Maximize the Value from Certificates: Top Promoters 101

Top promoters are those certificate recipients, whose network showed a particularly high interest in the certificate they shared. Read on to find out how you can engage with such recipients to increase certificates' marketing reach.

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Uliana Kysheniuk

Updated: January 25, 2024

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Who are the top promoters?

As discussed in this article, when someone shares their certificate on social media, it starts working as a marketing tool that promotes your brand and generates potential clients. It is a hidden bonus of issuing certificates.

However, not all certificates are equal in terms of the marketing impact they make on your organization. Some bring lots of views and traffic to your website, others – do not. At Certifier, the recipients of the best performing certificates are called top promoters. 

We can compare such recipients to influencers, i.e. those who have the power to influence big audiences due to their authority, knowledge, or position. Top promoters can help boost your marketing reach and spread the word about your company or particular learning event. So how can you engage with top promoters to maximize certificates' marketing value? Let's get to know the fastest.

Tips to engage with top promoters and maximize certificate value

#1 Respond to top promoters' posts with shared certificates

The first thing you should do is to find the profile of your top promoter(s) on the social media where they shared their certificate. Leave a comment under this post and say thank you for sharing their achievement. Consider looking through the comments and reactions to get the idea of those individuals who showed the highest level of engagement. Following this, you can reply to some comments, react to them, or visit and connect with the engaged profiles.  

It will help you boost post engagement even more and connect with those people who showed the biggest interest in your learning event. This is an example of a response given by our customer eSuite on LinkedIn:

This is an example of a response given by Certifier's customer eSuite on LinkedIn:

Comment under shared certificate.jpg

As you can see, the shared certificate received two comments: (1) from Nathan Bush – the director of eSuite, and the other (2) from the official eSuite account. 

#2 Provide some gifts for the top promoters' audience

Use the momentum and ask your top promoters to share some discount coupons or even a free ticket for people from their network. Given that this network is already very much interested in your event, providing a discount code created specifically for them might increase the chances of turning these people into your paying customers.

#3 Turn your promoters into brand ambassadors

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Thus, you can consider collaborating with your rock star promoter by, for example, making this promoter your brand’s ambassador. This involves constant mentioning of your learning events on their social media channels, posting updates about upcoming events, etc. 

#4 Ask your top promoters to post feedback about your company, course, or certification program

If influencer marketing is not a part of your company’s marketing strategy, you can simply ask your top promoters to post honest feedback about your event or company. In exchange for that, you can offer some other events or courses you have for free.

#5 Ask top promoters to share their certificate on other social media

At Certifier, you can see which social media your certificate was shared on. If a top promoter shared their certificate on, e.g., LinkedIn only, you can ask them to share their certificate on other social media profiles, i.e. Twitter and Facebook. It will increase the certificate’s exposure to the promoter’s network from other channels.


In this article, we discussed the ways to engage with top promoters and maximize the marketing gain generated by certificates. We found out that top promoters are those certificate recipients whose network showed a particularly high interest in the certificate they shared. We compare such people to influencers with whom you can collaborate to spread the word about your organization and increase your event attendance, course participants, or the number of association members.

🤓 Homework for Certifier users

So now, when you know who the top promoters are, we want to recommend you develop and implement the strategy of cooperating with your top promoters. Check the Top promoters section in Certifier’s analytics tab, find your top promoters' profiles on social media, and analyze them. Combine this knowledge with the nature of your events, and develop a real strategy of engaging with the holders of the best-performing certificates that will help you increase the number of your event attendees or course registrants. 

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