Case Study: Startdeliver's Impact Academy - Boosting Customer Success with Certificates

Explore how Startdeliver's Impact Academy uses Certifier to manage credentials and boost brand visibility. Get to know how innovative certificate provision leads to higher LinkedIn exposure, boosted brand reputation, and insightful tracking. Dive into the journey of a customer success leader!

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Sergey Butko

Updated: June 26, 2023

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Startdeliver is a Stockholm-based SaaS company that specializes in customer success. Founded in 2018, Startdeliver helps businesses make sense of their customer data by providing an innovative tool that helps to manage each aspect of a customer’s journey.

Startdeliver's Impact Academy is dedicated to providing customer success managers with the training and resources they need to elevate their competence, confidence, and careers. The academy offers a variety of customer success courses to help managers develop the skills and knowledge necessary to provide their customers with the best possible experience. 

Challenges: Managing credentials and tracking recipients’ engagement 

After the launch of Impact Academy, providing certificates became an important aspect of Startdeliver's daily tasks. As an innovative company, Impact Academy acknowledged that certificates could serve as an excellent selling point, enabling course participants to showcase their skills and promote Impact Academy's brand on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

“A final part of the Impact Academy course is getting a certificate. We wanted our course attendees to show that they've taken the course to their employer or whoever. We also wanted to reach more brand exposure through Linkedin shares, so a digital certification solution should have corresponding features” - recalls Head of Impact Academy, Karolin Zeugträger

At that point, Head of Impact Academy, Karolin Zeugträger started looking for an efficient digital certification platform that could smoothly fit into daily workflow.

Impact Academy Leverages Certifier to Enhance Brand Visibility

Since June 2022 Certifier is helping Impact Academy to track and manage credentials. The Engagement tracking feature of Certifier helped Impact Academy to identify potential advocates who could promote their brand online and encourage others to take their courses.

“It’s really good to see who is engaging with the certificate and how many views it generated. When course graduates put a certificate on their LinkedIn page or share it as a post, we can immediately visit their profiles and use them as our advocates” - mentions Karolin Zeugträger

By sharing their certificates on LinkedIn, participants could easily demonstrate their competence and expertise to potential employers and clients, ultimately leading to increased brand visibility and awareness for Impact Academy. This feature not only helped to boost the confidence of the course participants but also helped to strengthen the reputation and credibility of Impact Academy as a provider of high-quality customer success courses. 

Overall, the tracking and sharing features of Certifier helped Impact Academy to better understand their customers' engagement and promote their brand to a wider audience.

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Sergey Butko

Tech entrepreneur. Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. At Certifier, Sergey’s work focused on revolutionizing the way credentials, certificates, and badges are issued and managed through cutting-edge APIs and software infrastructure.

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