15 Certificate of Participation Templates to Download

Special occasion needs a special certificate of participation. Here’s the collection of customizable templates. Feel free to use them!

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Aksen Semak

Updated: April 22, 2024

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As the training, course, event, or conference comes to an end, searching for the right certificate of participation template begins. Pick a certificate design that makes a professional impression on your participants.

Note: All these participation certificate templates can be easily exported in Figma, Certifier, Word, or Google Slides format. Download and modify them to better fit your requirements.

How to use the Certifier collection of participation certificate templates?

Certifier beautiful certificate templates do not require graphic design skills. You can easily find the perfect design for your certificate with the Certifier library.

Here’s how to download certificate of participation.

Image icon

Select the desired participation template.

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Pick your preferred color palette.

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Decide between landscape or portrait format.

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Click on the software icon you wish to use.

For unlimited access and immediate use of the certificate design template, use the Certifier certificate maker. It’s a tool that not only helps you create certificates but also assists in sending them out and tracking their performance. Take full advantage of certificate customization options.

List of top customizable certificate of participation samples

Not all occasions are the same. And neither should all certificates be. Customizable certificate templates allow you to tailor each certificate to the specific nature and theme of your celebration. In a way that resonates with the giver and the receiver.

Below are the certificate of participation templates you'll find within Certifier. Feel free to use them!

#1 Certificate of participation award

Award certificate from the collection of certificate of participation templates.

This classic certificate is simple and clean, perfect for any occasion you could imagine. It features a white background with a dark blue certificate border. Using Poppins and Marcellus fonts, it has a balanced look that's suitable for both academic and corporate events. It's the perfect choice for those who want to recognize participation without being too formal.

#2 Student star certificate of participation

Student brown certificate from certificate of participation templates.

Tailored for the classroom, this sample certificate celebrates the student who always shows up, participates, and gives their best. It has a brown ribbon on the right, giving it an academic or slightly vintage look. Available in both portrait and landscape versions, it's versatile for various school events – from spelling bees to science fairs.

#3 Employee engagement certificate of participation

Employee certificate from certificate of participation templates.

This professional certificate template is a valuable tool for businesses looking to recognize and appreciate their staff's involvement. Designed in calming light blue colors, it conveys a sense of trust and professionalism. The design can be customized to suit any brand.

#4 Certificate of participation for workshops

Perfect for workshops certificate of participation templates.

For those practical workshops where attendees actively participate, this beautiful document is a perfect fit. A simple design at first glance, but when you look at its details, it gains a lot. It is topped off with various shades of sea green edges and a grey pattern. It's fantastic!

#5 Certificate of participation in creative training programs

Colorful and creative certificate of participation templates.

After an intense effort in training sessions, what better way to appreciate the attendees than with this certificate? There is something dynamic about this colorful certificate template. It features a modern color palette, as well as subtle gradients and shadows. You can use it to show your appreciation for the hard work of your trainees.

#6 Certificate of participation design for creatives

Orange certificate of participation templates.

A creative certificate with a unique design orange twist, ideal for art and design workshops or courses. In spite of its simple layout, the orange elements give it an unusual look. The QR code at the center provides an extra layer of security, so you can verify the certificate's authenticity. It's great for design workshops, art exhibitions, or any creative event where participants enjoy good design.

#7 Sports spirit certificate of participation

Certificate of participation template for sport events.

This certificate of excellence is a fitting tribute to athletes and sports enthusiasts. Its design achieves a balance between beauty and simplicity. The result? Modern certificate look that resonates with today's sporting events.

#8 Certificate of participation for tech events

Participation certificate template for tech events.

A modern and sleek design is an excellent choice for technological events. This certificate layout looks like a notebook page and has a bit of a rough design that resonates well with tech theme. Suitable for hackathons and coding courses, it reflects the innovation of the IT community.

#9 Corporate event participation certificate

Green participation certificate for corporate events.

This template looks professional. It has a traditional layout and background and features a dominant green color, adding some freshness to its design. Traditional and modern design are blended together by using Cormorant and Open Sans fonts. The template is suitable for various business event certificates.

#10 Custom participation certificate template for special events

Floral light-blue certificate of participation template.

The certificate template contains floral drawn illustration on the right. It's designed mainly in blue shades, which adds to its design a calm and elegant appearance. The mix of florals and blue tones makes it perfect for those of you who are looking for something creative and sophisticated.

#11 Eco-friendly initiative certificate of participation

Green eco-friendly certificate of participation template.

Reward those who are making a difference for our planet with this green-themed certificate of participation. Keep it digital and don't print it. Certifier can help you automate the sending process its certification platform (it works with Google Sheets and Excel files!).

See how to create participation certificates with this simple guide.

#12 Artistic certificate of participation

Artistic violet certificate of participation template.

A graphic designer enjoys designing this template for sure. It’s kept in violet shades that work well with a white simple background. A variety of graphic elements complete the design, giving it a modern and eye-catching appearance. Trust us, it's perfect for any type of modern event.

#13 Cultural celebration certificate of participation

Participation certificate template with pink elements.

In our opinion, this certificate decorate with vibrant pink motifs works best at global festivities and cultural gatherings that celebrate heritage and unity. Remember that you can easily customize all Certifier beautiful designs to your needs. Are you interested in this template without the pink pattern? No worries. You can always easily delete it.

#14 Innovation challenge certificate of participation

Light violet participation certificate template for innovative events.

Designed with a futuristic and sleek look, this participation certificate is ideal for events that push boundaries and encourage new ideas. It's best suited for brainstorming sessions and other events where innovation is at the forefront. Also available in landscape format.

#15 Leadership summit certificate of participation

Dark certificate of participation template for leaders.

With a polished and authoritative dark design, this certificate is tailored for events that recognize and nurture leadership qualities. It's the perfect choice for conferences and seminars where leaders and future leaders come together to share insights.

Make these participation certificates your own

The best thing about Certifier edit templates is that they can easily be customized to make them even more unique. As a result, when you download them to, e.g., Figma format, the project is in layers so you can easily change each element.

But, if you prefer simple and easy solutions, sign up for Certifier (for free!). Credentialing is made easy with this certificate software. The editing tool feature allows you to drag and drop objects for easy certificate creation and download a ready certificate in minutes to a PDF file. Enjoy!

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