December 05, 2022

23 Best Certificate Templates in 2023 [Editable and Free]

Looking for the best certificate templates in 2023?

Don't look any further! We've got a great selection of free and editable certificate templates to choose from.

Whether you're seeking something formal or casual, we've got you covered.

Grab a template and get creative certificates! 🎨

Certificate templates that change the game (literally!)

You can find many certificate templates online. However, most of them don't have customization options to suit your needs.

That's why Certifier went a step further. There's a collection of the best certificate templates that you can download to any format that you want and then change the elements accordingly (Google Slides, Figma, and Word are included).

It was the goal of Certifier to create templates that would truly help you – not just play the role of inspiration.

Certifier selection of professionally designed and flexible certificate templates is perfect for any occasion – from conferences to awards ceremonies, graduations, and more. Plus, you can customize them all for free!

Benefits of Certifier certificate templates, in a nutshell 🥜:

  • Fully customizable

  • Creative certificate designs

  • Balance design elements

  • Free

  • Timeless

  • Print-ready

What’s more, these templates come with the latest design assets in mind – from minimalist layouts to vibrant color choices. You can also easily add your own photos or logos for a more personalized touch. The final result? You get your own certificate in minutes.

#1 Modern and arty template

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This modern design custom certificate template is one of our favorites – it features bright color themes that will make your recipient feel excited about their accomplishment. With these original elements, it is far from being just a boring artistic certificate. It is ideal for achievements related to some creative fields.

#2 Simple and humble template

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A minimalist certificate template that is still interesting despite its simplicity. Perfect for any occasion, whether it’s to recognize an achievement or to show appreciation for a job well done, this template is sure to impress. The elegant font and subtle background style make it perfect for any event title. And the best part is that you can customize it however you like! 

#3 Stylish and slick template

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Are professionalism and uniqueness something you're looking for in an award certificate template? Here it is. The almost black background with a gold border adds a unique touch to the certificate and makes it stand out from the rest. Plus, since it's navy blue in color, you can easily match it with any other beautiful design elements, such as business cards or flyers. Suitable for certificate programs, awards ceremonies, or any other special occasion.

#4 Safe and simple template

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It's a nice, clean look certificate template that will be sure to make your award recipient feel extra special. The font style and color variations used in this template give it a professional yet warm quality. It's perfect for awards to recognize achievement, appreciation, or excellence in any field.

#5 Clean and modern template

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No matter what you recognize – from business growth or employee performance, this template will help you show your appreciation in style. With its clean lines and professional look, your business is seen as innovative and professional. Whether you're awarding a top performer in the company or celebrating an important milestone, this certificate of appreciation template will help you do it right! 

#6 Pattern-filled template

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In this one, you'll find a patterned background and plenty of room for your awardees' details. Customize the colors and fonts to suit your event, and add a signature or logo. The golden elements and badge give this template a truly special look, and it's sure to make your award winners feel like the stars they are! 

#7 Bright and modern template

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How about the perfect gift certificate template for that special someone? The award certificate examples you need are right here! This gift certificate design template is bright, modern, and stylish – the ideal way to show your appreciation. With a crisp font and partly colorful background, it’s sure to make an impression. Plus, it includes all of the necessary details, such as recipient name and award type, as well as an area for you to write accomplishment details.

#8 Colorful and lively template

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Many people are afraid of the colors on the certificates, but actually, they can change the tone significantly. This template is full of lively colors and patterns that make it stand out from the crowd. Yet, the background is a simple white to let the colors shine.

#9 Sporty and posh template

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With its modern, geometric design and bold font choice, this template design for certificates will be sure to draw the eyes and set your award apart from the rest. The bright colors of green and gold are reminiscent of sports apparel or college style while still maintaining a sophisticated edge. 

#10 Plain and simple template

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Sometimes, the best solution is to keep things simple. Using this template, you can customize the look of your certificate without worrying about intricate details. In addition, this template allows you to include details about the diploma, making it ideal for any celebration.

#11 Modern and appealing template

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The background color is a modern blue that provides a nice contrast to the navy blue lettering. Geometric patterns only enhance its appeal. This certificate of completion template can be used to award excellence or celebrate special moments. It's also great for displaying achievements or recognizing important milestones. 

📚 Get more beautiful certificate design ideas: How to Create Custom Certificates – Tips and Tricks

#12 Classic and reliable template

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For all those looking for a timeless certificate template, this one is definitely worth your consideration. This design features a traditional thin border, with subtle burgundy text on the center of the page. Plus, the overall layout allows for plenty of space for adding custom details about any particular achievement or commendation.

