8 Epic Digital Certificate Makers to Reward Students & Employees [+Comparison Table]

You’re a click away from creating a killer certificate with the perfect digital certificate maker at hand. With our comparison table, the choice is as easy as pie.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 29, 2024

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A digital certificate adds an extra touch of creativity and flair to ordinary rewards. And you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create one that looks appealing and credible. It’s now within everyone's reach.

So if you feel that a simple "thank you" isn't enough, here are some certificate makers to show your appreciation to your current students and employees. Easy to master and use. Pick the one that suits you best.

Certificate maker – why is it for?

A certificate maker and any other online easy-to-use graphic design tool aim to simplify the creation process as much as possible. Basically, they take on the role of your assistant and let you bring your ideas for the creative award to life without knowing anything about vectors.

Certificate makers allow you to create custom certificates with your choice of layouts, colors, fonts, and images to choose from. They’re usually based on drag & drop features to provide the best user experience and be super intuitive to use. Some of them even provide certificate templates to simplify the process even further.

Hands that are creating a certificate for students and employees.

All in all – they're an excellent tool for non-professional designers who don't have access to (or the knowledge to use) more advanced tools like Adobe Illustrator or Figma.

Here are top 8 certificate makers to consider

But with so many options out there, how to choose this perfect tool for creating certificates? it's important to know which ones offer high-quality designs and features that fit your requirements. This list will let you find your perfect match.

#1 Certifier – more than just the usual certificate maker

Certifier as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

Certifier is one of those tools that, once you start – you won’t want to stop using. It's like Canva, which focuses exclusively on one type of design. And become a master of it.

It's a certificate maker that not only allows you to create certificates intuitively by dragging and dropping elements but also allows you to manage certificates in all aspects. Design, send in bulk, manage, and store. The Certifier adds one more word – analyze. This powerful tool lets you track your credentials and keep tabs on how your students/employees interact with them.

Certifier gives you full control over all your certificate students, no matter how many you have. With Certifier, you'll grow together.

Unbeatable features 🚀

  • Library of 300+ ready-made, fully customizable certificate templates (editable student recognition templates included)

  • Intuitive drag & drop certificate builder

  • Automated delivery and robust certificate management

  • Creating bulk certificates by connecting Certifier with, e.g., Google Sheets or Excel file

  • Social media sharing (+ LinkedIn certificates)

  • Advanced API & integrations

  • Dynamic attributions and QR codes for faster verification

  • Knowledge base for developers

  • With the Professional plan, you receive premium support and onboarding training

  • Digital badges generator

Pricing options 💰

Except for the free version (which is ideal for occasional creating), Certifier offers two paid plans – Standard ($19-$199) and Professional ($79-$499). Plans are priced according to the number of certificates issued. Worth mentioning is that even the Free plan contains all API and integration capabilities.

Free plan: Available ✅

#2 Accredible – secure digital certificates

Accredible as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

Accredible is another place to get your digital rewards for students and employees in a fast and easy way. With one of its plans, you'll get the robust features you need to make your qualifications shine.

Even though Accredible is considered a leader among certificate issuer platforms, it might not be the best option for individuals, especially because of its high price. Also, comparing it to such tools as Certifier, the interface design is quite clunky, which negatively impacts the overall user experience.

Top-rated features 🚀

  • Retroactive editing

  • Pre-made templates

  • Tracking features

  • Responsive support team

  • Fast implementation and an extensible API

Pricing options 💰

A year's subscription to the cheapest Accredible plan costs $960. You can contact the team for the demo. There is a free trial available.

Free plan: Not available ⛔️

#3 CertifyMe – tamper-proof credentials

CertifyMe as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

CertifyMe aims to be the one-stop shop for all your certification needs. Not only can you create official certificates, but they also make sure they look good with their easy-to-use design tool. And to top it off, CertifyMe keeps prices low.

But there's a catch – limited customization options. If you're looking for something truly unique, you might want to try another service. Either way, CertifyMe is a great option if you need design certificates in a hurry.

Top-rated features 🚀

  • Immutable certificates that are digitally encrypted

  • Integrated analytics

  • Branded certificate page

  • User-friendly certificate editor

Pricing options 💰

Depending on the plan, CertifyMe charges $30 to $240 per month. Each plan is limited in the number of credentials provided. You can also customize the plan.

Free plan: Available ✅

#4 Virtualbadge.io – reliable digital certification

Virtualbadge.io - reliable digital certification as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

Users should like Virtualbadge.io because of its clean and uncluttered interface. This tool offers just the most essential features you might seek in a tool of this type, making it straightforward to use.

