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18 Completion Certificate Templates

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18 Completion Certificate Templates


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Are you about to organize a training program, workshop, or academic course? Certify your participants! You don’t have to spend hours manually creating each one. 

Use one of the editable completion certificate templates to congratulate the attendees. It really can take only a few steps. 

Creating completion certificates is super simple when using the right tool

Use Certifier – an online certificate maker that comes with an abundance of completion certificate templates. They’re fully customizable, and you can create your own with ease.

Designing is simple and doesn’t require any technical or graphic knowledge.

Step 1: Design certificate templates

  • Once logged in to Certifier, you'll be taken to the Design tab.

  • You can either create a new design or use pre-made certificate templates.

  • The Document tab allows you to set the paper size and orientation, and upload your own background if desired​.

Step 2: Add images or photos

  • You can add specific images to your certificate, like a logo or signature.

  • After finishing your design, save it. It's recommended to name your designs based on the course or event for which the certificate is for​.

Step 3: Create certificate groups

  • Next, create a group and link it with your certificate design. This step is where you provide information about the specific occasion for which the certificates are issued.

  • Choose the name of your design and select an email template for distribution.

Step 4: Generate certificates in bulk

  • Upload a spreadsheet with recipient names and emails. Certifier allows you to download a template to make this process easier.

  • Once uploaded, you'll need to map the spreadsheet columns to the attributes in your template.

  • After validation, the certificates can be issued in bulk.

Do you want to know what template options you have? Visit Certifier’s certificate template library to see the newest collection. 

Here are some examples. ⬇️

18 completion certificate templates

If you like one, feel free to edit it as you need. Don’t forget to add your logo or course name for bigger recognition.

#1 Professional and classy webinar certificate template

Purple swirl-patterned certificate of completion template free download with signature spaces.

>> Download this template <<

The patterned background and ornate details give it a classy feel, appropriate for professional settings. It can acknowledge serious achievements with a certificate of completion design. But if you feel like using it for different purposes — the sky is the limit. Adjust it as you like.

#2 Formal and modern webinar certificate template

Monochrome certificate of training completion template with QR code and abstract elements, ready for free editing and download in word format.

>> Download this template <<

If you’re up to a clean and straightforward certificate of completion design, maybe you should give it a go. You can use it for formal educational or professional training. But it would work well for both gift certificates and as a certificate of achievement at work or school.

#3 Modern and creative certificate of training template

Colorful abstract art-inspired free certificate of completion template word, vibrant and modern, ideal for creative course completions.

>> Download this template <<

Looking for beautiful certificates with some fun accents? Try it out. The modern, eye-catching certificate from Certifier might be a good choice for celebrating big wins at work or school. Also, you can add some more elements to this certificate – Certifier makes it easy to customize.

#4 Formal and stylish certificate of training template

Navy blue filigree-bordered certificate of completion template word with year seal.

>> Download this template <<

Is your training or course in the dark academia vibe? Maybe this template will appeal to your attendees. Use it for special company training, workshops, webinars, or whatever you want. It’s elegant and classic and blends formality with a touch of creativity. The use of abstract shapes and a soft color palette makes it approachable and subtle at the same time.

#5 Formal and classic training certificate template

White and blue free certificate of completion template word with QR code and golden seal.

>> Download this template <<

This navy certificate looks very smart when printed. It suits formal recognition events at corporations and acknowledges employee training or development milestones. The sophisticated style and color scheme give it a solid, traditional feel.

#6 Formal and professional CPD certificate template

Blue and white ornate border certificate of course completion template with a golden seal, editable and downloadable for educational events.

>> Download this template <<

Designed for serious occasions like seminars or certifications. The template’s classic blue and white color scheme conveys trust and authority. Adding CPD points and a clear, official look makes it an ideal choice for professionals furthering their expertise and qualifications in their respective fields.

#7 Simple and clean training certificate template

Olive green and cream certificate template with watermark style and quality seal, suitable for CPD accreditation programs, and editable in word.

>> Download this template <<

It can be used for high-level recognitions such as funding winners, government events, and work achievements. It is free, fully customizable, and carries an authentic feel, perfect for formal recognition within professional environments​.

#8 Simple and minimalist certificate of training template

Dark green certificate of completion free template with a classic design and emblem, suitable for acting courses and similar training programs.

>> Download this template <<

Since it is so classic and simple, it is ideal for expressing appreciation in various settings, such as charity events and workplace awards. Change the colors, and adjust the elements and orientation. Fonts are customizable as well.

#9 Professional and stylish CPD certificate template

Green-bordered completion certificate template with signature lines and QR code, perfect for corporate governance course completions.

>> Download this template <<

This template is perfect for business awards and institutional recognitions. The professional and elegant presentation makes it a great choice for workplace or educational seminars. The template is free to customize and easy to send, so it’s a practical choice for acknowledging participation in training programs​.

