12 Nail Certificate Design Ideas & Inspiration

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing a certificate for a nail technician. From simple and elegant designs to more ornate and flashy ones, there is sure to be a design that suits your needs. Here are 12 nail certificate design ideas to get you started.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 30, 2024

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Wondering how to reward your students who have just completed a nail course at your beauty school? There's no better idea than a certificate of participation!

They decorate nail salons, are easy to design, and there are many fantastic premium templates you can use.

So, then you are in the right place as we are going to show you our ideas for beautiful gift certificates to give to your students and their beauty salons.

Let's get started! 💅

Right certificate designs for nail salon

Why issuing the proper design of the certificate is so important for nail salons? Because the right design can have a significant impact on how nail salons are perceived – as a professional one or the opposite.

In beauty salons or nail salons, style, and design matter. After all, this is where customers come to have beautiful nails, makeup, hair, skin, etc. 

Usually, such places are beautifully decorated, and every design element fits together. And this means that the certificates that hang on the wall must also fit there.

After all, even a simple certificate of training can become a powerful tool in your hands as long as it is appropriately designed. 

Yes, that means you can forget about issuing blank gift certificates. Instead:

  • Opt for attractive designs

  • Use different background colors

  • Consider using stock photos

  • Make use of the certificate template library

Printable gift certificates adorn the walls of salons and prove that stylists have received the proper training to provide nail/makeup treatments. So those documents need to be attractive.

We also need to dispel the myth that a DIY gift certificate is stingy to design. This is absolutely not the truth.

Nowadays, there are many online tools that are easy to use and basically create beautiful designs by themselves (check out Certifier 🤫). So you don't need to have the design experience to build masterpieces.

Certifier: Online gift certificate maker

To start your first steps with gift certificate designs for beauty salons, you can use Certifier. This tool will provide you with many unique and customized gift certificate templates. All you have to do is fill them with the right data, and you are ready to send them to the owners.

You can also take advantage of Certifier's basic and advanced functions and build a certificate of success from scratch. Your project will be original, and the experience unforgettable. 

Certifier is easy to use and operate. You don't need professional graphic designers to use it. What’s more, this online editor will give you marketing insights and analytical functions, so you can use this information to make data-driven business and marketing decisions. You can track customer engagement and see if certificates have been shared on social media.

All you have to do is create an account (for free), specify a customer base list, customize the design and send a certificate via email so that each salon can receive its award. Pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Okay, it’s high time to get inspired!

We are about to show you our ideas for nail salon gift certificates. 

➡️Check out the entire collection of Certifier templates here

# 1 Modern template

Modern nail certificate template with floral pattern.

[Get the template]

If you are looking for a captivating template that looks stylish and at the same time contains lovely flowers, then you should pay attention to this proposal. It is charming and delicate at the same time.

Tip! In all templates, you can customize the text and arrange the elements yourself. Therefore, it will be an ideal choice for beauty courses or as a nail artist certificate. 

#2 Elegant template

Elegant certificate template with green and yellow colors.

[Get the template]

In turn, this luxury certificate template will be the perfect gift certificate. Combine the classic design with formal elements. It looks very professional and chic. It will definitely stand out on the wall among other awards.

Tip! The beautiful border adds a touch of class. By using a rectangle, you can highlight elements that are important to you, such as your company logo, contact, and social media. 

#3 Fancy template

Fancy certificate template with a girl with red nails.

[Get more inspiration]

This suggestion may appeal to you if you would like to create a simple certificate that includes a graphic depicting a woman with manicured nails. The design is both stylish, simple, and distinctive from our previous proposals. You can use it as a manicure gift certificate template.

The knot is to download the appropriate graphic from the Internet and match it to the template. Then, using the tools available in Certifier, you can add text and shapes and define the necessary fonts.

Tip! Don't leave a white background but cover it with a solid color or texture. In addition, make the graphics smaller, and then you will have more space for the text.

#4 Professional template

Professional nail certificate template, yellow and black colors pallette.

[Get the template]

Seeing this template, professionalism and seriousness come to mind, which emphasizes how important this certificate is. It will be suitable as a reward for completing a long-term professional makeup course or as a certificate of completion for nail/hair/skin experts.

In addition to the fact that the design is solemn, it is impressive too. What's more, this template will surely make your recipients feel recognized for their achievements. 

Tip! There are available different color palettes, such as blue, dark blue, green, and brown.

