21+ Certificate of Appreciation Templates (Free & Editable)

The library of free and editable certificate of appreciation templates. Download Certifier certificates and customize them to your own needs!

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Updated: April 22, 2024

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Certificates of appreciation don’t have to be boring. Do you want to spice things up and give your recipients something that actually looks great?

Here’s our collection of beautiful certificate templates. And the best part? They're all completely free and editable. And with our Certifier tool and downloadable formats for Figma, Google Slides, and Word – customization has never been easier.

So sit back, relax, and design a stunning certificate in minutes. Promise!

How can I customize a certificate of appreciation template?

There are two ways to go about it.

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Download a certificate template. You can download a certificate from the Certifier certificate template library and customize it within Figma, Word, or Google Slides.

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Go directly to Certifier and easily customize them within the tool. Take advantage of its super intuitive built-in editor.

Note! Do you like to be different in every way? Alternatively, you can create your own template from scratch.

Free & editable certificate appreciation templates list

Don't hesitate to explore the entire Certifier appreciation template library (you can find there 500+ other certificate templates!).

#1 Colorful appreciation certificate template

Simple certificate of appreciation with the gradient colorful section on the left and subtle patterns in the background.

Is the design appealing to you, but you'd like the colors to be a little different? What about this blue gradient color? It can really work well if you want to add a touch of class to the design.

#2 Dark green classy certificate of appreciation template

Dark green certificate of appreciation for the dedication with the golden badge, company’s logo and place for the signature.

If you don't want to go crazy with the colors, stick to the professional dark green. This certificate of appreciation can really boost achievement value. And its golden badge at the center helps you highlight anything you want. Just customize it further with Certifier!

#3 Beige simple and classy certificate of appreciation

Beige certificate of appreciation template with golden badge at the center and places for signatures and the recipient’s name.

Changing the background color of this cream certificate template adds a touch of elegance and tradition. It’s perfect for awards ceremonies, graduations, or any formal event.

#4 Green eye-catching and colorful course certificate of appreciation template

Appreciation certificate in green with highlighted section at the bottom with the certificate ID, company’s logo and issuing date.

If you don’t like boredom, we have something for you. It’s an artistic certificate that is sleek and eye-catching – and will surely draw the attention of your course participants. Made in bright colors, this template is perfect for any kind of initiative.

#5 Sample certificate of appreciation in bright colors

Appreciation certificate in bright colors, easy to customize and add your own elements like signatures, recipients’ name, and award details.

#6 Blue eye-catching and organized appreciation certificate design

Free editable certificate of appreciation template word with QR code and the golden badge for the extra layer of the verification.

Designed simply yet uniquely, this creative appreciation certificate provides all the information you may need to include on a certificate (including the space for the award's comprehensive details and a QR code). If you feel that any of these elements are redundant, you can easily edit them in the Certifier editor.

#7 Certificate of appreciation for guest speaker

Simple editable certificate of appreciation with the QR code and the subtle dynamic lines in the certificate background.

Celebrate the contribution of your guest speakers with this specialized certificate of appreciation for guest speaker template, available for free download in an editable Word format. This template features a dedicated space for the speaker's name and event details, along with a QR code to enhance the certificate’s uniqueness.

#8 Green beautiful appreciation certificate template

Appreciation certificate template for the 10 years of service with the golden badge, a QR code, and the green ribbon on the right.

Here is the certificate template perfect for professional use. Its design is minimalist and contemporary, which makes it suitable for formal and informal events alike. With a few clicks, you can have it ready and download it to print or share online.

#9 Blue simple and classy appreciation certificate template

Blue certificate of appreciation template with the company’s logo, certificate number, and issuing date.

There is no better way to show appreciation than to give someone a personalized certificate. And this classy blue certificate template is perfect for achieving this goal! Simple yet effective it draws attention to what really matters – the recipient’s achievement.

#10 Free certificate of appreciation for students

Free editable certificate of appreciation template word free download with QR code and the company’s logo.

Recognize the hard work and success of students with this appreciation certificate for students template. Easily customizable in Word, this free template includes spaces for personalization, such as the student’s name, achievement, and date, complemented by a QR code for validation. Download this appreciation certificate template and create a lasting memory for deserving students.

#11 Blue slick professionally designed certificate of appreciation

Certificate of appreciation template in blue with silver badge, places for the certificate number, the company’s logo and the issuing date.

Fonts applied in this template make it look professional and modern. Because of its minimalistic design, you can easily add text, images, and logos and change them in a way that suits your business. Click the button above to download the template and get started on creating the perfect certificate.

#12 Editable certificate of appreciation template

Certificate of appreciation template for the university, with the golden badge at the right and special places for signatures, date of issue, and certificate ID.

This certificate of appreciation template in an editable PDF format is versatile for any occasion, whether it’s for a corporate acknowledgment or community service recognition. Featuring customizable text areas for the recipient's name, the recognition details, and signature lines, this template offers everything needed to craft a meaningful certificate of appreciation quickly and efficiently.