#10 Classic and professional CPD certificate template

Beige-toned free certificate of completion template with seal motif and signature lines.

>> Download this template <<

If you need a fresh take on the traditional professional completion certificate, it might be it. The template’s up-to-date look fits most school and job settings. Tweak it online and mix new styles with real use. It's one of Certifier’s printable certificate templates that you can turn into a proper certificate document, perfect for praising someone's hard work or congratulating them on their achievement. 

#11 Modern and bright training certificate template

Brown-bordered editable certificate of completion template free download word with QR code.

>> Download this template <<

It will add a fresh and vibrant touch to any training program. It’s an excellent option for modern, forward-thinking institutions. The template is also super practical since you can customize it as your heart desires. 

#12 Modern and captivating course certificate template

Violet gradient certificate of completion template free with starburst design and ornate seal.

>> Download this template <<

Create a sleek certificate of appreciation or successful completion for any course with this template. It's the perfect fit for seminars, workshops, online courses, and pretty much everywhere where recognizing effort and attendance is needed.

#13 Modern and attractive certificate of achievement template

Green textured training completion certificate template with golden seal and signature lines.

>> Download this template <<

Want to recognize someone’s success for a professional milestone or an academic achievement? Use this template. There's no doubt they'll get the recognition they deserve. ​You can tailor it to your needs in no time, ensuring each certificate of completion reflects the course's unique nature and the recipient's accomplishment​.

#14 Modern and atmospheric achievement certificate template

Green and orange geometric certificate of completion free template with signature fields.

>> Download this template <<

Available for quick customization, the template makes a certificate of achievement a formal acknowledgment and a beautiful keepsake. Feel free to use it as a certificate of appreciation and completion and add a memorable element to the celebration. 

#15 Professional certificate of training template

Golden wave design free editable certificate of completion template word with dual logo space.

>> Download this template <<

Ideally, the template should be used for formal professional training programs or workshops. But if you find it suitable somewhere else, go for it! The elegant design with space for two logos makes it a solution for established organizations or educational institutes. Getting a certification like this is a great reward for professional development.

#16 Formal and ornate course certificate template

Beige and brown vertical banner course completion certificate template with emblem space.

>> Download this template <<

With its ornate design and a prominent area for the school logo, it is perfect for academic achievements. It would be a go-to for a certificate of excellence in a specific course or a diploma for completing an extensive academic program.

#17 Formal and traditional certificate of participation template

Purple and white certificate of completion word template featuring a geometric background pattern, customizable for corporate training programs.

>> Download this template <<

Are you running a webinar or a short course? Do you prefer a simple design? This template might be something you’ve been looking for. The modern certificate layout suits creative and less formal educational settings or corporate training sessions.

#18 Modern and fancy webinar certificate template

Elegant floral-themed certificate of completion template free download, with QR code and signature lines, ideal for webinar completion acknowledgment.

>> Download this template <<

Create your certificate with ease using this template. It is a good choice for fun, modern webinars or online classes. Its playful layout and light colors make it a printable certificate that adds a modern touch to any casual learning session. 

Why is it worth giving completion certificates to the participants?

Not sure if you want to engage in creating completion certificates? Here are some really good reasons:

They provide proof of participation

When someone receives a certificate, it's a clear sign that they were part of something big (like a training program, for example). In professional settings, it also shows dedication and a proactive attitude, and for students or learners, it's concrete proof of their involvement and useful for portfolios or academic records. 

So, when prospective attendees look for a workshop, they tend to look for certified ones. As you inform beforehand that yours ends with a certificate, people might choose you over your competitor.

People feel motivated to develop their skills more

Getting a certificate is a reward for their hard work. A good feeling like this can push them to keep learning and growing and complete more courses. 

It is a kind of cycle of learning and achievement – as people gain more skills, they earn more certificates, motivating them even more. Maybe if they like your course, they will choose one of your other courses as well?

Certificates add value to resumes and professional profiles

Who doesn’t want to share their achievements, like finishing a difficult project or course, on LinkedIn or other social media profiles? 

On top of that, certificates of completion show participants are eager to learn and complete tasks. And that’s a great catch for potential employers or others in someone’s field. It can open doors to new opportunities. 

Your courses gain more recognition 

It all depends on how you design your certificate. If you have an editable certificate template, you can add your logo, the name of the course, or some other details. And when attendees share their certificates on social media, others see it. 

Choose the template and award your participants

Academic certificates, formal documents, and even excellent employee certificates – Certifier has got your back with those. Choose one of the customizable certificates, and award the attendees for their hard work.

Start the certificate creation journey today. Join Certifier and issue certificates in minutes for free! 

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