17 Best Free Quizzes with Certificate

Take the quiz and confirm your skills with a certificate. It’s your chance to show off expertise in your chosen field. All of that without any charge.

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Updated: July 04, 2024

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Check out your skills without emptying your wallet. Here’s a list of platforms where you can take free quizzes and even get certificates. If you're into tech, business, or just want to learn something new – take a free quiz with a certificate at these places.

Please note: Not all examples on our list are entirely free. While you can access quizzes at no cost, you may have to pay to obtain their official certificates. Also, completing a quiz might not be enough to earn a certificate, as it's usually part of a larger course.

#1 LinkedIn Skill Assessment - online quizzes hub for professionals

LinkedIn offers some free assessment tests in various professional areas. If you complete the quiz, you can add a certification or badge directly to your LinkedIn profile.

You can unlock them under the skills section on your profile. You must answer 15 multiple-choice question banks and score in the top 30%. Be aware – the skill assessment has a time limit, making it hard to look for correct answers.

If you don’t pass the quiz, you can retake it in 6 months. Until then, you can take free courses through the LinkedIn Learning platform.

LinkedIn Skill Assessment as quiz with certificate.

LinkedIn quiz fields

LinkedIn quizzes cover:

Image icon

industry knowledge

Image icon

tools & technology

#2 Uxcel - free UX design skill assessments

How much fun these free quizzes can be! Uxcel is a platform that provides a comprehensive test of abilities for UX designers to provide consistent User Experience. Within the free version, you can access a limited number of quizzes.

Once you've completed the test, your capabilities will be classified between Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Further, you can compare your results with others and see how you rank with the rest of the world. And share the results directly with the LinkedIn network. You’ll love the user-friendly interface of this platform.

Uxcel user experience quizzes with certificates.

Uxcel quiz fields

Uxcel checks knowledge in:

Image icon

UX design

Image icon


Image icon


Image icon

UX writing

Image icon

UX design tools

Do you want to add certificates to LinkedIn certificates section? Learn more on how to add certificates to LinkedIn account.

#3 HubSpot Academy - free online tests in sales

HubSpot Academy rolls out a variety of free online courses in areas like marketing, sales, and customer service, complete with engaging quizzes. When you wrap up a course, you're awarded a certificate, which is recognized all over the globe.

The entire learning experience is a fantastic way for students to beef up their resumes and LinkedIn profiles with some eye-catching certificates, without opening their wallets. HubSpot Academy is your go-to, cost-free resource if you're keen on sharpening your skills.

HubSpot Academy free online tests in sales.

HubSpot quiz fields

The HubSpot online certificate quiz covers topics such as

Image icon


Image icon

customer service

Image icon


#4 Alison - online learning platform

Alison can become your new best friend for free distance learning, from business analytics to personal development. Whether you're looking to boost your career with CPD courses, learn in-demand skills, or expand your brainpower, Alison has got you covered.

And for those always on the move, they've got an app. So, whether on a bus, in a café, or chilling in the park, you can keep making tests.

Alison online learning platform.

Alison quiz fields

Alison provides professional certificates in

Image icon


Image icon


Image icon


Image icon

Business and Management

Image icon

Personal Development

Image icon

Sales & Marketing

Image icon

Engineering & Construction

Image icon

Teaching & Academics

#5 Ratatype - typing speed tests

Ratatype offers a free online typing test to measure your typing speed and accuracy. It's a quick, 2-3 minute test that calculates your words per minute (WPM).

You can take the test multiple times to track your progress and improvement. It's a simple and effective way to see how fast and accurately you can type. All of that ended with an auto-generated certificate.

Ratatype typing speed quiz.

Ratatype test field

Image icon

typing speed and accuracy

#6 SoloLearn - coding tests in programming languages

SoloLearn stands out as a resource for anyone interested in coding. It offers various free courses ranging from Python to web development. Tailored for both – beginners and experienced coders.

The platform guides you through engaging, bite-sized lessons with quizzes to test your understanding. What's more, after completing a course, you're (of course) awarded a certificate.

SoloLearn a quiz with certificate.

SoloLearn quiz fields

SoloLearn provides quizzes in a wide range of programming languages, such as

Image icon


Image icon

C, C# and C++

Image icon


Image icon


Image icon


Image icon

Java and JavaScript

#7 Test Your Language - language level tests

Test Your Language is a practical online platform for anyone looking to assess or improve their language skills. It offers tests in various languages, including English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, and German. It's an ideal tool for learners and professionals alike.

Upon completion, you receive an e-certificate that confirms your level of proficiency.

Test Your Language level tests.

Test Your Language quiz fields

Image icon

over 140 languages, including Zulu, Polish, Korean, and Tamil

#8 Microsoft Learn - free practice tests

Microsoft offers a valuable resource for those preparing for their certification exams. Their free quizzes are designed to mirror the style, wording, and difficulty of the actual test questions you might encounter in the certification exams.

They provide an excellent opportunity to assess readiness, identify areas for more preparation, and fill any knowledge gaps. These quizzes are free and can be taken multiple times after signing in. While it's true that the Microsoft certification itself is no longer free (even for students), its exceptional value for professional development led us to include it on this list.

Microsoft Learn free practice tests.

Microsoft quiz field

Image icon

Microsoft Azure

Image icon

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Image icon

Microsoft Power Platform

For more info about other topics covered, check Microsoft Learn.