However, as the tool is relatively new, there aren’t many reviews available to see how Virtualbadge.io works in practice. Also, the certificate templates available might not satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Top-rated features 🚀

  • Easy certificate management

  • Build-in secure email service

  • Certificate tracking

  • Many integrations available

Pricing options 💰

Pricing plans start at $20 per month and go up to $139 per month. A custom plan is also available. A 7-day free trial is provided. 

Free plan: Not available ⛔️

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#5 Give My Certificate – simple certificate issuer platform

Give My Certificate as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

Give My Certificate is a simple tool that doesn’t give you much more than basic features. They focus on providing authenticity to documents that prove an employee's or student's hard work.

With just a few simple steps, you can get certificates or documents with relevant information about your learning program or academic awards. That fairly said, despite the fact that it doesn’t give you a lot of advanced features, it’s a cost-efficient platform with no hidden fees.

Top-rated features 🚀

  • Quick implementation 

  • Easy to use and simple user interface

  • One dashboard for tracking all documents

Pricing options 💰

Give My Certificate offers three pricing options – ranging from $12 to $100 per month. With the cheapest plans, the number of features is quite limited. There is also a white-label plan available. 

Free plan: Available ✅

#6 Sertifier – smart digital certificates

Sertifier as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

Sertifier offers software and web service that makes digital certificates modern and easy for any occasion. It lets you create custom certificates in minutes with photos, text, designs, and logos. 

Through the added layer of security, Sertifier emphasizes how vital privacy policy is to them. However, there is one “but.” According to G2 customer ratings, many people complain about often occurring bugs and a somewhat confusing user interface.

Top-rated features 🚀

  • Skill Library

  • Earning criteria

  • Sharable certificates

  • Engagement reports

  • Custom variables

Pricing options 💰

Starting at $25/month, Sertifier offers four different plans. Premium branding is included in the Pro plan, which starts at $340 per month. There is also an Enterprise plan provided.

Free plan: Available ✅

#7 Certif-ID – certificate platform for professional purposes

Certif-ID as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

Certif-ID is the platform that eliminates the hassle associated with paperwork and qualification requirements, allowing students, employees, and others to gain recognition for their skills in an efficient manner quickly.

Nonetheless, as it’s super expensive and limited to enterprise plans, most users would rather opt for other alternatives like Certifier. Additionally, Certif-ID has a steep learning curve due to its many features.

Top-rated features 🚀

  • Admin roles in managing certificates with ease

  • Easy verification on the blockchain

  • Credential sharing

  • Real-time charts

Pricing options 💰

The Certif-ID plans start at $1000 per year, making it the most expensive tool on this list.  

Free plan: Not available ⛔️

#8 NetCredential – seamless credential management

NetCredential as one of the best digital certificates maker to reward students and employees.

NetCredential is software that lets you easily share digitally created certificates with your students. Certificates can be sent out in a simple way, which makes it a convenient tool for beginners.

As it’s a new solution on the market, it still has a lot to go – new features and upgrades that will make the tool slightly more convenient to use.

Top-rated features 🚀

  • Online certificate storage

  • Ease of management

  • Cooperative team and fast response

Pricing options 💰

NetCredential doesn’t provide much information about pricing options. According to G2, it's $0,08 per certificate.

Free plan: Not available ⛔️

Comparison table: All certificate makers under one roof

Take time to compare a wide range of digital certificate maker options and make a more accurate decision (with minimal effort!).

Comparison table of all epic digital certificate makers to reward students and employees.

Wrap up

If you want to thank your employees or students, certificate issuer platforms can be a great relief. With no learning curve, you will be able to create a perfect award immediately after logging in. 

But don't settle for anything less than the perfect certificate maker that saves your time and energy and allows you to customize designs without changing your vision.

What tool caught your eye? Now it’s your move to make a choice.

Tired of tools that don't meet your needs? Try Certifier and go beyond! Unlock the forever-free plan now.

FAQ: Digital certificate maker and issuer platforms

Here you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about certificate makers for employees and students.

What is the best way to reward students?

Reward your students with outstanding achievement certificates that will make them feel appreciated and boost their self-confidence. Badges are also a great way to add a personalized element to positive recognition, whether it is for academic achievements or extracurricular activities.

How can I create a digital certificate for free?

Consider Certifier if you'd like to create certificates without having to pay for them while still having customization and editing options available. Choose from a range of student certificate templates in the Certifier library or create one from scratch. You decide what works best for you.

How do I create a certificate in PDF?

The answer depends on the tool you use. Usually, you can download the ready design and printable award as a PDF file. However, if you care about the environment, you don't have to give printable gift certificates. With Certifier, you can send them directly to the recipient's email inbox – right from the certificate builder.

Is there a place where I can download free certificates?

Of course! You’re in front of a perfect location. Certifier certificate library offers +300 editable and free certificate templates that you can download right to Certifier Certificate Maker, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Figma, or Adobe Illustrator. They're perfect for both professional and educational purposes.

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