#13 Unique and out-of-the-box template

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The abstract certificate designs of this template are visually pleasing. It's a beautiful blue-violet gradient that's just perfectly balanced. Also worth paying attention to is the unconventional approach to the layout. Definitely worth trying out if you’re not afraid of breaking out of the pattern.

#14 Intriguing and original template

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Essentially, it's a template linking classic and exciting elements together. When you can't decide between something safe and something puzzling, this is the perfect match. It comes in different color palettes that are also worth checking out.

#15 Bold and intriguing template

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At first glance, this template is another safe choice, no matter your branding guidelines. However, the interesting abstract on its left side adds a touch of modern flair to this certificate design template. It adds an intriguing element, making this a perfect design for those who want something that’s both classic and unique. 

#16 Formal and official template

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This certificate of completion has everything you need to create a stunning certificate design that looks great on any wall. Whether you're a business owner, school teacher, or someone who needs to design beautiful certificates for some other purposes, this template can help.

#17 Cute and amusing certificate template

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Well, not all certificates have to be serious. This one takes the traditional certificate of achievement idea and adds a touch of whimsy, making it perfect for birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries. It features colorful abstract elements that will make anyone smile (especially kids!).

#18 Traditional and corporate certificate template

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Sometimes, particular principles don't allow for creativity when it comes to the design of official essential documents. That's why we provide you with this traditional and corporate-looking printable certificate template that is elegant, professional, and still exudes sophistication. The simple layout gives it a modern touch which makes it suitable for any business.

#19 Gradient-based and stylish certificate template

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For those who want something a bit more dynamic for their certificate, we provide this gradient-driven template. The blend of colors gives it an eye-catching look that will make your diploma memorable. It's perfect for those special individuals who deserve, e.g., employee recognition and appreciation.

#20 Universal and simple certificate template

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This simple and straightforward template is a perfect choice for those who prefer a traditional look. It features clean lines and a fitting background that can be used for any gathering. And it can be easily editable (especially with the Certifier online certificate maker 🎨).

#21 Classy and exquisite certificate template

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The combination of colors on this template gives it a vintage yet classy vibe that fits a variety of corporate events. It features an exquisite layout that is an artistic yet eye-catching and professional certificate. It's perfect for those who want to make a lasting impression. All in all, this certificate template is a great choice for those who appreciate style and elegance. 

#22 Elegant and sophisticated certificate template

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A minimalistic design is not the goal of this template. With its royal look and feel, it is perfect for awards, honors, and recognitions. It features an elegant and classy design with a touch of gold. Yet, it's still modern and appropriate for any occasion. 

#23 Fancy and luxurious certificate template

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This template, designed with ornate borders and elegant typography, has all of the sophistication needed to convey your appreciation in style. Whether it’s for an employee or a deserving student, this certificate will show them how much you value their hard work and effort.

How to download the certificate templates?

The use of the Certifier templates massive library is very straightforward.

#1 You choose the collection of templates that got your attention – and choose the exact version of your favorite certificate template that you can use.

#2 Select "Use this template now" to automatically open the Certifier editor (sign up here). Or, choose one of the formats available by clicking the exact icon.

Pst! In Certifier, instead of premium certificate templates, you can also create certificates from scratch. You have many certificate styles to choose from, so make use of all the creative assets of this tool and create certificate template designs perfectly aligned with your visual branding preferences.

#3 Make the template your own – whatever program you decide to use.

#4 Print the printable certificate templates and send them to the participants! (Consider the digital version to show that you care about the planet 🌍)


📚 Check which certificate size to choose before you print them - European A4 or American Letter size: This is the Ideal Certificate Size (+ Examples and Templates)

What makes Certifier so special as a certificate platform?

With Certifier sending finished certificates to the recipients is a piece of cake. The whole process is automated and pretty easy to use. Plus, you can email your certificates directly from the platform – no downloading required!

It’s a super useful tool, especially if you need to send certificates to multiple recipients. Let’s imagine changing the names manually, one by one. It takes too much unnecessary time and effort. With Certifier, a certificate generator, you can just upload your spreadsheet with recipients’ data, and the tool will automatically fill them out with the proper names.

And best of all? Certifier's secure and reliable platform allows you to keep track of all your certificates in one place.

➡️ Get rid of useless PDFs and replace them with trustworthy, verifiable premium templates with QR codes. Certifier certificate creator is here to help you create certificates in minutes. Sign up today.


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