📚 If you want to know how to create the best custom certificates, check out this article: How to Create Custom Certificates – Tips and Tricks

#5 Formal template

Formal certificate template.

[Get the template]

Formal templates have it that they are simple yet eye-catching. In both light and dark versions, they are an excellent idea for rewarding trainees.

The formal design combined with classy background and delicate patterns means that we certainly can't say about the design that it is boring. What's more, all the elements work together, fit a business look, convey the message and work for any style.

Tip! It's sometimes better to keep things simple. Design your certificate in a minimalistic manner if you want it to look professional.

#6 Classy template

Classy certificate template in navy blue color.

[Get the template]

If you are a fan of classic designs and believe that the less, the better, then be sure to look at this custom gift certificate template. All the elements work well together, and the gold badge placed in the center catches the eye.

Such high-quality gift certificates are beautiful in their simplicity. They will remind the owner for a long time about the earned award and will motivate to further development. 

Tip! This template will be great as a certificate of competition or participation, and printed in the print shop and hung on the wall will be like a trophy for a beauty salon.

#7 Stylish template

Stylish certificate template with a graphic of a hand.

[Get more inspiration]

A proposal similar to the previous one, but now the theme can be a makeup course. This certificate is mainly fancy, popular among beauty salons because of the graphics, and more colorful than the previous inspiration.

The fuzzy paint effect and large graphics give a cool end result. Here we focus more on the graphic layer than the text layer. Thanks to the fact that there is no border, there is plenty of space for text and for graphics.

Tip! Choose graphics of appropriate quality, as they take up a lot of space on the certificate, so they must be of good resolution.

#8 Floral template

Floral nail certificate template.

[Get more inspiration]

If you're looking for a floral stencil that's delicately colored yet captivating, you should like this one. Shades of pink and green combined with a serif font and gray background make the certificate sufficiently decorated and, above all, legible.

Attention is drawn to the title of the certificate, followed immediately by the name of the recipient and the reason for issuing the certificate – everything that should be highlighted. A large space for a stamp/logo is also provided.

Tip! Although you still have plenty of room to add other floral elements, we advise you not to add them. It will make the design cluttered, and the whole thing will lose its luster.

#9 Elegant glossy template

Elegant and glossy certificate template for nail salons.

[Get more inspiration]

This project is characterized by three words: bold, shiny, and elegant. Of course, the whole thing looks unearthly, so it would be a pity not to print this certificate and put it in a prominent place in the beauty salon.

It can be perfect for both a nail certificate template and as a makeup certificate template. Pink and gold glitter combined with black is not so stiff but elegant and chic. It just looks great!

Tip! Try to make sure that the text does not overlap the glitter, as this can make the name of the certificate, for example, not very legible. Instead, let the text elements fit in a white space.

#10 Premium template

Premium nail certificate template, all in black.

[Get more inspiration]

If you care about making the certificate seem premium, you'll like this style. Black and gold colors are the best choices to represent the high quality of the course or the degree of importance of the course.

The font is simple, which only emphasizes the class of the document. Only the recipient's name is written in an ornate font.

Tip! Don't mix colors – go for white, possibly with the addition of brown to mimic gold. In addition, try to make the font the right size because if it is too small, it will hardly be readable on a dark background.

#11 Marbled template

Marbled nail certificate template.

[Get more inspiration]

If you're a fan of raw, marbled patterns, you'll especially like this design. The marble is white in color, and the dark scratches on it make the whole thing look beautiful and stylish.

In this way, the background is... in the foreground! Exactly, here the background does the biggest job. Only later does one pay attention to the content of the certificate.

Tip! Give the text the right color so that it doesn't blend with the background. You can also put a rectangle under the text so that there is no problem with the readability of the information.

#12 All-in-pink template

All in pink certificate template for nail salons.

[Get more inspiration]

Very feminine and pink certificate style. Thanks to the use of gradients and also white and cool pink color, the whole thing is very stylish.

The design will fit perfectly in more than one beauty salon. The document can be applied to a course in eyebrow and eyelash styling, but if you choose the right graphics, it will be good even for nail course students.

Tip! Don't add a lot of graphics, as the design may lose its aesthetic appeal. Instead, opt for a variety of fonts – max 3.

Get more from Certifier

Each template is beautiful, and you can use them or build your own in Certifier. After all, this tool will enable you to create beautiful designs. 

Of course, there are many kinds of gift certificates on our platform. And you can create an account to try them all.

📚And if you're looking for more inspiration, keep a close eye on our blog. You'll find lots of insights and advice here!

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