digital Credentials
Take your digital certificate making to the next level.

Let’s move to the web-safe fonts that look like handwritten signatures.

#1 Alex Brush

Alex Brush font that look like signature.

Add a touch of elegance to every document with this font. It’s elegant and may look great on both bright and dark backgrounds. Just change the font color accordingly. If you want to issue rather formal, elegant credentials, Alex Brush is a great choice.

Besides certificates, its brush calligraphy design will look amazing also in: wedding invitations, product packaging, business cards, and personal branding materials, even social media posts if you feel like it.

#2 Birthstone

Birthstone font that look like signature.

This almost cursive handwriting will go well in any of your documents – certificates, formal invitations, signature logos, whatever you may think of.

Birthstone blends traditional cursive with a modern touch. That’s why it is versatile for a wide array of uses. For instance, in creative projects, corporate design projects or greeting cards, this font adds a personal touch, like signing off a letter to a friend.

For signature designs, Birthstone stands out. It's like your own handwriting but with a bit more flair.

#3 Dancing Script

Dancing Script font that look like signature.

Dancing Script is a font that brings life and fluidity to any text. All thanks to its soft curves – they may add some elegance to your signature and to the overall look of the credentials you’re about to issue.

Dancing Script works equally well in email signatures, giving a personal and approachable tone. The contrast between its playful lowercase letters and more structured uppercase letters creates a dynamic and engaging appearance.

If you like handwriting that is clear and neat, Dancing Script is an excellent option to consider. Also, this font supports alternate characters (special characters included, both lowercase letters and uppercase ones).

#4 Ephesis

Ephesis font that look like signature.

Carefree style, but chic! They say it’s just a font. But with a font like Emphesis, it’s a burst of creativity for your certificates or any other graphic design project. It might serve as one of the design elements. This font is bold and catchy, perfect for product packaging, making greeting cards with personality, or a blog post cover.

On top of that, the font will look stunning on a book cover (or any other book design) with an author’s name written in Ephesis.

Besides standard characters, it’s got alternative characters (multilingual letters) in case you need such. Does it match your personal style? Go for it, then.

#5 Great Vibes

Great Vibes font that look like signature.

It’s another font that looks like authentic handwriting, thanks to the beautiful ligatures, and not only that. Its cursive letters flow smoothly, which makes certificates look elegant and professionally personalized.

But this font goes well with certificates, and it's a perfect choice for: various branding projects, luxury branding, magazine layouts, social media posts, even book covers.

Great Vibes brings the charm of personal handwriting to any document type. And that’s something that makes brands feel more personable. The font manages to strike a balance between being formal and friendly at the same time.

Learn more about how to make a personalized certificate. All automated!

#6 Kalam

Kalam font that look like signature.

Anything written in Kalam font looks like the actual signature. It’s a natural touch to each of the documents it is in. Kalam draws attention in any graphic design because it gives projects a handcrafted feel. And that is a great thing – to have the focus on your name, right?

Kalam also features alternate letters (multi-language support). This flexibility and uniqueness is a plus when creating graphic designs like certificates with a foreign name, for instance.

This font may be a go-to option for a professional email signature or any other type of digital signature.

Quick tip: If your certificate has a busy background, it’s better to consider less curvy fonts like Kalam, so the overall credential project design doesn’t look cluttered.

#7 Marck Script

Marck Script font that look like signature.

Marck Script is a handwritten typeface that brings a personal touch to certificates. Its stylistic alternates make each signature unique, ideal for certificates needing a cursive signature.

There’s more – it's great for email signature fonts too, adding a personal yet professional touch to your correspondence. Marck Script also works well on business cards. It gives smart, individual look to your signature.

This font combines the personal feel of a handwritten note with the professionalism needed in business and formal documents.

#8 Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo font that look like signature.

The Monte Carlo signature font, known for its calligraphy aesthetics, bold signature style and elegant upper and lowercase characters, is a perfect match for any important business occasion and not only.

Use this signature font in your certificate and also in wedding designs like wedding invites, or any other party invitations. Sky is the limit here – it’s an amazing choice of email signature. It seems like just a font, but it’s one of the elements that may create a personal connection in digital communications.

Quick tip: When using Monte Carlo or any other, mind the signature font size. It is crucial for readability and impact. A size that is neither too big nor too small ensures your signature stands out without overwhelming the document.

#9 Satisfy

Satisy font that look like signature.

If you need a practical signature that is clear and you don’t like too many curves, Satisfy may be a fantastic choice. It's a signature typeface that combines a modern touch with stylish design aesthetics. This decorative handwriting script isn’t overly complex, which is a big advantage. It may be considered as one of the fonts for email signatures.

It's great for custom fonts in branding or personal projects where a mix of style and readability is key.

Quick tip: When using signature style fonts for your certificate, pop it in the bottom right corner. It's a sweet spot that makes sure your signature gets noticed but doesn't steal the show from the main info on the certificate.

#10 Whisper

fonts that look like signature_Certifier blog_Whisper.png

The elegant curves of the Whisper font make it an ideal match for your digital signature. It's one of those cursive fonts that bring a classy touch to any document. Whisper is an excellent choice for email signatures, where you want something that's both professional and stylish.

Its elegant signature style also makes it a fantastic pick for product designs like a product label, or even poster headlines and book titles.

The font list is longer. For instance, Vladimir Script, Lucida Handwriting, or Raymond Signature font may add some classic style and elegant touch to the documents, but we’ve focused on the most interesting ones that are accessible in Certifier.

Have you already had your favorite signature fonts? Do you want them to be one of the elements of the certificate you give to your webinar/workshop/you name it attendees? Just a few clicks, and you have it on your Certifier certificate.

See for yourself how easy it is!

How to add a font signature to your certificates? Step-by-step instructions

To add your perfect signature, there are just a few things you should do to start:

Image icon

Log into your Certifier account. Or sign up if you don’t already have one.

Image icon

Pick a template from the library or create your own design.

Image icon

Go for a font that looks like real handwriting. There are many monoline script- and calligraphic script-styled fonts.

See below.

Certifier fonts that look like signature, perfect for certificates.

At Certifier, there are ten web-safe fonts that suit any signature style, no matter if you’re a fan of calligraphy, looking for distinctive handwriting, or are tired of exaggerated lines. Everyone will find a font they like.

Image icon

Then, upload a CSV file with recipients' information, or type them manually.

Image icon

Save and send.

And that's it! You've successfully added a font signature to your certificates.

They’re ready to be delivered, and if the recipients feel like it, they can post them on LinkedIn in no time.

Quicker way to create electronic signatures

Still can’t find your ideal signature? None of this calligraphic aesthetics is truly yours?

Here are some alternative ways of creating a signature:

Image icon

Creating your own handwritten fonts

Image icon

Writing your signature in Paint

Learn the details on each of these methods: How to create a signature for certificate design in 6 ways.


Now you know what to choose!

Afraid of choosing the wrong email signature font? The font on your certificate does not look like a handwritten signature script? Or this textured signature is too much for you? Not anymore! Add a personal touch to your certificates with one of the fonts in Certifier!

Some of them may even fit as an ornament on a document – this is how pretty they are!

Sign up for Certifier to have a wide range of beautiful signature fonts.


Here is the list of the most common questions.

It's easy to sign credentials with Certifier's signature font. Check it out.
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