List of Funny Award Certificates: 60 Ideas Categorized by Industry

Bring some fun to your office! Here are the ideas for funny award certificates to honor your employees. Come on, let's laugh!

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Ola Kozielska

Updated: April 09, 2024

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In the corporate world, it's essential to recognize the hard work and dedication of employees. But who says it has to be all serious? Lighten the mood and bring some laughter into the workplace with these funny award certificates. Here's a list of 60 ideas, categorized by industry, to get you started.

The impact of funny awards on employee engagement

Funny awards can have a significant impact on employee engagement. In a work environment where stress and deadlines are the norms, a touch of humor can go a long way in lifting spirits and boosting morale. When employees feel appreciated, even in a lighthearted manner, they're more likely to be engaged in their work.

These awards can serve as ice-breakers, encourage team bonding, and create a culture where employees feel valued for their unique contributions, quirks, and all. The result is a more cohesive, motivated team that's not just working for the paycheck but also enjoying the journey.

A fun way to go about these awards is by letting employees vote for the respective titles. You can do this by creating QR codes which lead to a page where employees can vote against each title. This would be a fun audience to engage the audience.

When is it appropriate to send it?

Timing is crucial when it comes to handing out funny awards. While it's tempting to distribute them spontaneously, it's often more impactful when done during a planned event like a team meeting, an annual review, or a company party. Taking this approach ensures that everyone participates in the fun as well as getting the attention the awards deserve. However, it's essential to read the room – if the team is going through a particularly stressful period or facing challenges, it might be best to hold off until the atmosphere is more conducive to humor.

Look out for context and sensitivity

While funny awards are generally well-received, it's crucial to be sensitive to the diverse personalities and cultures within a team. What may be hilarious to one person could be offensive or misunderstood by another. Therefore, it's important to know your audience and tailor the awards accordingly.

Tip: Keep them light, inclusive, and free from any language or themes that could be considered inappropriate. When done right, funny awards can be a delightful addition to your employee recognition program, enhancing workplace happiness and productivity.

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Tech industry

#1 Bug Hunter Award – For the developer who finds the most bugs.

#2 Ctrl+Alt+Del Award – For the person who restarts their computer the most.

#3 The "It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature" Award – For the most creative explanation of a flaw.

#4 The Infinite Loop Award – For the developer stuck on one problem for ages.

#5 The 404 Award – For the employee who's hard to find.


#6 The Placebo Award – For making everyone believe they're doing better.

#7 The Night Owl Nurse Award – For the nurse who's always on the night shift.

#8 The "It's Just a Scratch" Award – For the doctor who minimizes everything.

#9 The Bedside Comedian Award – For the healthcare worker with the best jokes.

#10 The "I Survived Another Code" Award – For enduring the most stressful situations.


#11 The Buzzword Bingo Award – For using the most jargon in a meeting.

#12 The Social Media Stalker Award – For the best competitor analysis.

#13 The "Just Wing It" Award – For the best impromptu pitch.

#14 The Clickbait Champion Award – For the most engaging headlines.

#15 The Meme Lord Award – For the best use of memes in marketing.


#16 The "Not My Department" Award –For always passing the buck.

#17 The Window Dresser Award – For the best storefront display.

#18 The "Can I Speak to the Manager?" Award – For handling customer complaints like a pro.

#19 The Barcode Whisperer Award – For the fastest checkout.

#20 The Stockroom Scavenger Award – For finding anything in the backroom.


#21 The "Is This Going to Be on the Test?" Award – For the most anxious student.

#22 The Chalkboard Picasso Award – For the most artistic blackboard notes.

#23 The Detention Warden Award – For the teacher who gives the most detentions.

#24 The "Read the Syllabus" Award – For the professor who answers every question with "It's in the syllabus."

#25 The Apple Polisher Award – For the teacher's pet.

Food & Beverage

#26 The "Order Up!" Award – For the fastest food preparation.

#27 The Mixologist Award – For the most creative cocktails.

#28 The "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" Award – For the happiest happy hour host.

#29 The Spill Master Award – For the most accidents avoided.

#30 The "Extra Spicy" Award – For the chef who loves to turn up the heat.


#31 The "Measure Twice, Cut Once" Award – For the most meticulous worker.

#32 The Jackhammer Jester Award – For the funniest person on the construction site.

#33 The Blueprint Decoder Award – For the best at reading and interpreting blueprints.

#34 The "Nailed It" Award – For the worker who always gets it right the first time.

#35 The Safety Dance Award – For the most enthusiastic about safety protocols.


#36 The Spreadsheet Sorcerer Award – For the Excel wizard.

#37 The Penny Pincher Award – For the most frugal employee.

#38 The Bull Market Award – For the most optimistic team member.

#39 The Bear Market Award – For the most pessimistic team member.

#40 The "In the Black" Award – For the employee who saves the most money.

Real estate

#41 The "Sold!" Award – For the agent with the most sales.

#42 The Open House Comedian Award – For the most entertaining during open houses.

#43 The "Location, Location, Location" Award – For the best at finding prime properties.

#44 The "Flip or Flop" Award – For the riskiest investment choices.

#45 The Lease Beast Award – For the agent who signs the most leases.

#46 The "I Object!" Award – For the most objections in court.

#47 The Legal Eagle Award – For the sharpest legal mind.

#48 The "Better Call" Award – For the go-to person for legal advice.

#49 The Small Print Award – For the best at finding loopholes.

#50 The "Sue-perstar" Award – For winning the most cases.


#51 The "Need for Speed" Award – For the fastest mechanic.

#52 The "Pit Stop" Award – For the best at quick fixes.

#53 The "Revved Up" Award – For the most energetic employee.

#54 The "Backseat Driver" Award – For the one who always has suggestions but never takes the wheel.

#55 The "Full Throttle" Award – For the employee who gives 110%.


#56 The "And the Oscar Goes To" Award – For the most dramatic employee.

#57 The "That's a Wrap" Award – For the best at concluding projects.

#58 The "Break a Leg" Award – For the best performer.

#59 The "Behind the Scenes" Award – For the one who does the most but is seen the least.

#60 The "Show Must Go On" Award – For the employee who perseveres through any obstacle.


Funny award certificates are a great way to add some humor and camaraderie to your workplace. Whether you're in tech, healthcare, marketing, retail, education, construction, finance, real estate, legal, automotive, or entertainment, there's an award that's perfect for your team. So go ahead, lighten the mood and make someone's day!


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