13 Best Membership Certificate Templates (Free & Editable)

Tired of looking at the same old boring membership certificate templates? Discover a new way to showcase your credentials with the Certifier library.

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Aksen Semak

Updated: April 22, 2024

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Are you tired of boring, unimpressive membership certificate templates that make you want to revoke your own membership?

That doesn't have to be the case. These outstanding membership certificate templates will not only bring a smile to your face but also make your members proud to be a part of your club or organization.

Best of all? They're completely free and editable, so you can let your creativity run wild and design a certificate that truly represents your unique member organization's personality. Let’s get discover full template possibilities!

What is a membership certificate?

A membership certificate is a paper that signifies you are an official member of a club, organization, or society. In addition to proving membership status, it often unlocks exclusive perks and benefits.

Generic membership certificates are usually paper documents that include all relevant information about the person and their status as a member. An honorary membership certificate gives holders access to a variety of services and allows them to occupy positions reserved for members only.

How to customize Membership Certificate templates with Certifier?

Certifier is a certificate maker that replaces design tools and lets you create beautiful certificates without a degree in design. This certificate maker is super easy to use – you just set up the account, and with a few clicks, you can create designs within minutes. You can create personalized certificates with a logo, color scheme, and text according to your specifications and the organization's branding.

Certifier dashboard while creating membership certificates.

Certifier allows you to add dynamic attributes such as names, dates, and certificate IDs and automatically pull the data from, e.g., Google Sheets. It also gives you access to tracking certificate status as well as delivering certificates via emails automatically. You can forget about being a manual certificate producer. Create duplicate designs without any effort!

Create and Send CertificatesTake your digital certificate creation process to the next level!

Best membership certificate templates

No more stock certificates. Choose one of these original certificate templates and play with them to the heart's content.

Save the planet, and don't print the certificates. You can send the template via email directly from the Certifier dashboard. Fast, secure, and eco-friendly. Make a conscious choice.

#1 Basic membership certificate

Minimalistic certificate of membership template.

Recognize your members with this elegantly designed certificate featuring all the essential information. They will be impressed by the details and design of this beautiful template. Perfect for most advanced certification scenarios. It's like a badge of honor that says, "I belong here, and I'm proud of it."

#2 Gym membership certificate

Gym membership certificate.

Going to the gym is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Show your gym members that you appreciate their hard work and dedication with this certificate template – they’ve officially become a part of the sweaty, grunting, and dedicated crew. This certificate not only proves that they have the power to lift weights, but it also gives them the motivation to keep coming back for more.

#3 School membership certificate

Certificate of membership with abstract elements.

This certificate is your children's ticket to the coolest club in school. Whether they’re part of the debate team, the chess club, or the drama club, this certificate shows that they’re part of something bigger. They will remember the recognition for years to come!

#4 Honorary society membership certificate

College-vibe certificate of membership with gold badge.

Becoming a member of a campus community is an important step in a student's academic journey. Celebrate this milestone with this elegant certificate template with a golden badge on the right side. It proves that they have been recognized for outstanding achievements and are now part of an exclusive circle.

#5 Ownership stake certificate

Violet certificate of membership with gold frame.

This stylish evidence of ownership can be handled by any proud business owner of a stake in your company. It means that they're entitled to share the profits, the decisions, and the perks. Show your appreciation for their commitment with a certificate that emphasizes the importance of the event.

#6 Company ownership percentages certificate

Dark green, elegant and stylish certificate of membership.

Having this certificate proves that your new contributor isn't just a cog in the machine, but an integral part of your company's success. By owning a percentage of the ownership interest, they have a say in the decisions and the future of the business. 

#7 Registration of membership certificate

Certificate of membership template with patterns.

This template is a celebration of becoming a part of a community to your new members. It's like getting their passport stamped when they enter a new country. It is tangible proof of their registration and acceptance into the organization, marking the start of a new journey filled with new experiences and opportunities. 

#8 Authorized membership certificate

Yellow with delicate patterns membership certificate template.

An exclusive group is formed through hard work and play, which is why this template is perfect for them. With crisp lines and tasteful font, this certificate is a symbol of taste and sophistication. It will always remind the holders of the high standards your organization sets.

#9 Board member certificate

Dark blue with golden elements certificate of membership template.

Being a board member of an organization is a significant responsibility. This certificate recognizes your member’s contributions and accomplishments in their important role. It certifies that they have served on the board of directors and helped guide the organization to success. 

#10 Fan club membership certificate

Amusing certificate of membership with different colors.

Here is a badge of honor for fans of a particular celebrity, sports team, or any other entertainment. It confirms that they are an official member of the fan club and has access to exclusive content, merchandise, and events. With this certificate, they can demonstrate their loyalty and dedication to their favorite team. 

#11 Capital contributions certificate

Burgundy certificate of membership.

With this certificate, investors can demonstrate their financial commitment to the venture. Its traditional yet modern design allows them to show off their contribution with pride. The burgundy color, delicate patterns in the background, and clean font help the certificate stand out in any collection of documents.

#12 Fitness club membership certificate

Certificate of membership that is simple and minimalistic.

It is a perfect certificate design for fitness clubs that serve as a reminder of the members’ commitment to physical health and wellness. The minimalistic look, stylish font, and subtle frame tie it all together. This certificate looks great on any display. Please note that to use this template, you have to create a free Certifier account.

#13 Volunteer membership certificate

Funny and colorful certificate of membership template.

This certificate is presented to volunteers who have generously contributed time and energy to a cause or organization. It recognizes their hard work toward the mission and values of the group. The unusual layout emphasizes the importance of their contribution and gives a smile.

Criteria for choosing membership certificate templates

Before you choose the perfect certificate through the number of certificates of membership available, consider what you need your certificate to achieve. These criteria will help you narrow down the list and find the perfect one.

Design and layout

First impressions matter, even with certificates. Don't settle for a boring design. Consider a certificate with a creative layout that reflects the organization's brand. Use colors and graphics to make it pop. After all, a great design can be the difference between a certificate that gets framed and hung on the wall or one that gets lost somewhere.

Customization options

Sometimes one size does not fit all. Look for templates that allow you to customize the certificate with details like the recipient's name, membership number, the organization's logo (and even a QR code!). This way, you can create a sense of personalization that makes the certificate special to the recipient.


A certificate is essentially a blinged-up piece of paper, but it can still be professional. Choose a template that shows the recipient that they've accomplished something meaningful. A certificate can inspire pride and confidence in the recipient, setting them up for success.

🚨 Don’t forget to add authorized member signatures. Check out this blog post if you want to know which tools to use to generate an electronic signature (without a signature pad): How to Create a Signature for Certificate Design in 6 Ways


Choose a template that's easy to download and edit. You don't want to waste time struggling with difficult templates that suck the life out of you. Also, consider the convenience of digital delivery options. You want the recipient of the certificate to be able to access it easily, wherever they are. Manual data entry, printing, and delivering recipients' data shouldn't be a task.

Choose your perfect membership certificate

You’re not enough and want to discover more? Good news! The Certifier library is full of ready-made certificate templates. And it’s updated regularly, so you can surprise your members with new design templates on and on.

Do you want to keep a tab on the newest updates? Create a Certifier account for free, and give yourself unlimited design options!

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