13 Free Compliance Certificate Templates for Figma and MS Word

Get access to the library of free compliance certificate templates. Download or customize in portrait and landscape orientation. Let us make your life easier with ready-made templates.

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Updated: June 11, 2024

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Effective compliance program provides certificates. This little piece of paper is a big deal. It shows the world that you or your organization meets all the applicable standards.

Now, you don't have to start from scratch to create compliance certificates. Save time with ready-made certificate design templates in proper format. You can download and customize these designs in a snap – it's as easy as clicking a button.

How to use compliance certificate templates from Certifier?

The certification process is pretty easy and user-friendly.

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Choose the compliance certificate template that suits you best.

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Click the certificate template button under the design (it will lead you to the page dedicated to the particular certificate template)

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Edit this certification document template online within the Certifier drag-and-drop certificate designer or download it in one of the available file formats (Figma, MS Word)

An example of how to download a free certificate of compliance template via the Certifier library.

Do you want to take full advantage of online certification? Certifier allows you to create, generate, distribute, and track all within a single dashboard. And it’s free! Enjoy now.

Free compliance certificate templates to download

Here’s the list of compliance certificate canvas that you can easily customize to your needs.

Please note that you can change the layout and include your text, the company’s logo, and other certificate details. It's best to pick a certificate type that is the closest to your style. Then, you can tailor it further within the Certifier dashboard, Figma, or MS Word.

Elegant certificate of compliance template with a formal border, designated for legal service providers, featuring a seal of authorization.

This one's got an uncluttered look with a bold brown professional certificate frame and a touch of gold – it means business. For companies that cover all legal issues, it's a good choice. It's a sign that you're on top of legal requirements and documents. This certificate shows your commitment to reliability. A mark of trust in any professional setting.

#2 Industry standards certificate of compliance template in green

Professional green certificate of compliance template for health services, with a certified seal and signatures.

Another design, another stunning certificate with a soothing green border and waves that give you a feeling of wellness. It's a stamp of approval for any business and legal documents, e.g., the one in the health food industry sector. It shows that your service meets all the quality standards, so customers can trust what they get.

#3 Certificate of service performance standards

Modern and clean certificate of compliance template for cleaning services, highlighted with a gold seal and a stylish wave background.

Here, we have a neat certificate, just like the services it represents. It's got a classic look with a grey background and a golden seal. It's a promise that your company keeps to the standards. In short – a visual thumbs-up for professionalism in keeping performance under control.

#4 Beautiful blue-themed compliance certificate template

Blue and bordered certificate of conformity template for environmental management systems, with a gold awarded seal indicating compliance.

If you think that the best certificate of compliance should be minimalistic, this might be your choice. Here’s an example of a colorful certificate template that is fully customizable so that you can easily add your own logo and message and change certificate fields if needed.

#5 Conformity certificate for regulatory authorities

Sleek dark green compliance certificate template for automotive services, complete with a gold stamp for completion.

This one has the most modern design from our collection of templates. Its organized layout, divided into two sections, makes it even more readable and appealing. At the right-down corner is a perfect spot for the QR code, thanks to which the credential can be verified easily. See how to create QR codes and how they can be beneficial for certification.

#6 Digital compliance template for travelers in green

A green-bordered certificate of compliance for a travel services company, with a compliance stamp and a classic design.

It's as welcoming a certificate as that feeling you get when you're about to go on a trip. Subtle patterns in the background, with its warm green color, make it suitable for all kinds of businesses. The design is perfect for those looking for a light and elegant design while still conveying the necessary message in the certification body. It looks good in any orientation and format options.

#7 Safety requirements certificate

A clean certificate of compliance for a hotel, affirming industry standards with a compliance seal.

This template has a neat, no-fuss look with a smart border — perfect for any place that's serious about safety. You can change the name to match your place, and the shiny gold badge at the bottom corner makes it feel really official. Remember that you can adjust the text and customize the professional template however you want to. It’s super easy within the Certifier built-in certificate editor.

#8 Professional compliance certificate template for a government organization

A purple and white certificate of compliance for a motor service company, marked with a gold compliant badge.

On this one, purple represents importance and trustworthiness, just what you need for something, e.g., from the government standards that were met. It's got lots of room to add, and the gold stamp means it’s the real deal. It's designed to be super easy to fill out, so it can work for any purpose.

#9 Certificate of compliance with relevant standards

A blue certificate for an audit company, outlining adherence to quality management standards, complete with a verification mark.

This certificate keeps it simple with a cool blue background and a clean layout. It's got a modern feel to it, with a little badge that says "Verified" to show everything's up to par. It’s versatile and would fit right in with all sorts of businesses that want to show they're doing things by the book.

#10 Certificate of compliance in subtle colors

A brown and cream certificate of compliance for a transport company, guaranteeing vehicle maintenance standards with a seal of compliance.

This certificate template stands out with its crisp and professional appearance. The use of clear, bold headings and a distinguished verification badge communicates the company's compliance with relevant regulations, e.g., for the automotive sector. Suitable for all uses, it can work as a certificate of assurance to customers as well as a regulatory requirements document.

#11 Service compliance certification

Soft-toned certificate of compliance for logistics, affirming their logistics services meet industry standards, adorned with a gold seal.

This template is designed to convey a strong message of reliability. It features a clean and uncluttered layout with a bold title that instantly grabs attention. The subtle background pattern adds sophistication without overpowering. This certificate is perfect for businesses to assure their customers of their commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction.

#12 Certificate of conformance template by customs authorities

A certificate of compliance for business with clean lines and a gold award seal.

This certificate template has a clean look with just a hint of green to make it stand out. The gold badge on the corner gives it a stamp of approval that customers can trust. And the best part? If you're sending these out to a bunch of customers or employees, you can use a service like Certifier to shoot them out in bulk. It saves you a lot of time.

#13 Compliance certificate for business template

Golden-accented certificate of compliance, verifying quality management system standards with a verified star badge.

Here’s a traditional certificate that’s got a professional yet casual feel. The dotted border is a nice little touch that adds some texture without making it too crowded. And if you want to make this certificate more your own, you can add any certificate details. You can, e.g., set up dynamic attributes and certificate elements like certification expiry date and generate certificates automatically based on the spreadsheet with recipients’ data.

Get more certificates of compliance templates

Do you want more? The Certifier collection of certificate templates has more than 1000 free certificate templates. Each with a different layout, color scheme, and purpose. Available in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Get full access to all types of certificates and cover all technical requirements – from achievement certificates to compliance. All of that, completely for free.

Register in less than a few seconds to create outstanding compliance certificates.
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