#13 Fancy bright colors, professional and elegant certificate appreciation template

Certificate of appreciation template with decorative elements and ornaments on the corners.

This type of certificate will appeal to traditionalists. Ornaments give this template a classic and sophisticated look. With light pink elements and an elegant design, this template is ideal for special occasions.

#14 Fancy blue professional and elegant certificate of appreciation template

Elegant and decorative certificate of appreciation template with golden badge at the bottom.

Consider this beautiful shade of blue if you want to use a more distinctive color. Our professionally designed certificate template will work well in any situation. With sufficient whitespace, it ensures readability without being overwhelming.

#15 Certificate of appreciation template with a well-designed layout

Certificate of appreciation template with a QR code and well-designed layout with organized sections for the particular award details.

This appreciation certificate template (also in Word format) is readily editable, featuring classic design elements and a QR code for verification. Ideal for quick and professional recognitions, it allows for easy personalization of names and details.

#16 Customizable certificate of appreciation PDF

Simple certificate of appreciation in plain color that can be customized for any purpose, with certificate ID and date of award.

This editable certificate of appreciation is designed for universal appeal, suitable for both corporate and community awards. It features editable text fields and a clean layout for any occasion.

#17 Certificate of appreciation with dark border

Appreciation certificate with a dark green border and white background with a subtle badge at the center and places for signatures and the recipients’ name.

Express gratitude with this appreciation certificate template, which is easy to personalize and ready to download. It includes all necessary elements like badges, signatures, and places for award details to acknowledge special efforts in a memorable way.

#18 Certificate of appreciation sample in grey color

This is a simple appreciation certificate template in grey with a golden badge at the center and a special place for the company’s logo.

This free, editable certificate of recognition template is versatile for various recognitions, featuring customizable text and golden badge integration. It’s an ideal pick for quick and easy certificate creation.

#19 Certificate of appreciation with golden badge

Certificate of appreciation with dark borders and golden badge at the top right corner.

Tailor-made for event organizers, this certificate of appreciation includes custom fields for the recipient’s details and event specifics. It’s free to download and simple to customize.

#20 Simple and organized appreciation certificate template

Certificate of appreciation with a dark blue section on the left with a QR code and golden badge.

This certificate of appreciation template is free to download and fully customizable in Word, Figma, or Certifier. It includes designated spaces for recipient details and a QR code for added security, perfect for both formal and informal appreciation settings.

#21 Fancy beige professional and simple certificate template

Beige traditional appreciation template for certificates with decorative borders.

Because of its light beige color and traditional design, it's the perfect choice for higher-end events. Are there any elements you would like to add or remove? No problem – use the Certifier certificate builder and edit the template to make it your own.

#22 Modern and editable certificate of appreciation template

Certificate of appreciation template with the special tags for issuing date and certificate ID, decorated with subtle lines on the background and the badge at the right corner.

Look at this certificate of appreciation design. It has everything you need to create professional-looking certificates. Highlighted tags for certificate issue date and certificate ID. All of that, decorated with subtle lines and a badge. Is there anything else you need?

Tips for creating an editable certificate design using Certifier appreciation templates

Looking to design a certificate that really pops? It's time to get creative. These tips will help you create a certificate using Certifier templates that recipients will love. Now let's learn how to make your certificate truly stand out from the crowd.

Choose the right template design

Certifier offers a wide range of templates to choose from, so make sure to pick one that suits your needs and the occasion. Consider factors like the color scheme, font style, and overall layout.

Customize the certificate design

Make the template your own. Add your organization's logo and any other branding elements that will help make the certificate unique.

Use high-quality images

If you include images on your certificate, use high-quality ones that are relevant to the occasion. Blurry or pixelated images can detract from the overall design.

Keep it simple

While it may be tempting to add lots of fancy design elements, sometimes less is more when it comes to certificate design. Stick with a clean and simple layout that highlights the most important information.

Pay attention to typography

The font you choose can have a big impact on how your certificate looks and feels. Make sure you choose a font that's easy to read and fits with the overall tone of the certificate.

Proofread carefully

Proofread your certificate design carefully for spelling and grammar errors before making final adjustments. Mistakes can destroy your professional image. Prevent unnecessary errors and automate the certification process. Bulk-create certificates with different names and send them to your recipients with a few simple steps.

See how to generate a certificate of appreciation with Aksen:

Work smarter, not harder

There can be a lot of work involved in creating certificates and managing everything that goes with them. However, with the help of Certifier, this process can be as pleasant as a gentle breeze on a sunny day.

With Certifier easy-to-use interface and powerful features, you can create stunning certificates quickly and easily. It also helps give your business a professional edge with its customizable certificate templates and flexible design options.

So why wait? Sign up now and start creating an award certificate that shows your gratitude in style with Certifier!

FAQ: Certificate of appreciation templates

The design process can be a troublemaker at times. Here are the most common questions related to the certificate templates that will clear all your doubts.

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