#9 Duolingo English Test - quiz for English certificate

Known for its language learning courses, Duolingo also offers a Duolingo English Test that you can take online. While the test isn't free, it's relatively affordable compared to other certification tests.

However, practicing the test is free. It includes a variety of practice questions to assess your English skills, along with writing and speaking samples.

Duolingo English Test quiz for English certificates.

Duolingo English Test field

Image icon

Duolingo's test checks all grammatical, listening, reading, and writing skills

#10 British Council – free english level language badges

British Council offers various English language tests, including a mobile-based English test that allows you to assess your English proficiency conveniently from your smartphone. It measures your level between A2 (Elementary) and C1 (Advanced) on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

While you can get the test results for free, there is a fee if you wish to purchase the official certificate. Still, the British Council is a well-known and respected organization in the field of international language certificates.

British Council english test with certificate.

British Council test field

Image icon

British Council tests your skills in grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening

#11 Meta Blueprint - online tests for advertising skills

Meta Blueprint platform offers free online courses, ideal for anyone looking to master digital marketing and advertising. These courses include interactive quizzes to test your understanding of key concepts – from ad creation to page management and data analysis.

It's a valuable resource for business owners and marketers to learn and validate their skills.

Meta Blueprint online test for advertising skills.

Meta Blueprint quiz fields

The quizzes and courses offered focus on various aspects of using Meta's platforms:

Image icon

Facebook for business purposes

Image icon

Instagram for business

#12 Google Skillshop - tests to master marketing skills

Skillshop, powered by Google, is your one-stop destination for mastering Google's professional tools and solutions. It offers a range of courses tailored to different Google products and services. Each course includes quizzes to test your understanding – once you've finished, you'll get a certificate to prove it.

You can earn three different Professional Google Ads certifications for free for a limited time. You can skip the course and go straight to the exam tests.

Google Skillshop tests to master marketing skills.

Google Skillshop quiz fields

Google Skillshop includes tests from:

Image icon

Google Ads

Image icon

Google Analytics (e.g., how to perform a GA4 audit)

Image icon

Google Marketing Platform

Image icon

Google My Business

Image icon

Google Ad Manager

#13 EF SET - free standardized English test online

EF SET (EF Standard English Test) offers a unique opportunity to assess your English proficiency with a free, standardized online test. Over the past five years, this test has been developed by experts to provide a reliable assessment of English level.

It's accessible to everyone and can be taken on any device with an internet connection. Upon passing the 50-minute test, you get a personalized English certificate to add to your CV.

EF SET free standardized English test online.

EF SET quiz fields

Image icon

EF SET evaluates the level of English.

#14 StudySection - free & premium certification

StudySection offers a dedicated platform for validating their skills in an engaging learning environment. It covers a broad range of subjects, from Business Ethics to E-marketing and Project Management.

The certificate issuance process is straightforward – take an exam, and you can immediately download a soft copy of your certificate upon passing. While the tests are free, there's a nominal fee for the professional certificate.

StudySection premium certificates.

StudySection quiz fields

StudySection covers:

Image icon

Software Development

Image icon

MS Office

Image icon

Web Design

Image icon

Graphic Design

Image icon


Image icon

Business and Accounting

#15 Testizer - online proficiency quiz

Testizer is a free, effective platform where you can test your skills in a bunch of different areas, not just languages. Whether it's IT, business, or even extensive knowledge, they've got a certification quiz for you.

The best part? You can take these tests as often as you like, totally free. Once you're done, you get a score that shows off how well you did, from Elementary to Proficient.

Testizer to test out your skills.

Testizer quiz fields

Testizer provides free certification in such subjects as:

Image icon


Image icon

Google Ads

Image icon


Image icon

Computer Skills

Image icon

Adobe Photoshop

Image icon

Google Analytics

Image icon

Customer Service

#16 Tracktest - English certification level

Tracktest is like your personal English skill checker. It starts you off with a no-cost test to pinpoint your level. Want more? They've got comprehensive tests, though those come with a price tag.

It aligns with the CEFR standards, offering tests for all English levels from A1 to C2. After passing the test, you receive an international certificate showing your English proficiency. A free redo is available within 30 days. It's a handy tool, whether you're updating your job profile or just curious about your English mastery.

Tracktest english tests.

Tracktest quiz fields

Image icon

Only English-language certifications are covered by TrackTest

#17 Great Learning Academy - Free online courses with certificates

Great Learning Academy is a goldmine for anyone eager to boost their career skills without spending money. They offer many free online courses in hot areas like Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Search Engine Marketing, and more. All these courses are self-paced, so you can learn whenever it fits your life.

Then, once you've taken in all that knowledge, you'll tackle quizzes and assignments to make sure you've really got it. If you pass those, you'll get a course completion certificate.

Great Learning Academy free online quizzes with certificates.

Great Learning Academy quiz fields

Great Learning Academy provides free quizzes in

Image icon

Artificial Intelligence, including ChatGPTAI

Image icon


Image icon

Data Analysis

Image icon

Programming Languages


And there you have it – platforms where you can learn, test your skills, and earn certificates, all for free! Remember, in today's competitive job market, every certificate counts and adds a significant edge to your professional profile.

Now that you're equipped with knowledge and possibly a few new certificates, why not go further? With Certifier and its centralized management dashboard, you can create and track your custom certificates.


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