Boost Your Brand Awareness with Premium Branding Add-on

Certifier Premium Branding Add-on is finally available for our customers. We hope you enjoy using this add-on today. In the coming weeks, we'll release a few new and important features.

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Uliana Kysheniuk

Updated: January 29, 2024

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Certifier Premium Branding Add-on is finally available for our customers.

With this new add-on, you'll be able to improve the experience of your certificate recipients and boost your brand visibility.

Our team has been working hard over the past weeks to make the Premium Branding Add-on available already today.

Why do you need Premium Branding Add-on?

Let's take a look at what a certificate issuer gets and why you should start using this add-on today. 

Here's a list of advantages:

1. Comprehensive branding experience for all certificate recipients. Now you can use your logo and brand identity not only in the emails but also on the certificate recipient's page. 

2. No Certifier branding. No distraction. Your certificate recipients won't see Certifier logos. Give them full focus on your brand.

3. Full sync of your design and visual appearance. Make the colors match your brand identity.

4. Use links to your social media. Add direct links to your social media accounts for additional reach on all certificates you issued.

As a result, with Premium Branding Add-on you will get complete coverage of your brand, a better experience for your recipients, and new opportunities for marketing.

What exact features will you get in Premium Branding Add-on? 

Here's a list of features that are available in Add-on:

  • Add your logos to the header and footer menu

  • Remove Credverse, Certifier logos, and links

  • Add your issuer description to the certificate page 

  • Add links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  • Add links to the website and page of the event 

  • Change the main and background colors 

You can start with all features in the Certifier dashboard here. It is really easy to use.

How to use Premium Branding Add-on, and how much does it cost? 

From now, Premium Branding Add-on is available for all Professional plan customers. The add-on cost is $49/month.

1. Go to “Payments & Plans”

2. Select "Upgrade your plan"

3. Scroll down and choose “Premium Branding Add-on”

4. Click the “Begin Checkout” button

5. Finish the payment process.

Notes: You can cancel Premium Branding Add-on at any time. Also, you can make a refund within 7 days, if you're not satisfied with the new features.

GIF 2.gif

After purchase, you can use Premium Branding Add-on. Go to "Settings", open the "Issuer" section in the menu and start to use all the features available there.

How can I check the recipient view?

Before publishing changes, you can save the changes and click "Preview". You will see what exactly the potential recipient will see on the certificate page.

FOR GIFFFF (1).gif

The preview mode will help you see the changes you’ve made to the certificate page: colors, logos, information about your organization, links to social media, website, and others.

How to start using Premium Branding Add-on?

Go to the Certifier, activate the add-on, and start using it. It's very simple. For any questions, contact us via email or book 30-min call with Certifier expert. We'll give the answers to all your questions and do our best to help you improve your certification process.

We hope you enjoy using Premium Branding Add-on. In the coming weeks, we'll release a few new and important features.

Certifier’s team is working hard every day to improve customer experience, as well as that of the certificate recipients. 

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Uliana Kysheniuk

Product Manager at Certifier. At Certifier, Uliana plays a pivotal role in steering the development and enhancement of digital credential software solutions.

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